Hamza Yusuf vs. Omar Suleiman: The Perils of American Muslim Politics

A Clear Warning to the Believers


“You shall not ever take My enemy, and your enemy, as allies.

“You offer genuine love to them. Yet they have disbelieved in the revelation of the truth that has come to you in the Quran — expelling the Messenger and yourselves from your homes only because you believe in the One God alone, your Lord.

“If truly you have come forth striving in My path and seeking My good pleasure, then do not ever take them as allies divulging the believers’ secrets to them out of genuine love — and I am most knowing of all that you conceal and all that you reveal.

“For whoever among you does this has truly strayed from the straight path.

“If they should gain ascendancy over you, they would become treacherous enemies to you and stretch out their hands and their tongues in harm against you.

“For they wish that you would disbelieve in your faith.” [Quran 60:1-2]

Who will heed this admonition from Allah?

Echoes from the Recent Past

The white conservatives aren’t friends of the Negro, but they at least don’t try to hide it. They are like wolves; they show their teeth in a snarl that keeps the Negro always aware of where he stands with them. But the white liberals are foxes, who also show their teeth to the Negro but pretend that they are smiling. The white liberals are more dangerous than the conservatives; they lure the Negro, and as the Negro runs from the growling wolf, he flees into the open jaws of the “smiling” fox. One is a wolf, the other is a fox. No matter what, they’ll both eat you.” -Malcolm X

I’m afraid that the wisdom of these words from Malcolm X has yet to penetrate the consciousness of American Muslim leadership.

Many Republicans, taking the lead of President Trump, snarl at Muslims. The result has been a large portion of the community rushing to get cozy with the “smiling” foxes on the left. And, as a result, these Democratic foxes have feasted.

Who is enabling this feeding frenzy?

A Man Scorned: Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Just this past week, it seems a significant portion of the community was up in arms at news that Hamza Yusuf joined a Human Rights commission in Trump’s State Department. Much of the criticism against him missed the mark, however. For example, one confused commentator for AlJazeera criticized him for being “cis white.” (For the uninitiated, “cis” means “not transgendered.”)

It quickly became apparent that the bulk of the outrage was from left-wing Muslims peeved at this newfound affiliation of Yusuf with a right-wing administration. As I pointed out, these left-leaning folks had no leg to stand on in such a critique.

What about all the leftist Muslims who played major roles in the Obama administration? What about the Muslim scholar who gave the Democratic National Convention address in 2016 (i.e., the same DNC that rigged the primaries in favor of Killary)? What about the imams and chaplains regularly going to White House iftars in Obama’s terms? What about the imams who are giving prayers at Congress and rubbing elbows with all these beltway politicians and institutions on a regular basis?
Where was all the outrage then?

Unfortunately, there has been no outrage as long as one casts one’s lot with the left wing. In other words, the concern isn’t with the violation of Islamic principles but with cheap partisanship.

The correct criticism of Hamza Yusuf’s politics, however, is to point out his animosity toward Islamic governance, his continued support for and association with tyrannical secular regimes in the Middle East, and his general willingness to be co-opted by non-Muslim US governmental institutions.

But on this last point, Hamza Yusuf is not alone. Another prominent Muslim figure has played a similar role. I’m speaking, of course, about Imam Omar Suleiman.

As far as American politics is concerned, the only substantive difference between Yusuf and Suleiman is one of party affiliation. The former dances with wolves while the latter caters to the foxes.

What this means on the ground is that Hamza Yusuf is regularly blasted by the Muslim community, but Omar Suleiman gets a free pass for maintaining an equally close, if not closer, relationship with left-wing political players.

The wisdom of past ulama on associating with rulers is highly relevant to all this. Imam ibn al-Jawzi wrote in his book Talbis Iblis:

“And from the deceptions of Iblis upon the scholars is their mixing with the rulers and the kings, their flattering them and failure to correct them when they are able to do so. May be they make allowances for them where there is no allowance for them, in order to attain some worldly benefit. So this produces corruption from three angles. 
“Firstly, the ruler is corrupted by that. He says, “If I were not upon what is correct, the scholar would correct me. And how can I not be correct when he is eating from my wealth!” 
“Secondly, the common person because he says, “There is no harm in this ruler, nor in his wealth, nor in his actions, because such and such scholar, does not criticize him.” 
“Thirdly, the scholar (himself) is corrupted by that. Because he corrupts his religion through this practice, and Iblis has deceived them into entering upon the rulers by saying to them, “You will just enter to intercede for the benefit of a Muslim.””

What has to be understood here is that ibn al-Jawzi is referring to Muslim rulers. So how much worse is it if the scholar is collaborating with non-Muslim political actors, especially those who have clearly and unambiguously expressed animosity towards Islam?!

Obviously, in the contemporary American context, the rulers are the wolves and the foxes who occupy the different levels of government, in different offices, whether in the White House or Congress or elsewhere. These are precisely the rulers ibn al-Jawzi and other ulama have staunchly warned against, and these are the rulers that both Hamza Yusuf and Omar Suleiman are closely involved with.

But What Is the Problem With Imams Associating with the Left?

About a month ago, I criticized a group of scholars who decided to participate in a conference headlining progressive activist Linda Sarsour. As I explained, when these scholars — who are religious authorities for Muslims — stand side-by-side with Sarsour on the grand stage, they send a clear, unambiguous message to the Umma: Sarsour is religiously legitimate as a role model and leader for the community. And Sarsour, of course, is a darling of the foxes.

More information on Sarsours shocking support of LGBT in this article: Does Linda Sarsour Think Islam Accepts Homosexuality?

Let’s be honest. When average community members see Sarsour sitting on a panel with this shaykh or that imam, that is the stamp of approval they need to look up to and idealize her.

This is a disaster.

Several months ago, I wrote about the same dynamic with Dalia Mogahed, who sits on the boards of several US Muslim organizations, including the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, The Islamic Seminary of America, and Yaqeen Institute. As I documented, Mogahed has a long history of endorsing MuslimGirl.com, a website that regularly peddles the most corrupt anti-Islamic ideals, everything from LGBT acceptance to zina to perennialism to abortion to drugs. I asked Mogahed, as someone who positions herself as a devout Muslim advisory figure and a representative of the community, how could she support, let alone be associated with, such an organization? Mogahed responded to my questions by attacking me and dodging the issue.

Of course, Mogahed’s organization, ISPU, is as leftist as they come and is fully dedicated to pushing Democratic policy issues onto the Muslim community.

And there are many other examples of this dangerous pattern that I have written and spoken about over the past months and years.

Among the most alarming things has been how some organizations like CAIR have been forcing blaspheming, fahisha-promoting politicians like Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar and Rashida “My Allah Is a She” Tlaib onto the wider community and demanding that Muslims support these two unrepentant LGBT-pride-marching Islamophobes financially and through the ballot box, essentially making them out to be heroes — or “sheroes” — for the Umma.

