How Western NGOs Use Aid to Attack Islam and Re-Engineer Muslim Society

Are NGOs that support poor Muslims a good thing for us?

Last summer, I traveled to Harvard to study the practice of sustainable development under a leading professor in the field. I personally work on funding development projects for Muslims in the Middle East, and this was an opportunity to help me better manage these projects.

I must confess, however, that this course gave me much more than what I asked for.

At times, I would sit silently, my hands over my mouth, eyes wide open, staring bluntly into the eyes of the professor as he carefully taught me how to push Muslims, my own brothers and sisters, far away from Islam.

I know, it’s crazy.

I came here to learn how to run development projects, to cover the basic needs of a community and lift them out of poverty. I came to learn things like how to open a hospital in refugee camps, provide clean water to rural communities, or build proper sanitation facilities in dense urban areas.

I did NOT come to learn how to “empower” women, promote homosexuality, or fight against laws criminalizing zina. But these topics were always intertwined with every discussion we had.

In the initial classes, we were getting readings on both the foundations of sustainability AND the foundations feminism, for example. Why?

Turns out, in the field of sustainable development, these are not different topics. The pillars of sustainable development are what are known as the three E’s: economy, environment, and equity.

The point is to economically grow a society in an environmentally sustainable way while ensuring an equitable society. That last E is where all the poison lies. You cannot have “equity” when there are different roles for men and women in a society, when homosexuals are treated differently then heterosexuals, when zina is not the same as marriage.

All development project proposals include a specific section on this third pillar. What is the plan for making an “equitable” society? How much funds are going towards it? Who are the involved parties?


The professor would moan from time to time on how these backwards, traditional Muslim men would resist projects of his in Bangladesh because he wanted the entire female population out of the house for work. His goal is not only to get them out of poverty, he wants to social engineer the entire area so it becomes a Paris in the middle of Bangladesh.

Other times he would reminisce at when Uganda opened up to homosexuality. NGOs held back millions of dollars of development funds for poverty alleviation when they knew that Uganda criminalized homosexual behavior. They were willing to keep entire communities in miserable poverty until man-on-man anal sex could be openly practiced.

With the majority of Muslim countries considered “developing,” cash is pouring in from NGOs all around the world to help develop them. But how should we Muslims react to this? Take Bill Gates for example, who is single handedly putting billions into development projects worldwide, and his last report is quite clear on their priorities: recreating Western standards of “equity” even if it means destroying a culture and upending its entire value system and religion.

The EU, for example, has billions saved up for the development of Syria once conflict stops, but what do you think their conditions will be for the transfer of these funds? NGO’s like Amnesty International have already started their work in Syria:

“Scores of individuals faced flogging sentences for theft and assault as well as for acts that, under international human rights law, must not be criminalized. Such acts included attending peaceful protests and cultural gatherings, having extra-marital relationships and attending mixed-gender parties.” (Source).

Either give up your religion or starve.

No Strings

Studying all this at Harvard was a rude awakening. Ethics and development are not separate. Western countries cannot just help poor Muslims communities without social engineering them in this way.

So how do we deal with this?

Obviously, this cannot be ignored. Each project needs to be studied case by case to determine the right steps forward given the circumstances, but it needs to be realized that Western values that are anathema to Islam are being directly exported through all these projects.

And to make it clear, development and ethics is also not separate for us Muslims, whenever Muslims are in a position to provide aid. The difference, however, is Muslims encourage people to draw closer to the Haqq, while Western liberal development pushes the batil, fahisha, and the destruction of morality.

A contemporary Muslim exemplar is Abdul Rahman Al-Sumait, may Allah have mercy on him. He was a Kuwaiti doctor who spent 29 years doing development work in Africa. Eleven million converted by the will of Allah and then his efforts, 5700 mosques constructed, 95,000 students sponsored, 15,000 orphans taken care of, 860 schools, 4 universities, 124 hospitals, 9500 wells built, and on and on.

These are the people we want helping our poor brothers and sisters around the world, not “humanitarian, areligious, apolitical” NGOs with strings.

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I have seen right-wing memes and chain emails meant for their own people, that basically state things like:

“If they want aid, tell them to pray to Allah”; or
“They can’t have our taxpayer funded aid packages till they respect our way of life”;
“They don’t criticize our way of life when they grovel at our doors begging for aid”; and so on. (respect is a euphemism for ‘wholeheartedly accept and submit to’)

One close WASP acquaintance of mine felt a bit embarrassed and apologetic when I saw a printout of one such email lying on his table, and he said, “we don’t all think like that”, to which I responded by, “No, I agree with everything that’s said in that email. We have lost our sense of shame and dignity. We have forgotten that the promise of Allah is true. I agree we should solve our own problems and take our matters in our own hands, relying on and praying to Allah.”

