The 7 Ways Some Muslim Men Contribute to Immodesty from Muslim Women

Note: This was originally posted on Facebook, but Facebook deemed it “hate speech” and deleted it. What is hateful about the below? This is how corporate giants in the West are censoring all aspects of Islam that do not conform to their strict atheistic moral doctrines.

A big part of the responsibility for modesty from some Muslim women falls on Muslim men. Not all of the responsibility, but a big part of it.

Some Muslim men are largely to blame because:

1. They don’t require modesty from their own wives, daughters, and sisters. They just don’t seem to care if their female family members are behaving and dressing modestly or not. These men are like donkeys.

2. They mix freely with women, Muslim and non-Muslim women. What message does this send to Muslim women? If men want to be leaders and true guardians, as Islam requires them to be, they have to lead by example.

3. Some Muslim men take on a white knight role by praising immodest women and immodest actions. Some white knights even go so far as sharing dolled up pictures of Muslim women publicly on the bogus excuse of “empowering the sisters,” or some other white knight nonsense. This normalizes the idea of putting Muslim women in full public display in a way that contradicts Islamic standards of modesty and signals to other Muslim women that it’s ok to make your image as publicly visible as possible.

4. Some Muslim men act completely inappropriately online by flirting or making suggestive remarks or “sliding into dm’s” or even passing around pictures of Muslim women privately. I am not saying that the women who put these glamour pictures online don’t share the blame, but, again, Muslim men have to lead by example by not consuming the pictures and not giving those women the attention they crave.

5. They speak inappropriately about Muslim women privately and sometimes even publicly (cat calling). There is no excuse for disgusting language like this. Would you want other men to talk about your sister or daughter like that? How can you expect Muslim women to act modestly if you’re talking about them in lewd and sexually explicit ways? That’s not how believers behave.

6. Beyond just mixing, they befriend non-mahram women! Men and women cannot be “just friends.” There are so many problems that arise from this behavior beyond the fact that it is completely un islamic. If you want a best friend of the opposite sex, get married. Otherwise, stop participating in what you wrongly think is “innocent.” Zina has become a big problem for some of these more liberal Muslim communities and it all started because thinking casual mixing was perfectly innocent. Men are the ones who need to lay down the law.

7. Some Muslim men drop modesty standards and express great support for “women’s liberation” because they enjoy access to women themselves or they are engaged in haram behavior themselves and feel hypocritical for advocating Islamic modesty. So rather than stop engaging in haram, they resolve the tension by dropping the modesty standards. There are examples of men who fell into zina and then suddenly they are advocating “women’s choice” and “no man can tell a woman what to wear,” and all kinds of other feminist garbage. [NB: I’m not saying that those who advocate these things are secretly guilty of zina.]

Let me be clear here. Feminists criticize Muslim men for not being liberal and secular enough. That is obviously invalid and we have to fight that feminist (and white knight) narrative. But we should criticize Muslim men if they are not living up to true Islamic standards.

And again, I am not saying men are solely at fault for the immodest behavior of some Muslim women. Those women are contributing to the problem. And clearly, the cultural power of the West has a huge impact, but we have to do our part to mitigate its influence. Everyone will be judged for their actions: Women for not dressing and behaving properly will have to answer but their men folk will also be asked about doing their part in supporting them and empowering true modesty and Islamic behavior while also dressing, acting, and speaking modestly themselves.

May Allah strengthen us all.

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  1. “Note: This was originally posted on Facebook, but Facebook deemed it “hate speech” and deleted it. What is hateful about the below?”

    Did you try contacting the moderation team or customer service for it? This is not hate speech, even remotely. I have seen calls to eliminate all “Mozlems” on Facebook. I’m not too sure how it works anymore, but in the past, they’d only remove content that was complained against without investigating it any further. At least until 2016 YouTube still removed videos based on viewer complains and would investigate the actual content only after you’d take it up on it.

  2. Its very generalized, but most of western Muslim men are non-pork eater Muslim. Everything else, is quite alright, and in practice even at home. Their introduction is, “I’m Muslim, but open for everything.”

  3. The cringiest is when you have Muslim couples posting their “romantic” selfies, where the wife is dressed provocative despite covering (full-on makeup and tight clothes). The guy or husband is too dumb to even understand that other men are looking at his wife. Brothers! Your wife’s beauty is ONLY for you. Not for some random dude on Facebook and Instagram.

    • Such people have no haya. This bizarre trend(maybe I’m very old & don’t pay attention) of Muslims in wedding snaps all completely loved up looking in full regalia & makeup for THE WHOLE WORLD to see. What do they even gain by posting such in your face flaunting displays? Narcissists, the whole lot!

    • Even if they are dressed properly they are not supposed to post their private videos for the public to see and lust upon. This should have perhaps been the 8th point on Daniel’s article. And we all know what happened with the celebrated RAQI couples from UK

  4. Asa brother.

    Sorry to bother you and I apologize for asking a question that isn’t on the topic of this article.

    I recently learned that some vaccines are made using fetal tissue of aborted babies.

    One example is the chicken pox vaccine.
    I’m told that old cells from many years ago are being used but I still find this unsettling.

    I tried looking this up to see what our scholars say about this but I was unable to find much scholarship on this issue.

    Could you please let me know your opinion on this issue.

    Thank you.

    • read the book MILLERS REVIEW OF CRITICAL VACCINE STUDIES..You will be shocked..Its the MMR vaccine n many others that use fetal tissues n pork etc..n yes thats right..a silent genocidal agenda ..kill them mentally spiritually an physically slowly n gradually..
      There is a site..stopmndatoryvaccines..go browse it..If u r sincere in ur is the limit..then pray to Allah for guidance..

  5. The problem starts with men who don’t know how to be proper fathers. These men think setting standards is somehow oppressive or they want to be friends rather than fathers to their daughters. This is the uncle with a beautifully maintained sunnah beard and daughters that don’t wear hidjaab.

    A relatively new type of dayooth is the husband that makes Youtube videos with his wife. Displaying the –
    – future – mother of his children in front of the whole world to see. These are the guys that make prank videos or “how we met” videos. Once the channel takes of and money is being made the wife’s ‘hidjaab’ becomes smaller and smaller – the end stage is either a type of durag, turban or complete uncovering. Some of these dayooths even go so far by making videos – with their wives – with sexual content – “….wedding night”.

  6. Yes brother Daniel, i agree with u..
    Dayuth men devoid of ghairah are a big prob
    They hold no bars for their wives so that they can have access to others’ wives..Sick ppl man n then they call themselves liberals…


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