When these religious figures and their religious institutions align themselves and partner with orgs, activists, and political players who are pushing corruption and outright kufr, that corruption and kufr find an inroad into the community and negatively impact the iman of generations of Muslims. Essentially, these scholars, “shaykhas,” imams, ustadhas, et al., are white washing promoters of fahisha, blasphemy, and kufr and, thereby, facilitating the erosion of iman by their short-sighted political expediency.

We cannot let them keep doing this. We cannot continue to let them herd the community into the gaping jaws of ravenous foxes.

If these imams, et al., want to continue collaborating with such Islam-deforming people, fine. But the rest of us have the right and, in actuality, the duty to highlight these associations, ask tough questions, and demand answers.

No More

It was bad enough when imams participated in a conference with just one problematic figure, namely Sarsour. How much worse would it be for an imam to participate in a conference that features figures with views even more dangerous than Sarsour’s? And not just one such figure but a dozen?

Sadly, this seems to be the case with Omar Suleiman, who is giving the keynote address at the First Annual Muslim Caucus conference this week.

To understand the damage caused by Omar Suleiman’s participation in this conference and his involvement with left-wing politics in general, we have to first understand what the Muslim Caucus is and what it stands for.

What Is the Muslim Caucus?

As stated on their website, “the Muslim Caucus of America represents the interest of the racially and ethnically diverse constituency of Muslim American Democrats.”

The Caucus’s stated purpose is to increase Muslim left-wing political engagement, and its top priority is “discrimination.” The founder and president of the Caucus, Ghazala Salam, explains what she understands as discrimination with the following:

“There is no other community in America that is as diverse in race and ethnicity as American Muslims. This inspires me to work with ALL communities [emphasis hers]. American Muslims are Muslim by faith and we are also diverse in gender, race, and sexual orientation (LGBTQ), immigrants, and Native Americans. We are as diverse as this world. […] In essence, we have to work with every community, every level of government, and every organization that fights for human rights, dignity, and respect.”

Standing for LGBT and trans rights is a major part of the Democratic National platform and therefore is a big part of the Muslim Caucus’s platform.

President of the Muslim Caucus, sharing her inclusive, intersectional, pro-LGBT vision for the organization.

Rabbi Mark Winer, an interfaith colleague of Ghazala Salam, made a noteworthy statement about her vision for American Muslims:

“I’ve talked many times with Ghazala Salam and she sees the Jewish people as a good example for how a minority can thrive in a mostly Christian society. She and I both believe that Jews and Muslims should be much closer.”

The overall political orientation of the Muslim Caucus is best exemplified by the head of their Advisory Board: Keith Ellison.

Ellison was purportedly the first Muslim congressman. He made his mark over the course of his 12 years in Congress by, among other things:

Keith Ellison and the Muslim Caucus team.

And even in his current role as attorney general in Minnesota, Ellison is still busy promoting homosexuality by dancing in LGBT pride parades with scantily clad women:

Sadly, Ellison is indeed representative of the reality of American Muslims in politics. So it is no surprise that he plays such a prominent role in the Muslim Caucus.

Besides Ellison, several other members of the Muslim Caucus advisory board have also shown support for left-wing positions that are diametrically opposed to Islamic values: support for same-sex marriage and other LGBT rights, abortion, collaboration with Zionists and opposition to BDS, etc. One advisory committee member, Shahed Amanullah, has a long history in governmental roles and policy groups pushing programs like Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) in policing and surveilling the Muslim community.

But apparently, none of this disqualifies such individuals from sitting on this committee as esteemed advisers.

Virginia delegate and Muslim Caucus advisory committee member Sam Rasoul enjoys hearing about abortion over lunch.
As chair of the DFL in Minnesota, Ken Martin was one of the pioneers pushing for same-sex marriage legalization in 2013, years before it was legalized nationwide.
Amanullah, former senior adviser in Obama’s State department, and early architect and advocate of CVE (Countering Violent Extremism) directed against the Muslim community. Amanullah quickly distanced himself from CVE after Trump inherited the program from Obama.

Honoring all the servicemen and women slaughtering Muslims around the world on behalf of American empire.

How any Muslim religious figure could justify association with such an overtly “progressive” group is beyond me. But this is the sad state in which we find ourselves.

Muslim Caucus’s Inaugural Conference Speakers

The Inaugural conference is scheduled for July 23 and 24 in Washington DC. Omar Suleiman is slotted to give the closing plenary keynote address at the end of the program.

The other major part of the conference program is a panel session featuring Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and Khizr Khan. Honestly, it would be difficult to assemble a panel more representative of what is completely rotten with current Muslim political engagement.

With Khizr Khan, you have a man whose only claim to fame is that his son, Humayun Khan, died in the Iraq War in the line of duty. What was this duty? Slaughtering Iraqi Muslims. As I pointed out when Khizr Khan first entered the national discourse, Humayun Khan was part of a battalion stationed in Baqubah in 2004 that was involved with indiscriminately shooting civilian targets, harassing innocent Iraqi prisoners, and destroying Iraqi infrastructure. This is the person American Muslims are supposed to honor through his father, Khizr Khan, who is paraded around in these venues.

The fact that these Muslim orgs continue to trot him out is an embarrassment and a real blemish on the American Muslim community.

If that weren’t bad enough, Rashida will also be there on stage, hopefully not speaking about her kufr ideas.

In her short time in office, Rashida Tlaib has made no secret about how little she cares for Islamic values, with her shocking blasphemous statements about Allah as well as the Prophet, peace be upon him:

Ilhan and Rashida were tweeting about their love for LGBT and marching for LGBT pride throughout Ramadan and during Eid.

But the worst of the worst is Ilhan Omar.

I am not going to rehash all the anti-Islamic positions she takes, all the animosity she generates in the American public against the Muslim community, all the embarrassing displays of immaturity and immodesty she projects into the world for naive Muslim youth to be influenced by.

This is a person who has literally rallied the US Congress to denounce the Sharia and sanction all Muslim countries who implement it. She has gone on record calling the hudud of Allah “anathema to our values as humans.” The bill she introduced in May also denounces those aspects of the Sharia concerning Ahl al-Dhimma, i.e., “religious minorities.” Overall, her characterization of the Sharia as brutal, barbaric, anti-human, etc., is clear-cut kufr and betrayal in the highest degree of Islam and Muslims around the world.

For the life of me, I cannot imagine how any self-respecting Muslim, let alone an imam, could possibly defend or associate with such a brazen defamer of Islam. Even those few community members who used to “stand with her” because she “opposes Israel” have gone silent. Even they cannot justify associating with such kufr.

As one Palestinian brother told me, “I don’t care if she were literally on the ground in Gaza, physically fighting against the occupation. If she is going to spit on our deen, she is no different from our oppressors.”

These tweets were just a few days after Ilhan announced her anti-Sharia legislation. MuslimSkeptic has contacted Omar Suleiman to comment on these associations and we await his reply.

Beyond these three, who else is slated to speak at the conference? Where to begin?

