How Compassionate Imams Sneak LGBT Normalization into our Mosques

Note: This article was written two days prior to an LGBTQ civil rights conference held at a Dallas mosque, led by Yasir Qadhi and Omar Suleiman.

Any “conversation” or “debate” on “whether or not to ally with LGBT groups and support their cause” is a distraction. It is a distraction taking away our attention from real dhulm, real fasad being wrought onto humanity and the Ummah.

Throughout the world, the LGBT normalization program is being imposed by force. In the West, cities and states are quickly passing LGBT legislation and ordinances that impact masajid, Islamic schools, the public education system itself, employment discrimination policies, business practices, etc. Muslims and kuffar alike are being threatened to be jailed if they take their children out of the schools teaching LGBT. Children are being stripped from their parents if the parents show any hesitation in “transitioning” their “trans” children via chemical castration. Meanwhile, the constant barrage of LGBT infused media and education all but guarantees children will be confused and reeling, many of them falling into severe doubts about a religion that is fundamentally opposed to all of it.

But don’t worry! The compassionate imams will make sure your children don’t know about Islam’s stance on LGBT. They are working extra hard to teach your kids and your wives that Islam tolerates “everyone” no matter what!

So this Rainbow March of Progress and Freedom is methodically kicking down all the doors, taking no prisoners, and here we are as a community debating the pros and cons of allying with the groups doing this? What a joke. What a carefully engineered distraction.

Rather than debate something that is categorically haram, we should be discussing the best way to defend ourselves and the human race. We should be discussing the Sunnah of Lut `alayhi salam and how he was under no delusions about what the musrifun banging on his door were really about. Was Lut discussing the pros and cons of allying with Qawm Lut and forming coalitions? Was Lut reflecting on the “shared values” and “shared vision” he had with Qawm Lut?

You know who would think that there was value in allyships and coalition building between the believers and Qawm Lut?

Lut’s wife.

Now, let me tell you the real story of American Islam.

Some Muslims in America were trying really hard to be accepted into the American mainstream. They were financially well off, they enjoyed general security, and they could practice Islam more or less unimpeded.

Yet, that wasnโ€™t enough for them. Some of these Muslims also wanted to ascend the social ladder. They wanted to rub elbows with the elite. They wanted to hold prestigious positions in universities, run for political office, be featured in the mainstream media, basically make it to the top and enjoy the lavish benefits of the American Dream. And these Muslims would often point to other religious minorities, particularly Jews, as a model for success.

This rise to the top wasn’t always smooth. Every now and then, some pesky religious values would get in the way. Don’t mix with the opposite sex. Don’t deal in riba. Don’t partake in the holiday festivities of other religions, etc. Sticking to Islam meant sticking out like a sore thumb, not fitting in and enjoying the perks of assimilation.

But then something significant happened. The compassionate imam was born! He quickly came to the rescue to assure his devoted snapchat/insta/fb followers that there was room for ijtihad in these issues and there was “ikhtilaf” somewhere, somehow. So no worries! Enjoy! There is absolutely no conflict in being a Muslim and being a devout American! In fact, Muslims are the most American of all Americans who ever Americaned.

This situation continued until just a few years ago when suddenly the definition of what being a Good American changed. Now, all Good Americans supported LGBT rights. This is because Good Americans are tolerant and love freedom for all. And even if you personally don’t enjoy rectally penetrating another man or having your bowels penetrated, then YOU HAD BETTER support those who do enjoy it.

Now what were the upwardly mobile American Muslims to do?

The compassionate imams were in a bind. They couldn’t let down all their activist friends, all their social justice allies. So they just shut their mouths. They avoided the topic like the plague. They stopped teaching anything about the story of Lut and hoped that no one would notice.

But the issue didn’t go away. It got worse. So they had to say something and it had to be consistent with their brand of “compassionate orthodoxy.” Their solution was clunky but it got the job done. Make an arbitrary distinction between the political and moral. Say that “Muslims don’t agree with the morality of LGBT, but we support their rights politically. After all, us ‘minorities’ need to stand up for each other against the EVIL of BIGOTRY.”

Great! Now American Muslims can rejoin polite society, rub elbows with the elites in academia, media, politics, maybe even go to a Pride March or two and not feel that they are violating Islam.

Isn’t compassion wonderful?

And if anyone dares burst this bubble by pointing out how it makes absolutely no sense logically or Islamically, just go back to the good ol classics: “There is ikhtilaf,” “This is a matter of ijtihad,” “There is clear maslaha/mafsada here,” and the always relevant, “Where did you study?!”


So these are the “conversations” happening. These compassionate imams are not dumb. They know to say all the right things.

“OF COURSE we don’t think LGBT is morally right.”

“OF COURSE we have to stick to Islamic principles.”

“OF COURSE we won’t compromise our deen to the LGBT movement.”

^^ all the things needed to reassure the captive audience that they are orthodox and righteous imams.

But then, once everyone is lulled into a false sense of security, they put in the real message.

“There is room to disagree on whether Muslims should support LGBT rights. This is personal ijtihad and no Muslim should ever condemn another Muslim who chooses to ally with them and join broad coalitions with them. Anyone who disagrees is a kharijite extremist neophyte who doesn’t understand the nuance and beautiful complexity of our scholarly tradition.”

