1. I think you can say that today we are offered what seems like heaven = disbelief / secular world / freedom / individualism.

    And on the other hand we are offered what seems like hell = Islam / belief / conservatism / social and moral responsibility.

    But those who can see realize that the heaven being offered is actually hell (hedonism, servitude, corporate enslavement, consumerism, rat maze) and the hell is indeed mercy for mankind (honor, valor, prestige, ethics and morals, responsibility towards society, the planet and all thats in it).

    • Meshuggahite
      Daniel, it’s you commenting under this name isn’t it? The language and style seems to belong to Daniel….😂😂😁

    • The greatest mercy is obedience to one’s Creator. Those who reject their Creator deprive themselves of this mercy because they think it is hell.


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