On the docket is Ani Zonneveld, the founder and president of Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV). MPV is quite the distasteful group, to say the least, yet they are listed as sponsors of the Caucus conference. Their entire mission is to reform Islam and bend it to conform with liberalism in its most noxious form. They operate as an NGO and push liberal feminist LGBT fahisha onto Muslim communities in Malaysia, Bangladesh, and elsewhere.

“Imam” Ani Zonneveld leads the prayer in bright pink. It seems Omar Suleiman won’t be the only imam speaking at this year’s Muslim Caucus conference.
“Imam” Ani Zonneveld officiates a lesbian “nikah.” Perhaps she will share her memories from this occasion in her panel discussion immediately before Imam Omar Suleiman’s keynote.

Rummi Khan of “illMuslims” is also listed in the programming. illMuslims is supposed to provide a “halal” way for Muslim youth to party, go clubbing, dance with each other, dress to impress the sistahs and the bruthas, enjoy a music concert, and just have FUN, but in a totally HALAL way.

Yeah, it is as stupid and insidious as it looks.

Also on the docket: Mike Ghouse from the Center for Pluralism, which pushes interfaith nonsense by dictating to Muslims what Islam does or does not say about inclusivity. The Center also promotes perennialist notions of truth across all religions and an “enlightened” understanding of the Sharia.

Other noteworthy speakers include Dalia Mogahed, a couple of CAIR reps, including trans bathroom bill pushing Zahra Billoo, and a couple of Muslim Advocates folks: Scott Simpson and Farhana Khara.

For those of you who are unaware, Muslim Advocates has aggressively pursued the curtailment of Muslim rights in favor of LGBT accommodation. In 2017 they filed an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court in the Masterpiece Cakeshop case, arguing accommodation of religious rights “discriminates” against LGBT individuals, and therefore religious rights should be strictly limited.

Thankfully, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Christian baker who had refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding. But if Muslim Advocates had their way, Muslims would be forced to bake “gay nikah” cakes, hire openly LGBT Islamic school teachers and imams, teach Islamic school children the beauty of gay sex, etc.

Muslim Advocates would prefer it if the soldiers bombing Muslims around the world are drag queens.

If all this weren’t shocking enough, the inclusion of Qadiyani twitter troll Qasim Rashid is a whole new level of outrageous. Here is a non-Muslim man who has repeatedly made public claims to his thousands of social media followers that those who deny that Qadiyanis are Muslim are terrorists.

As a Qadiyani, Qasim should have plenty of great tips for Sunni Muslims on how to engage their communities and build leaders.

But What About … Muslim Concentration Camps?!

Now, I’m sure some will try to justify participation in this conference as politically necessary. Some will say that Muslims are facing a “genocidal moment” and that the threat of annihilation at the hands of Trump is serious enough to justify banding together with open zanadiqa and fussaq.

To these individuals I say:

Give us all a break already! Stop with the hollow fear mongering! No one buys it anymore!

It’s been three years of hearing the Chicken Little’s of the community screaming about how Trump is about to throw us all into death camps and how that justifies compromising Islamic ideals for the sake of survival. I think it is safe to say that these shrill voices have been completely discredited.

Back in 2016 before the presidential election, I argued that Trump would be surprisingly good for the Muslim community. I think my predictions turned out right. And I would be inclined to argue that Muslim life under Trump has been marginally better than what it was under Obama.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s imagine that Muslim life has been much, much worse under Trump. As bad as some may imagine it, though, it is no where near the apocalyptic dystopia some were wailing about three years ago. The sad thing, however, is that the fear-based compromises to Islamic ideals some Compassionate Imams have been pushing in these three years have utterly distorted Islam for those few Muslims running in their circles. Alhamdulillah, Muslims outside of those circles, i.e., everyone else, have been protected from these distortions and we all have to work hard to keep it that way.

Was that level of iman-distortion worth it? What did throwing Islamic principles under the bus buy us? What was accomplished? What earth-shattering catastrophe was averted?

The depressing thing is that these compromises are still being made and are being justified on the basis of the same delusional reasons.

Questions to Imam Omar Suleiman

Qadiyanis, feminist reformists, promoters of US militarism, buddies of Zionists, CVE pushers, promoters of fahisha and blasphemy, female “imams.” This conference has it all.

So why is Omar Suleiman — instructor at Almaghrib Institute, founder of Yaqeen Institute, former instructor at Bayyinah Institute, religious director and adviser for multiple Islamic groups and institutions — legitimizing this gathering with not only his presence, but also a closing keynote speech to cap off the event?

Imam Omar has had questionable political engagements and associations in the past, but to lend credibility to this group of individuals and organizations leaves one speechless. No other imam, scholar, or daee has put his name anywhere near this conference. And for good reason.

Does Imam Omar think that this Caucus and these conference participants are good representatives of Islam in America? Is their vision for the community a vision that he is endorsing? If not, is he willing to clarify? Is he willing to make crystal clear who and what he does and does not support? Or is he going to let the community come to its own conclusions?

Does Imam Omar not recognize that he is sending a clear message to his hundreds of thousands of followers around the world that these anti-Islamic individuals and their anti-Islamic causes are worthy of support and imitation? Does he not realize that when he goes on record supporting the likes of Ilhan “The Sharia Is Barbaric” Omar and Rashida “My Allah Is She” Tlaib and stands next to them on stage that he is crowning them as religious role models for the community?

Whether one wants to admit it or not, that’s what is happening.

Does he not realize that he is also encouraging these other speakers and giving them the impression that what they are doing is acceptable in Islam (or, at least, tolerable — otherwise why would a respected imam and religious teacher associate with us, deliver a nice speech to us, etc.?)?

Whether one wants to admit it or not, that’s what is happening, as ibn al-Jawzi described.

When it came to Hamza Yusuf, many were wondering why he would choose to join a Trump commission. What factors went into his choice?

But others were asking a deeper question. Out of all the imams, scholars, and Muslim religious figures, why did this Trump commission choose Hamza Yusuf?

For Omar Suleiman, we should be asking the same question.

NB: Imam Omar was contacted privately (not that it is necessary since his participation in this event is public and we are just asking basic questions any and all Muslims community members should be asking). There has been no response.


Last week, we published an article about Imam Omar Suleiman’s participation in the Muslim Caucus conference. We pointed out how this conference was organized by people with a very problematic, anti-Islamic ideological agenda. Among the evidence for this was the kind of figures who were given prominent platforms at the conference: Qadiyanis, feminist reformers of Islam, promoters of US militarism, Zionist collaborators, CVE pushers, promoters of LGBT and blasphemy, even self-labeled “female imams.”

In this article, we asked Suleiman several important questions, such as how, as a religious figure, he could justify legitimizing such a problematic event by not only speaking at the conference, but giving the closing keynote address.

To our knowledge, Suleiman has not responded to these simple questions. Does he not think the community deserves to know his justification for such behavior?

He did, however, publish a partial transcript of his keynote speech. For some reason, he did not share the video of the speech, which can be watched online.