The fact of the matter is that “human rights” orgs like Amnesty and the left wing in general are a greater enemy of Islam than the right wing.

What you have mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg.

Just yesterday my jaw dropped at a Syrian friend mentioning that his widowed mother and young sister are “sponsored” by a church in Canada and this “sponsorship” makes their case for seeking refugee status strong. I asked him if they are Christian missionaries trying to convert people and so on, and he said that it’s very common for churches to ‘sponsor’ people on ‘humanitarian’ grounds. He didn’t feel that they are missionaries. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but I would be very skeptical of a ‘sponsorship’ by a church.

Muslim leaders are on to nothing unless they boycott the UNO and the west. The scholars who don’t educate the leaders about this, are equally as guilty. We have scholars swearing by the scrupulousness of the west’s value systems. The latest fashion trend on that bandwagon is singing about the whole ‘China is worse, look at their treatment of the Uighurs; compared to that, Europe and USA are a breeze’ mantra. You would have noticed that on twitter in the last few weeks.


Found it very shady that Western media all of a sudden became pro-muslim. If you want to understand Western mainstream politics the first thing you have to do is read Machiavelli’s The Prince.

If you want to understand Western leftwing politics you have to read Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.


They became pro-Muslim now to curb China and Russia’s rising influence. Influence is tied in to money, oil, and arms sales. There may be a new version of a cold war coming along. This whole sudden blooming of their love for Muslim Uighurs and Chinese atrocities on them is very reminiscent of the days of the Afghan-Soviet war! (But of course, the west doesn’t have anything to do with ideological indoctrination or social engineering or re-education programs for Muslims, or any government run black psyops, a lot of which include many of our so-called imams, leaders, and activists, either knowingly or unknowingly)

They were “pro-Muslim” even during the USSR days. If you remember, the US and Western Europe was all pro-mujahideen and Afghans and “freedom fighters” back in the 80’s.

See this pic from the official Reagan Library, where Ronald Reagan met with Afghan “freedom fighters” in 1983:

See here Donald Rumsfeld shaking hands with his then good friend, Saddam Hussein

In reality, no ideology of kufr is pro-Muslim, be it capitalistic liberal secularism, or Chinese Maoism, or Indian Gandhism, or the current form of Russian oligarchy which really isn’t hard core Marxism in the traditional sense but modified a fair bit (think Windows 3.1 and Windows 10).

Allah help our leaders and scholars towards helping Islam.


I hope females do get empowered. I hope you freaks suffer and die in your rage. Only societies that treat women as equals aew successful. Everything is a hellhole. Muslim women in the west vs Muslim women in the east us evidence of this.


So mister Ali I have a question? Are you Muslim? Do you say with all your heart that you submit to Allah completely without any intermediaries? Then why does such oncouth words spout out of your disgusting mouth? (Granted of you are truly Muslim)


Stupid retarded comment as usual from Haqiqatjou degenerates. Nothing I said is even “disgusting”.


Another ignorant brainwashed dog who worships the white west like a slave. You don’t give a damn about anyone’s rights. Its western society treats women like shit, uses and disposes of them. Nobody with a brain cell takes you or the lies that you stump for seriously. Its scum like you who will die in your rage. Good riddance, kafir.


The white west has proven to be better for women than you ugly animals. You are clearly some clueless Pakistani who bitches against the west because his ass humping mullahs gave fatwas on it. Low IQ degenerates like you will die with Abu Lahab in your hearts.


Mr. Black, don’t ever forget that nowhere other than the white west can women enjoy privileges such as these:

Such magnificent privileges are unheard of in the Muslim world!


Wrong on all counts, “Ali,” you’re the inbred Pakistani kafir poodle here suffering from an inferiority complex, another low class braindead idiot who worships the white west and its lies. Western societies treat women like disposable trash, which is why so many women convert to Islam. Nevermind the fact that western nations have abominable human rights abuses both domestically and internationally. Low IQ degenerates like you know nothing of history, politics, culture or economy, that’s why you get excited like the predictable dog that you are. The west robbed and raped your lands and you’re cheering them on. You’re more then welcome to open your legs for them like the degenerate that you are, but don’t think your childish arselicking tantrums will be tolerated here, Abu Jahals little bitch.

Now go back and earn your white slave masters kneepads, you brokeback wanker.


This so called “Ali” is a dumb poofter who just enjoys worshiping playboy bunnies. Little does he know that once those “empowered” sex toys of the west hit their 40’s, they realize that all along their true worth was nothing other than sex dolls. Some delusional ones who have made it big in the corporate world might not hit that rude awakening till they’re in their 60’s and 70’s and barren and lonely as graveyards.

