[VIDEO] Eddie of the Deen Show and Daniel Discuss Why Islam Is the Truth

02.00 — Why is Islam guidance and why did trying to seek truth in science and philosophy at Harvard lead to failure
09:40 — Owen Benjamin, comedian and former Islamophobe, explains how demonizing Islam and Muslims is used to control and manipulate the American public
15:00 — The psychological reason some people are afraid of reading the Quran
23:15 — Explaining jihad (so-called “holy war”) in Islam. Islam spreading by the sword.
35:20 — The non-monotheistic aspects of Judaism and why many people, including secular Jews, are repulsed by Orthodox Judaism
46:50 — Different styles and philosophies of dawah, emphasizing differences between religions rather than similarities
51:15 — Non-Muslims submitting to Islam “or else”? What about hell for those who die as non-Muslims?
56:45 — Yes, Islam is terrifying…
59:30 — REAL TALK: there are some doubts about Islam that cannot be addressed simply by reading the context of the verses of the Quran
01:04:00 — Cheating, infidelity and how Islam provides Divine guidance on gender interaction that no other religion provides
01:08:15 — Addressing the Satanic verses objection to Islam
01:15:05 — 200+ years of genocide and rape of Muslim lands by the West
01:19:30 — Kafir vs. Infidel, why atheism and secularism rose from Europe and not the Muslim world
01:25:30 — Explaining the Sharia to non-Muslims without watering it down
01:31:00 — Muslims clearly love Jesus more than Christians
01:35:20 — Christian Owen Benjamin starts saying “peace be upon him” after mention the Prophet Muhammad (sallAllahu `alayhi wa sallam)
01:40:20 — Why Is Islam the Truth? Computational linguistics prove that the Author of the Quran cannot have been the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and other evidences
01:51:00 — Why is shirk the greatest evil?

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