Notably absent from the transcript was his high praise for the conference and the attendees, saying it was a “beautiful” gathering where everyone “across the spectrum” comes together to “speak their truths” and expressing his regret in that he didn’t have the “blessing” to “personally meet with” everyone there.

Blessing is a religious term, of course. Does Imam Omar think it would be a blessing to personally meet with those actively fighting the Muslim community and attempting to “reform” and “modernize” Islam?

So, how disappointing that Omar Suleiman not only attended and spoke at such a clearly noxious event, but even when he spoke, he explicitly endorsed it, its speakers, and their “truths.” (How many “truths” does the imam think there are?)

Another item Imam Omar posted (on the same day as the conference) was a hadith. He posted the following:

“The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to embrace the worst of people with a cheerful face and kind words and soften their hearts. He used to embrace me with a cheerful face and kind words until I thought that I was the best of people.” – Narrated by Amr Ibn Al As (ra) in Shamaail Al Tirmidhi

Could this be a defense of his actions? Is he implying that the folks at the Muslim Caucus are among the worst of people and that he is like the Prophet ﷺ in embracing them with cheerful face and kind words?

Let’s take a step back. At first glance, this narration seems strange. Why would the Prophet ﷺ “embrace” the worst of people?

In English, “embrace” is used literally or figuratively. To embrace literally means to hug, e.g., “The man embraced his son in his arms.” To embrace figuratively means to accept or to adopt a religion or ideology, e.g., “The man embraced Islam.”

So which one of these applies to the Prophet ﷺ? Did he literally hug and hold in his arms the worst of people? Or did he accept the ideology of the worst of people?

Of course, the answer is neither because “embrace” is a poor and misleading translation of the narration. The Arabic is:

عَنْ عَمْرِو بْنِ الْعَاصِ ، قَالَ : كَانَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ , ” يُقْبِلُ بِوَجْهِهِ وَحَدِيثِهِ عَلَى أَشَرِّ الْقَوْمِ , يَتَأَلَّفُهُمْ بِذَلِكَ فَكَانَ يُقْبِلُ بِوَجْهِهِ وَحَدِيثِهِ عَلَيَّ ، حَتَّى ظَنَنْتُ أَنِّي خَيْرُ الْقَوْمِ

The context of this narration is very important. The noble Sahabi `Amr ibn al `Aas is describing how the Prophet would act with those he met with by giving them his undivided attention, not embracing them. This is significant for `Amr, may Allah be pleased with him, because `Amr embraced Islam. He was in a state of kufr, i.e., the worst state, and he was with the worst of people. But the Prophet ﷺ didn’t embrace him; he embraced Islam. And in this narration he is describing how the Prophet’s noble character profoundly affected him. It was not that the Prophet was going around embracing the worst people and making the worst people feel self-assured about their kufr and misguidance. When he met someone, even a kafir, he gave him undivided attention and this had the effect for some of softening the heart and making one open to the Truth (not “truths”).

Sadly, we don’t see this in the actions of some of today’s prominent imams, who misconstrue and misuse examples like this to justify collaborating with the biggest distorters of Islam. And this is apparent from whom they associate with and how.

If “cheerfully” meeting and “embracing” the worst of people is what is being suggested by Imam Omar’s translation, is he willing to cheerfully meet and embrace, say, Donald Trump or his supporters? Is he willing to cheerfully meet and embrace white nationalists? Is he willing to cheerfully meet and embrace ICE officers? Why not? Doesn’t he want to follow this Sunna as he has translated it? Or does “the worst of people” only apply to liberal deviants, LGBT advocates, CVE experts, and female imams? Is the Sunna — as he has construed it — only applicable to one political party?

Furthermore, the Prophet ﷺ wasn’t going to gatherings organized by kuffar and the worst of people to tell them how blessed he is to be with them and how beautiful their gatherings are and to encourage them to “speak their truths.”

Rather, the Prophet ﷺ spoke clearly and unambiguously about Truth and falsehood, right and wrong, and the people of falsehood and misguidance stood condemned by his words and the Divine address. It was up to the people to then accept the Message and reform themselves or reject it.

All in all, the burning questions remain to be answered. If Imam Omar wants to avoid accountability, he can do that. But then we as a community have the prerogative to interpret his work in light of the associations he has willingly and publicly made for himself.

[Photo: Omar Suleiman stands in the center among other Muslim Caucus speakers and attendees for a group picture. The Muslim Caucus uses this picture and other pictures of Omar Suleiman on their social media to project religious legitimacy for their activities. They used this photo in a fundraising email with the following caption:

“To help close the historic conference, Human Rights Activist and Scholar, Omar Suleiman gave a moving closing keynote address on human rights, dignity, equity and justice for all through the lens of his experience with crisis at the border, with men, women and children who have been subjected to cruel policies that fail to reflect the kindness and diversity that are key pillars of our American democracy. Reminding us all that our leadership and participation is needed now more than ever.”

Did Omar Suleiman remind them that their leadership is needed, the “leadership” of fahisha promoters, female imams, LGBT advocates, and compromised counter extremism professionals?? Is that what he thinks?

Well, regardless, the rest of the community will differ with the imam and be direct with this Muslim Caucus:

We absolutely don’t need your “leadership,” leading the community to all kinds of misguidance and harm.]

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This is so true Daniel, Islam in America will never get anywhere if people think muslims can be reasonable, tolerant people. It is important that you get your message across that islam is an intolerant, hate filled ideology with a long kill list. That’s the way to win people over.


So is the only way to present Islam’s reasonability & tolerance through distortion & compromise? If so, then it’s you that believes Islam is unreasonable & intolerant, just as the intolerant Islamophobes do! Are you an Islamophobe? Do you believe Allah’s religion needs to be distorted? When we all stand in front of Him on Judgement Day, will He look kindly upon those who compromised His commands for politics and convenience?

El Chapo del Capi

Don’t mind them, they’re hating Daniel cause he’s exposing them for what they are. Indeed, liberal Muslims and murtads are two sides of the same coin.


Daniel tells it like it is, he wants more gay people and ex muslims to be murdered. That would be great dawah, just put up a stall and shout out your kill list, it will win hearts and minds.

Afsir is a Liar


Afsir is Hatemonger Fearmonger Liar just like rest of Ex-Muslims and Far-Right Islamophobes who like to spread Lies, Propaganda, Conspiracy Theory Hatred and Fear against Islam and Muslims.

He doesn’t have a Brain, He is just a Mindless Liar and likes to blame Islam and Muslims for the Problems in America and all the countries. He doesn’t know WTF he is talking about. He claimed that Islam is “Intolerant Hate-filled Ideology” which is not true at all. Islam is against Killing Innocent People and also it is against Terrorism.

He doesn’t realize that real Hate-Filled Intolerant Scumbags R the Ex-Muslims and Islamophobes who R calling for Muslims to be Deported from US and any other Non-Muslim Countries by spread a lot of hatred, conspiracy theory and fear against us by claiming Muslims R “Imposing Sharia Law” and “Taking away our Rights” like we see in Facebook, YouTube, Gab and Twitter which is complete nonsense and not true at all, also We don’t live in a Muslim Country to impose Sharia Law.