This piece of trash apostate can’t grasp the fact that as creation we are owned by Allah and that it is He who has assigned different roles and priorities for us for society to function.

And all that talk about Muslim women in the west vs Muslim women in the east is just baloney from western tabloids. Muslims worldwide aren’t falling for this drivel anymore. There is far more sexual and physical violence against “empowered” women in the west than in the east.

This “Ali” guy’s probably just at war with himself for being gay.


Haha this degenerate Ahmad shows up yet again to give a shit filled rant that is off topic. Dumbass, no where did Allah say women are to be burka covered housewives.
You filthy kaffirs have created your own religion, and will die with it


For the benefit of others reading this poofter’s nonsense:

Burka as a specific item may not be mentioned in texts, but Islam’s guidelines, rules and principles for covering for both men and women, and their rules for interaction with each other are well explained in Quran and hadith.

As for the housewife part, it’s case specific and the dumb moron does not know that Muslim women have worked in various capacities and various roles throughout Islamic history. It’s just that the western feminist model of the working woman freely mixing with men and wanting to be everything except a woman doesn’t exist in Islam.

This monkey’s rants are just as limited as his pea-brain, he keeps ranting the same stuff again and again and again. I don’t know why he lurks around people he hates. He should be hanging out on his sugar daddies’ websites.

I know its hard for an emasculated dayuth enabling follower of Deen Illahi Mughul “Islam” to comprehend things with all that CUCKnotive desononace, but the author isnt against women empowerment.

The subject matter is how people are exploited by NGOs, who are fronts for idealogical institutions, corporations and intelligence agencies working incognito to undermine a possible victim society.

Anyways, I hope you get enriched with homosexuality, present and future, so no one has to share this planet with your lot. Please die without breeding.

Lmao fake account after fake account. You degenerates cant even show up without hiding first behind delusional names.

People like you should be burried next to Abu Lahab


Welcome back Ali paa ji! It is glad to see you back teaching these fools about TRUE ISLAAM from your pind. You are the true descendant of Bani Israel tell them paa ji! Show them your family tree paa ji that your forefather long time ago came from Baghdad. You are actually a TRUEST long forgotten desi descendant of the Prophet Muhammad SAW….no no wait. YOU ARE actually Jesus AS back in your desi form…no no wait..YOU WERE the actual intended Prophet but the angel Jibraeel made a mistake. His GPS was malfunctioning so he ended up in Arabia instead of your village in Amristar..or is it Gujjrat? Jayy hoooo!

Jay Wahe Guru Ali paa ji!
Jay Akbar Badshah Deen Ilahi!
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Thank you bagwan for sending Ali paa ji to teach us real Islaam.


You’re being sarcastic at a degenerate faggot apostate but the kind of comments you made, even in sarcasm, are kufr. If you value Islam, repent from those comments and re-enter Islam with the intention to re-enter Islam and never to repeat such comments.

There is a reason hadith and the elders of the ummah commanded us not to argue with brain-dead zombies like this “Ali”. It puts our own faiths into jeopardy.

Sincere advise.


Western women aren’t “empowered.” What a joke. How about you do you, Westerners, and leave the Muslims alone?

Ibrahim Ihsan

You did. What’s the point of educated women if they are now slaves to the US government. If women are educated, we should get the benefits, but we’re actually getting no benefits at all since women’s education is simply women’s knowledge, business and all that, we men have no absolute need for that), but what about moral benefits? Majority of those “educated” women are now vehement supporters of ideologies taken from people whom had America and the West over all things glued in their thoughts and hardly any of these women can think for themselves and see how those are not the answers. Educated? More like indoctrinated. An educated woman is one who helps the family when they are in need, the one who has the power to spread knowledge, the one that will get her hands dirty for the sake of the community. But that’s it, nothing more and nothing less. Feminists and their sympathizers, however, will not recognize how women aren’t the ones to get all the credit or opportunities and will berate normal people over not giving the girl everything the boy has even though that’s cuz she just can’t have them.


I’ve seen this in my own country of origin…af former French colony. To receive foreign investments the government had to implement a few programs:

1. Top of the list is Feminism i.e. get women out of the home and into the workforce. This only exasperated the already high unemployement under young males. Who then opted to – often – illegally migrate to Europe…specifically France. Which in its turn created a huge gender imbalance in the population, a massive drop in marriages, a spike in divorce and general decline in morality in the populace.

2. Attack the hijaab. Women in popular culture (movies, series, tv) who wear hijaab are either old/grandma’s or poor. The rich and succesfull are very Western in term of looks. Many dye their hair blond for instance, wear revealing clothes and lace their speech with English or French words and phrases.

3. Emphasize and exalt pre-Islamic periodes. The is done primarily by painting Arabs in an extremely bad light: barbaric and backward. The national culture (Berber, Kurdish, Persian etc.) is much closer to European culture anyway.

