1. On the brighter side, she wont be breeding. That is a plus for the ummah.

    Homosexuality = knowingly taking a broken birdge.

    Now imagine your IQ level to convince someone this is a good choice vs. those who actually do become convinced that this is fine. I see predator and prey mentality at work.

  2. The person in the video clearly isn’t Muslim. Her believe system and behaviour simply do not match with Islam. Pretty much everything she says runs contrary to the religion. The hijab obviously is meant to deceive her audience. She’s a secular liberal – and an extreme secular liberal at that. If people like her can claim Islam anyone can. Trump is Muslim, Sean Hannity is Muslim, the Christchurch shooter is Muslim, Oprah Winfrey is Muslim, Benjamin Netanyahu is Muslim….Mash’Allah everybody is Muslim. If she can claim it the word is just an empty word. And this is exactly the plan. The Left are known to play with words and manipulate language. Daniel, maybe a video on Foucault and Derrida?

    • She’s no longer Muslim in the true sense of the word. But the huge problem is that many young Muslims see her as a “Muslim” role model.

  3. I used the title to suggest that girl in the video is probably influenced by hippie ideology. I am not the one….

  4. The comment she made about God not punishing her has to be the craziest, most retarded thing I’ve heard this year. And I’ve heard plently.

    Good video, Daniel πŸ‘Œ I really love reading and watching all your content.

  5. Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

    Daniel, sir i am very happy with your efforts. The links I will share with you are amazing and will aid you in your battle against liberalism.



    Check out the Awake series and other books. He is a 80 year old senior Alim. His work is amazing. It helped me alot.

    May Allah Ta’ala keep you with Aafiya.


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