The Way Ex-Muslims and Islamophobes R Preaching they R No Different from ISIS and AQ scumbags.



Paaji tell them real Islam! Peaceful Islam! Tolerant Islam! Sheikh Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Islam! Amir ul Momineen Sadiq Khan Islam!

What is this intolerant Daniel talking about?? Islam is peace!! BAND KARLOOOO!!


There is only on true God and Islam is the only religion that offers people a belief in God that is in alignment with their fitrah (innate disposition) as most people believe in God and the “non-religious” people in America who believe in Gid generally conceptualize God as that which their fitrah tells them too: The Creator if everything, the All Seeing, All Knowing, All Powerful.

Muslims need to stand for what is right and show that to people. Homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and proliferation of sexual promiscuity and pornography are public and mental health crises in this society. That Allah dictated the rulers (yes only the rulers) should punish those found guilty of these and other crimes is part of His justice and Wisdom; opposing it is aiding the criminal and the oppressor.

Hamza Yusuf’s bigger issues are his corruptions of the aiqidah and his promotion of tasawwuf. Daniel I advise you to not neglect such matters in your otherwise worthwhile critiques, this is the usul-ul-deen. As disturbing as the left wing crimes against God are nothing is worse than shirk and the negation of tawheed. THAT is the root of all corruption in a society.



So where did Daniel say Muslims should kill poofters and apostates in America?

Executing convicted poofters and apostates after the due course of the law is the job of the judiciary and law enforcement of a Muslim country. In America, individual Muslims can only hold on to their personal practice of religion and the propagation of its true tenets.


Afsir July 22, 2019 at 12:26 pm

Islam is islam. Changing it by definition means it isn’t islam anymore. Feminism, sodomy, liberalism and leftism in general are not compatible with islam….the reason is simple: islam means submission to the will of God…the other – liberal – ideologies mean submission to you own desires.

Islam has never been a religion of go along to get along. It’s a religion of clear principles and objectives.


I agree, that’s why Daniel needs to be given a public platform so he can tell everybody about who and what muslims hate and would like to kill.


Afsir July 23, 2019 at 4:55 pm

Islam isn’t an esoteric religion. What the religion stands for is public knowledge. Our religious sources are openly and widely available….even online.


I agree, but some people lie and say islam is tolerant. Daniel needs to get the real message out there


Afsir July 24, 2019 at 4:36 pm

Depends on what you mean with ‘tolerant’. If it means indifference to corruption than islam is not tolerant: sodomy, pre- and extramarital relations, ripping people off through inflation, interest (riba) and excessive taxation, abortion etc. Apart from that you won’t find a religion more tolerant than islam.

The current multicultural “system” in place in many western nations is a literal bootleg version of the Ottoman Millet system.

Afsir is a Liar

Asfir, U R A Dumb Racist Hate-Filler Hatemonger Fearmongering Mindless Heartless Lying POS!

SHY is straight white man just like Fareed Zakaria paaji! He is also caucasian because race doesnt exist! Just watch this interview of Fareed paaji liberal peaceful Muslim democrat arguing with racist white man Jared Taylor but not White really race dont exist at the same time:


See race dont exist! But unless it has to do with shutting someone of European descent up then it exist! Then he is CIS WHITE MAN! Otherwise BAND KARLOOO!

But please remember race doesnt exist just ask Fareed paaji he is caucasian white man just like Jared Taylor and Trump. Angrez British Raj occupied fellow Whites of India. It was all misunderstandings all this time. Race is social construct but if you are against tolerance then you are a cis White man you racist! We can turn race switch ON and OFF for our liberal agenda any time you JUST SHUT UP OKAY?

ALSO, Islam is peace! Islam is rainbow!
Quran is full of tolerance for everyone and everything! It is a fairytale with farries and flowers and rainbows!


“Out of all the imams, scholars, and Muslim religious figures, why did this Trump commission choose Hamza Yusuf?”

Because he’s “America’s Sweetheart Imam”

Go figure!


Oh, and SHY’s Zaytuna is also dabbling into the absolutely pressing issues and soul-searching questions for our times, such as:

What is Gender?
Understanding LGBTQ+
Female Archetypes in the Quran
Masculinity in the Modern Age


To be fair to him and his patrons, only the first seminar (What is Gender? June 22, 2019) is over and it remains to be seen what the next three are for or against.

If anyone knows what the first one entailed, please share, so that we can have an idea.


MashaAllah. Its very well written and you provided evidences for your understanding.
You have set a good example of writing something with evidences to back you up.
May Allah accept your effort.


He is …

Yes ABU LAFAG only accepts the braying mule Ali efforts when he runs circles naked with a rainbow butt plug up his ass. Stop being a hater you “high IQ” degenerate.


I followed along until the end. If you genuinely believe Muslims have it better right now under Trump, you’re either a moron or an evil psychopath. There’s no way to give you the benefit of the doubt over that statement.

They are literally kicking Muslims out of the country (by intentionally delaying or ignoring immigration/naturalization applications until visas expire), you fool. But if it doesn’t affect you or can’t be used by you to mobilize Muslims against one another, it’s not worth addressing I guess.


do not waste your time replying to the hypocrites and kuffaar daniel, really great work, keep it up! i will be donating to your cause soon!


Khalil July 22, 2019 at 8:02 pm
“I followed along until the end. If you genuinely believe Muslims have it better right now under Trump, you’re either a moron or an evil psychopath. There’s no way to give you the benefit of the doubt over that statement.

They are literally kicking Muslims out of the country (by intentionally delaying or ignoring immigration/naturalization applications until visas expire), you fool.”

He probably is doing them a favor in the long run. If the above is a reasonable representation of how muslims are developing in the US leaving that country is a good thing. The imaan of many is in acute danger.

Who is responsible for creating the global atmosphere for the past 20 years where Muslims are unsafe not just in the West but all around the world? Who legitimatized attacks on Muslims under combating “extremism”, “terrorism”, and “radical Islam” all around the world from Americas, Europe, India, East Asia and China where non-Whites have started to flex on Muslims and Islamic communities? Who had the financial power, the global network, and international influence through media and policy? The same people that play the LEFT WING and RIGHT WING game here in the West. Let’s not just concentrate on a single “enemy”. Look at things in perspective. White Anglo Saxon Christian Conservatives don’t have that sort of reach. They can’t even save their sons genitals or their daughters from the casting couch. Don’t be an idiot with your head in the sand.

Afsir is a Liar

U R a Troll just like Afsir, yes Trump is a Racist Motherfucker just like Ex-Muslims and Islamophobes.


I mean, violent right wing attacks on Muslims (and other minorities) have skyrocketed since Trump’s campaign and election. It’s not a coincidence.


LOL look at this guy. Go do some basic research how crimes against Muslims have decreased ever since Trump took over.