4. Promoting the extremer forms of Sufism

5. Promoting both equality and anti-male culture/misandry

6. Exaggerate the historic role of non-muslim minorities in a positive sense.

7. Promote anti-clericalism by painting the ulama as extreme and backwards

8. Change family law: particularly: raising the age of marriage to 18, making it easier for women to divorce and alimony and child support.

9. Promote fornicating as love to the young through soap operas. In Western thought ‘love’ moralizes everything: as long as you were in love when doing something it by definition is morally correct.

The problem with this is that Feminism doesn’t work….particularly not in a non affluent society. Feminism needs massive financial backing – primarily in the form of welfare. Most countries are not wealthy enough to bankroll a huge welfare apparatus. When you push Feminism in such environments you get: poverty, single parent homes, youth crime, ghetto culture, drugs and – child – prostitution.


This is nothing but the truth. I have been warning people for years about this stuff. I went to university and studied this type of “development” work. It is all there. THE TOTAL REMOVAL OF ANY AND ALL MORALITY IS THE GOAL. One thing to praise Donald Trump on is he got rid of Michelle Obamas initiative called “let girls learn,” this was a initiative targeted at Muslim countries, starting with Morocco to do exactly what you just described.


Definitely. They are going to push hard voor ‘girl’s education’ in Africa. The African fertility rate is a huge concern for the West. Keeping the girls busy with schooling in their most fertile years, providing abortion and condoms and potentially a career will ‘hopefully’ do the trick.

(This is most likely going to backfire, just like it did with the African-American community).

The fertility rate in North Africa/the Maghreb is already low. The West is going to ‘develope’ this part to function as a buffer for immigration from Sub-Saharan Africa. By economically developing the Maghreb countries Africans will have no reason to travel further up north/Europe.


Haha another low IQ degenerate. I hope everything you stand against destroys you. InshAllah it will.

Oy hoy, paa ji, BAND KARLOOO!

Jay hoo Ali wahe guru true Islaam!
No hijab no purdah true mughul Islaam!
Women empowerment heera maandi Islaam!
Acid in your face for refusing rishta Islaam!
Grooming gangs in uk bhangrah on milaad Islaam!
Muree Beer Islaam!
We will take Kashmir Islaam!
Teach Modi a lesson Islaam!

Welcome back Ali paa ji of true Islaam!

Muslim Aid Work?

Sadly, this secular and so-called equality agenda has been adopted by several very large international ‘Muslim/Islamic’ charities. Go on the websites of these large Muslim charities and read about their work on so called gender and gender equality, women empowerment.
Read more about it here:


The same happened to CAIR. These organisations generally start of genuinely wanting to help Muslims once they grow large – on the back of Muslims – the get infiltrated and coopted by opposing interests. A thing to keep in mind is that these organisations, that are jumping on the feminist bandwagon, like: CAIR, IR, Al-Jazeera etc. are Ikhwaani in origin. Ikhwaani’s are very big on interfaith. This oecumenical tendency leaves them vulnerable to watering down the faith.


You said- “Ikhwaani’s are very big on interfaith.”

Do you have any references or proofs to back it up?

I’m not Ikhwani and have nothing to do with them; but I find it nonsensical to say that Ikhwanis are big on interfaith.

In the present day west, celebrity “imams” from just about every sect are big on interfaith. The operative word here is ‘celebrity.’ I can show you non-celebrity Ash^aris, Salafis, Ikhwanis, Sufis, etc. all who despise this interfaith and liberal secularism fanboy club; even Shias too, to be fair.

The celebrity fan clubs are a different story though. They’ve all fallen down the rabbit hole of faux adab into the wonderland of liberal secular pluralism and feminism.

Gabriela Phillips

I am confused, I thought the author decried the use of humanitarian assistance mixed with religion and then end the article arguing for the very thing that is being denounced: praising a Kuwaiti doctor who did humanitarian work and converted millions of poor African to Islam… isn’t that double standards?

Abu Rushayd al Tarabolsi

Hello Gabriela,

Thank you for the valid and genuine question, the reason is quite simple.

We do not accept the perennialist ideas that assume the equality of all religions/worldviews. We base our arguments on the basis that Islam is the one and only truth, and all other religions/worldviews are on falsehood. So when we speak of what Islam says, we don’t say “we believe that xxx is true” but, rather, we say “the truth is xxx”.

Similarly in this article, everything is based on a conviction that Islam is true. Therefore, using support to push people towards is Islam is morally good and the opposite is morally bad.

And if you think about it, the transaction of one person helping/donating to a person in need is never void of these interactions. You are ALWAYS pushing a certain worldview to the donor, whether by force (as cited above) or not.