He asked for evidence and stats and all Ali does is giggle like a sissy trap follower of Abu LaFag.

Complete nonsense.

All Right wing groups and their crimes that has manifested from Americas to East Asia is the result of a global Islamophobic campaign where a network of well financed and connected people promoted an anti-Islam and Muslim agenda for the past 2 decades. In every instance when Muslims were attacked the liberal, secular, feminist slogans of combating “terrorism”, “intolerance” and religious “extremism” were utilized.

Trump, alt Right etc. are they symptoms, not the root cause. Just like jihadis are the symptoms, not the root cause. Who and what is the root cause? Are the Chinese White cis men? The Indians under Modi? The Buddhists under Aung San Suu Kyi? Or are you saying that Muslims are just all around global trouble makers?


I will give you one name. One of the biggest players funding many Islamophobic Groups, which is Robert “Bob” Shillman a Tech Billionaire. There are many of course, but he is one of the main funders who are responsible for this Global Hatred against Islam and Muslims. They are all Billionaires and come from the same Tribe. This is not a secret. If you just search for Islamophobia Network you will find all the players and they are all connected and working together.

Afsir is a Liar

Khalil, U Have Racist Hate-Filled Hatemongering Fearmongering Scumbags like Donald Trump, Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, Richard Spencer, Annie Cyrus, Jamie Glazov, Bosch Fawstin, Steven Crowder, Ben Shapiro, Milo Yianopoulos, Gavin McAnus/Mcinnes, Alex Jones, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, David Wood, Franklin Graham, Rebel Media, Jack Posobiec, Tomi Lahren, Tucker Carlson, Jeanine Pirro, Bridgette Gabrielle, Raheem Kassam, “Imam” Tawhidi, Armin Navabi and etc spreading a lot of Hatred, Lies, Propaganda, Conspiracy Theory and Fear against Islam and Muslims. That is why Hate-Crimes against had skyrocketed in US even long before trump, it happened since mid-2000’s up to early 2010’s where social media was founded and become popular.


Muslims are literally dying or being unjustly physically removed from the country and this clown’s like “this is good for the American Muslim community”.


It will affect you soon enough and no one will care if you change your tune then.


Daniel has proven over and over Islam.


I have been seeing you in all of his blogs and All i see you doing is mocking him nothing else.
Fine, you disagree with him, then tell us what and where do you stand for on this issue while quoting from the Quran and sunnah of course, which I doubt you even read the Quran from the way you talk

Ali is a low T betta thats why his blog and channel are barren like his life.


Khalil and Ali both seem to suffer from the same lack of English comprehension. Daniel presented the facts, you have no counter-arguments because you’re a pair of inept cowardly trolls. Typical leftie “Muslims” who have nothing to do with Islam but worshiping the white secularist instead. Disgraceful hypocrites!


You pooftah lobby guys are simply marvelous.

Let’s call your bluff.

Ok crimes against Muslims are “skyrocketing”. There’s a mass shooting by white nationalist skinheads every Friday at every mosque in USA leaving a couple of hundred Muslims martyred at their hands every week.

But guess what? It’s better to die Muslim than to live as a pooftah and carpet mucha marriage-promoting and Qadiyani-sympathizing apostate!

I prefer me and every Muslim member of my family including my kids to be gunned down by white supremacists than to be poof marriage or Qadiyani-supporting apostate or worse yet blasphemers against Allah or His Messenger!

We seek Allah’s refuge from apostasy before we ask His refuge from bad fate in this world. May He protect us from losing our faith and may He safeguard our lives and properties. Ameen.

There are no closet right wingers here. The only ones in the closet are the pooftah lobby!

As for wailing over the delays in processing naturalization applications and getting deported and all that, the sensible ones will know that the entire world belongs to Allah and if they face hurdles practicing Islam somewhere, it’s their duty in Islam to move to some place where they won’t find difficulties being Muslims.

Unlike you two fools, our purpose in life is not to chase the American dream of climbing up the corporate ladder from Waffle House waiter to Walmart cashier!


May Allah bless you all


Actually, I think your just a faggoted kafir troll. May Allah damn your face and cause you to be run over by a truck.

If you really are as honest as you wanna sound by now you would have stated who or what you consider to be rightly guided in Islam.

My hunch is you may even be a qadiyani, in which case I specially beseech Allah to damn your rotten trashcan of a mirza in hellfire and afflict you with the most painful of terminal cancers with no recourse to chemo.

Ali Aulad E Gandoo

Ali Afsir Khalil sounds like the same gandoo Andalus101 commenting on DH videos with a shitty blog that hasnt seen any visitors since his ancestors stopped worshipping the genitals of shiva. LOLLL

This deen isnt for appeasement, go back to worshiping stones panchod if its too hard.

You cant deform it because you are a cave intellectual coward like your ancestor who held an umbrella over his gora master.


This deen isn’t for sick animal swines. It is laughable to even think degenerates can make it to jannah.


I have seen sick disgusting species over and over. freaks are no where near Islam, and actually end up as apostates. I don’t worry much.


“Yes, your wife getting raped and killed is still much better huh?”


Compared to becoming a “poofter-marriage is halal”-apostate or a Qadiyani-sympathizing-apostate, it is better – incomparably better!

You are a kafir and the worst kind of kafir, may Allah damn you.

You do not know the meaning of Iman and subservience to Allah and His Will & Command.

The former is a loss to life and property in this duniya only. The latter is the loss of Iman and the never ending felicity of the hereafter and the earning of Allah’s Ghadab and never ending punishment of hellfire.

As I said, it is only the dream of kafir-poofters like you to safeguard your duniya and try to work your way up in the American dream, trying to climb up the corporate ladder from a Waffle House waiter to Walmart cashier!

We Muslims seek Allah’s refuge from kufr and earning His Ghadab before we seek refuge from afflictions to our lives and properties, because He has informed us through His Prophet that the former is worse than the latter.

You can continue wallowing in your rainbow colored American dream to be awarded Walmart’s “Drag Queen Employee of the Year” award! You might even find a gay “imam” to conduct your “nikah” with a Qadiyani poofter, and wipe away tears of joy from your eyes under your rainbow colored veil as you are given away by “Daayiee Abdullah” to your “husband” to sodomize you until your heart’s content at your happily ever after honeymoon in The Castro!

We Muslims prefer to safeguard our Iman and our hereafter and ask Allah’s help for it.


Hahaha wow.

I think a lot this is unavoidable even in the case of sister Ilhan Omar. These guys are public figures in a secular world there is no avoiding much of this. So they all deserve to be scrutinized I guess.

Whats really disgusted tho is how SHY ethnicity/race was fair game by these intellectual prostitutes. His motives are questioned based on him being “White” Muslim and how some of his defenders are also questioned because they happen to be “White” Muslims.

That is completely disgusting, unIslamic, and a foreign (liberal, marxist) narrative that is destructive. Question their polices but don’t play the race card. To see it coming from born Muslims is just ironic. Many of whom are labeled “terrorist sympathizers” just by trying to explain situations in their birth nations – by association. Like that Palestinian “journalist” for Salon…wtf. How many times a Palestinian advocate was labeled a “terrorist” or a “terrorist sympathizer” by the SAME PEOPLE for being a Muslim and a Palestinian?

Intellectual defeated “model minorities”. A caste of sheep without critical thinking or analysis.

BTW, for all the “cis White man” haters and lovers of minorities among the Muslims:

After 9/11 every race group was antagonistic and racist against Muslims, particularly brown Muslims. Not just Whites.

African Americans loved waving that red white and blue flags. Many Muslim youths were attacked in “urban” schools constantly bullied with taunts like “Osama”, “Saddam”, or “Taliban”. Many Hispanics, the type that the SQUAD cries over because they are in “concentration” camps joined the US army to kill Muslims in Muslim lands so they can get greencards. Look up the names of the men who gang raped the 13 year old Abeer Qaseem in Mahmudiyah, slaughtered her family and set her on fire. They all came from the “MELTING POT”.

On the other hand I remember “WHITES” leaving flowers at the local mosque to show compassion. I don’t remember any other race group doing that. Maybe they didn’t have money for flowers.


Exactly brother. I have continued to tell our brothers and sisters that this “POC” alliance is all a huge fraud. A huge chunk of black america, especially black Christians despise Muslims. They only tolerate black Muslims but only to a certain extent. Our brothers and sisters need to wake up.


To the likes of “Ali”, “Khalil” and “Afsir”

We get it. Daniel is a closet promoter of the alt-right. Anyone who agrees with his sentiment, is a blind follower of his adabless cult.

Can you guys please not be like him and come out of your closets.

What sect, school of thought, party, group, organization, etc. do you guys represent?

How does it align with Islamic teachings?

Which leaders or individuals, according to you, are right in that regard?

If you guys don’t gave straight forward answers, we’ll know you’re just trolls.

Ali Aulad E Gandoo

Its a single khusra with multiple nicks who takes a beauty sleep after watching a lollywood mujra turned new age Muslim Osho. These insects are increasing by the min. Lanat akhhh tuu iski zaat au nasal par! Akhh tuuu!


As you know, Ali is a very magnificent name in Islam.

Please do not mention any alqaab after this troll’s monicker and do not bring his parents into it. Muslim parents can have children who leave Islam and kafirs can have children who become Muslim.


May Allah accept! bravo


You really are the lowest form of apostates. May Allah damn you and cause you to be run over by a truck, and then burn you in hellfire for ever.

If you are as sincere as you claim, you would have stated by now who/what is right in Islam according to you.

You did not ever refute anyone, other than cuss and swear at Daniel or others.

In fact you didn’t even bother stating where Daniel was “refuted” many times over.

If you have anything solid to offer by way of refutation or clarification or education, do bring it forward, otherwise I suggest cuss back only at your own soul, and your buddies Iblis and Abu Lahab.


Ha, yeah I’m an apostate huh?

khalil al-Naijeriyy

Khalil,it us pretty obvious some if you ate so drunken in love with the safety of your flesh than the safety of your faith.
Must of are so delusional with the dunya(worldly life) that you don’t care risking your akhirah(after life, except you say it does not exist which will make you a kaafir).

It is such a shame we have Muslims who do not have have a single gheyrah (jealousy) for the deen ,but are ready to defend deluded confused so called activist in the name of anti-immigration laws and the likes.

khalil al-Naijeriyy

Khalil,it is pretty obvious some of you are so drunken in love with the safety of your flesh than the safety of your faith.
Most of are so delusional with the dunya(worldly life) that you don’t care risking your akhirah(after life, except you say it does not exist which will make you a kaafir).

It is such a shame we have Muslims who do not have have a single gheyrah (jealousy) for the deen ,but are ready to defend deluded confused so called activist in the name of anti-immigration laws and the likes.


These people are nothing but LACKEYS and STOOGES for the Global Liberal Empire. They will take and PROMOTE anything PUSHED by the EMPIRE.


I challenge these people claiming to be Muslims who are criticizing Daniel, including these so-called Muslim politicians to say or support anything that is against Liberalism.


Daniel opponents constantly run away from debates. Allah really exposes freaks.


It’s so laughable and absolutely pathetic reading the mainstream media celebrating many “third world countries” trying to abolish “Colonial Era Anti-gay Laws” including some Muslim countries like Tunisia. According to these Liberal SHILLS the West brought these “Anti-gay Laws” to these Colonised countries, that includes all the Muslim countries Colonised by the West. I wonder did these formerly Western Colonised countries come together independently and decided that they needed to abolish these illiberal Colonial Era Laws? I guess these countries had Gay Pride Parade before the Puratic West colonised their Open and Liberal Nations.


I guess these Countries were Liberal and Progressive until the West Colonised them and brought Puritanical or Victorian Laws like “Blasphemy Laws” and “Anti-Gay Laws”


lot of jaahil individuals like afsir, khalil and so called ali.

They sound lik etyical murtads or kaafirs like qadianis.

They have no rational or religious arguments to counter the points mentioned by brother Daniel Haqiqatjou.

Would these coward trolls like afsir & khalil denounce all the fahisha and kufr promoted by the various so called liberal groups who call themselves Muslims?

The quotation taken by Imam Ibn Jawzi sounds so true, scholars and students should avoid any alliance or conference with people of deviation and those who oppose Islam.


The irony of Haqiqatjou calling us trolls is that i am one.
Daniel refuted murtads over and over. Why? Because he is amazing. His swine opponents have the lowest IQ’s humanity has ever seen.

Allah will always expose filthy beasts.

Afsir is a Liar


Hey Afsir, better mind your own Buisness and stop spreading lies, hatred, fear, propaganda and conspiracy theory against Islam and Muslims, U Hatemonger and Fearmonger Ex-Muslim Troll. Go Back to Quora, Twitter or any other social media accounts which U Lying Hatemonger and Fearmongering Ex-Muslims use.

Because U Ex-Muslims R so F**king Dumb Ignorant Mindless People suffering from Post-Colonial Masters Disorder, U R all Hatemongerings and Fearmongers and all the times U all like to spread Lies, Fear, Hatred and Propaganda against Islam and Muslims in all over Social Media sites like Quora, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and etc. claiming that Islam is a “Hateful Violent Ideology” which is not true at all and U R Judging People just because they follow the Holy Qu’ran, First of all Islam is against Killing Innocent People and in the Qur’an says if u kill one person it is like killing entire humanity. Second, Lying is forbidden in Islam. Third, the reason why there is death penalty for apostates is because U Ex-Muslims like to spread Hatred, Lies Fear and Propaganda against Islam and Muslim.

Fourth, Islam in America is Dying all because of Feminism, Liberalism, Far-Right, Sodomy aka Homosexuality and etc. same thing is happening in Albania, Kosovo, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco, Islam is Dying as well in these Countries all thanks to Nationalism, Feminism, Communism which is a Left-Wing Ideology and Liberalism.

U and the Ex-Muslims in general R No Different from the Far-Right Islamophobes who like spread hatred, lies, fear, propaganda and conspiracy theory towards Islam and Muslims. There R Far-Right Ex-Muslims like Raheem Kassam, Bosch Fawstin and Annie Cyrus, U Sound just like these 3 Lying Hatemongering Fearmongering Scumbags who spew hatred towards Islam and Muslims. U R all no different from the ISIS and AQ Scumbags, both the Ex-Muslims and Islamophobes in general.

Abu Hakim

I ask Allah to give you wisdom. By Allah, if you were alive 1400 years ago you would 100% have call the Prophet SAWS weak for agreeing to the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.


The same treaty that allowed the rapid expansion of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula and ultimately brought Islam to full power and to conquer Mecca within 10 years. Do you think any of the Muslims were happy that the Prophet SAWS signed a treaty with the same Quraish that tortured them for a decade straight? How could the Prophet SAWS justify peace with the Kuffar??? Was it weakness? Was it aiding in oppression? Or was it, as we know today, far reaching wisdom by Allah and his messenger.

Sometimes the path to the top is difficult. Sometimes it requires carefully choosing your battles and knowing when to make peace with the oppressors and when to strike.

By Allah, your slandering our well regarded Imams does nothing but shatter an already fractured Muslim Ummah. Let me remind you the priority TODAY is unification, so long as we quarrel among ourselves we will be crushed under the overwhelming pressure of those who want Islam gone. We cannot afford to spread hate articles for Imams who have brought an amazing amount of benefit for Muslims domestically and abroad.

Does that mean compromising your beliefs to liberalism? No. But for the love of Allah DO NOT DIVIDE THE MUSLIMS BEYOND WHAT THE WEST HAS DONE TO US ALREADY. WE ARE ALREADY BEING ATTACKED CONSTANTLY FROM THE OUTSIDE, DON’T AID THEM FROM WITHIN. I see you and Linda Sarsour serving the same purpose: The eventual suppression of Islam. She dilutes Islam, and you fracture/weaken it.


Abu Hakim July 24, 2019 at 10:37 pm

Terrible comparison. First of all the muslims in that time and place were natives of that land. The muslims in the US (West in general) are overwhelmingly economic migrants: they willingly moved to a country that is hostile towards their religion for material/monetary/dunia reasons.

Secondly the Prophet never promoted fahishah, audhubillah.

Thirdly unification can only be on the basis of truth i.e. the Quran and the Sunnah. Anything other than that is pure cosmetics and not sustainable on the long run.

The ones that are dividing the ummah is not Daniel. It is those people who promote fahishah thinking they are slick. It’s those who have taken Machiavelli as prophet instead of The Prophet. It’s those who’ve read 48 Laws of Power and think they’re Henry Kissinger. Midgets who fastly overestimate their own intellect.

Ali al-Ilami

Abu Hakim, the only reason the West and co can divide us is because of those claiming to be Muslim but not sticking to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

Aboo Abdullaah

Fear Allah azza wa jall, for trying to justify the actions of these filthy liberal secularists who call themselves Muslims, with the actions of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. Fear Allah, for swearing by Allah something you have no knowledge of. Fear Allah for accusing the brother Daniel of an action of kufr, that is your wild imagination that he would criticize the prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم. Fear Allah for defending these wicked people who are the enemies of Islaam from within.

Your ilk is nothing more but the rubbish from ikhwan Al mufsideen and other groups that we should unite unconditionally and compromise the perfect legislation. Anyone can see that making a treaty with the enemy for peace and benefitting the believers is not the same as helping and aiding the disbelievers and their false ways. The messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم and his sahaabah called the people to Islaam and were patient for years without fighting while patiently enduring the oppression of the disbelievers. It is clear that compromise when some of the pagans suggested it was not acceptable did not happen, unlike what these munaafiqoon are doing today. Read the tafsir of surah Al kaafiroon. This Surah is the Surah of disavowal from the deeds of the idolators. It commands a complete disavowal of that. Allah’s statement,

﴿قُلْ يأَيُّهَا الْكَـفِرُونَ ﴾

(Say: “O disbelievers!”) includes every disbeliever on the face of the earth, however, this statement is particularly directed towards the disbelievers of the Quraysh. It has been said that in their ignorance they invited the Messenger of Allah to worship their idols for a year and they would (in turn) worship his God for a year. Therefore, Allah revealed this Surah.

We seek refuge in Allah from the likes of you compromisers and hypocrites. You have the audacity to say .

“Let me remind you the priority TODAY is unification, so long as we quarrel among ourselves we will be crushed under the overwhelming pressure of those who want Islam gone.”

What is crushing the Muslims is following the footsteps of the disbelievers and compromising their religion, with these evil politicians and these sell out imaams who have caused people like you to be deluded. Go learn the principles of the religion and loving and hating for the sake of Allah Almighty instead of aiding these enemies of Islaam.

Aboo Abdullaah

الحمد لله

Just wanted to thank our brother Daniel for his well researched and clear articles. They are a breath of fresh air, as opposed to the pollution coming from those who claim to be representing Muslims, like CAIR and other groups that compromise the deen. I ask Allah Almighty that he rewards you and increases you in benefitting the Muslims


Allah will help Daniel and his followers. He exposes freaks daily. Take the hint.

Aboo Abdullaah

You cannot even be compared to swine…. At least they and other animals know tawheed and fear Allah Almighty unlike you hypocrites. Don’t speak about Allah, as you are not someone who respects His boundaries or follow His commands. You are the fake, and the companion Ali may Allah be pleased with him dealt with the likes of yourself…


Daniel, you are nothing more than modern day khawarij. May Allah guide you and give you clarity and depth in understanding, because you are a very, very confused man.

Aboo Abdullaah

The murjiah call ahl as Sunnah “khawaarij”, and the khawaarij call ahl as Sunnah “murjiah”.

What is your proof of this label on the brother Daniel? Or is it your opinion which is really slander? Do you know who the khawaarij really are, people before making tabdee?

M B Mehdi

Good job. Omar Sulieman is another of those Mufti Menk, Yasir Qadhi types. Stay away from these charlatans and wannabe celebrities. How many great scholars are there from the west? That’s right, we can’t name any! The people who do good work, our local Imams, they don’t seek fame.


I have listened to both Mufti Menk’s and Yasir Qadhi’s talks quite recently, and both are really good. I don’t think it’s fair to label them as “wannabe celebrities.” From what is apparent, they seem to be preaching to worship Allah and follow the Prophet’s (pbuh) example, and nothing else.
Daniel’s article is spot on however when it comes to partnering with these “Muslim” groups who push lgbt, abortion, female imams, anti-sharia sentiment, etc among other things. As Muslims we must be very wary about these terrible associations, and instead push for proper organizations who preach proper, orthodox Islam, and nothing else.


Naa, this is absolute slander, we don’t want secular Islam, but being tolerant whilst following the Qur’an and Sunnah does not mean secular Islam!