Mission accomplished! You have successfully passed off something that is categorically haram as a viable option that is supported by the scholarly tradition! And then you can have a nice respectful conversation about the pros and cons of such alliances, solemnly nodding in agreement every few sentences. And everyone goes home thinking, “Wow, that was really respectful. All our community conversations should be like that!”

Little do they know that they have been victimized by the Overton Window. If you can control the bounds of acceptable debate, you give people the impression that you encourage dialogue and debate when, in reality, you are stifling it. The compassionate imam loudly insists that there is room to disagree on whether or not to support and ally with modern day Qawm Lut. This is like insisting that there is room for debate on whether or not to ally with a cancer invading your body. What?! Cancer certainly prefers we have respectful conversations about the pros and cons of allying with it as opposed to conversations about the best way to excise it.

So yes, the compassionate imam loudly insists that there is room to disagree on whether or not to support and ally with modern day Qawm Lut. But he will NEVER acknowledge room to disagree on whether or not to politically oppose it. He will never seriously propose organizing politically against it, allying with the “religious fundamentalists” against it, working “on the ground” and protesting against it. Those options are off the table because that contradicts FREEDOM AND TOLERANCE AND SOCIAL JUSTICE FOR ALL. Only bigots and hate mongers oppose LGBT rights, as the American elite tell us in no uncertain terms. So those positions, i.e., the correct positions, are never allowed into the “debate,” not on the compassionate imam’s watch.

And when the respectful conversation is over, the compassionate imam goes home and sleeps easy knowing that he left just enough room for Muslims to be rainbow-flag-waving Americans. You know. Real Americans. That’s all he had to do and he did it without anyone knowing the better.

But you know, dear reader. And Allah knows.


Several months after Qadhi and Suleiman’s mosque LGBTQ conference, an extreme pro LGBTQ Equality Act was passed by the US Supreme Court. We asked Qadhi and Suleiman some needed questions on this, given their focus on “LGBTQ civil rights.”

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Mufti adhd


You are amongst people of ahlul kufr.

You live in the era of Al Jami – yet you have not done uber or lyft and actually met people who you indirectly call cancer.

I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of folks from lgbqt community and they are innately empathetic spiritual and caring.

People like you are driving that population to mental health issues and resorting to underground after hour clubs and etc.

If you continue this up – mark my words – your efforts and activism will be done. ALLAH is Al Aleem coupled with all the attributes

Plus – you with your neurotypical ” farmer ” liners brain would have been a staunch ” suffer ” during time of SAWS. You would have not accepted the message .

Anyways – you are in a state of hell and disguising people.

Dont think Al Aleem and Al Khaibir is not well aware and acquainted .

Joshua Hart

Hey hold up now. No reason to be harsh to brother Daniel over here. The man just stated the obvious. Only a blind person (figuratively) doesn’t know what’s going on with these so called imams. Also, your remarks on the lbgt folks being compassionate was quite bad if you don’t mind me being blunt. A lot of folks act kind and try to politely convince you their manmade ideoligies. Doesn’t mean they’re right. Also, I don’t think they’d be compassionate after you tell them that their acts are point blank ‘haram’. Perhaps they were kind to you because they thought you were one of them. Allahu A’lam.

Ahlul Oy Veyim

“If you continue this up โ€“ mark my words โ€“ your efforts and activism will be done. ALLAH is Al Aleem coupled with all the attributes”

They cry out in pain as they strike you.

Good job Daniel

Pipe down you munafiq. You don’t submit your will to Al Aleem, you submit it to Al America. Jokes like you our living proof of the “lizard hole” hadith. LGBT are spiritual? In what sense, when they are in direct violation of the commands of Allah? Are there spiritual rapists too in your world?

Daniel, I commend you on your courage, integrity and intelligence. You are exactly what the American Muslim community needs in these times. People like you, Saajid Lipham and so on are indication that all is not lost for the Muslim youth in America. As an outside observer, I wish you all the best and pray that Allah continues to guide you and give you success.

Mufti adhd

InshaAllah let’s debate / dialogue via written letters or youtube.

Keep it real masalama

Troll Undisguised

Hey, this troll named Mufti …..Is no one but the same troll , uncouth and filthy, who used to spam the comments section with the name ALI. After being battered in comments,he just changed his troll name. Relax guys…..This guy is feather brained…


“I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of folks from lgbqt community and they are innately empathetic spiritual and caring.”
Mufti adhd February 13, 2020 at 7:31 pm

LOL. Amazing troll activity.


I think the guy might have been speaking in British sarcasm and jingoism.

Or maybe he was a poof.

Mufti adhd

No I am not a poof.

I learned faith from prophet muhammad SAWS in my dreams at the rawdah.

My mom is a martyr of makkah and buried with Khadijah RA in janatal Mawla.

I experienced Al Jami- The One who gathers , the All Embracing and the One who brings people together


Ok I take my words back. The guy’s a psycho, and a half.

Sheiking it down 4U

JazakumAllah khairan brother Daniel for calling out the enablers to disobedience to the Creator.

>I have spoken to hundreds and hundreds of folks from lgbqt community and they are innately empathetic spiritual and caring.

As the abnormal pack are biologically human & from a historically despised minority throughout most of time & space, they have human behaviors, & some may be pushed towards the extremes i.e. those you mentioned, plus not forgetting the opposites too.

Regarding empathy & caring, I am not so sure.
The core drive is derived from lust for flesh. This has led to excesses in behavior e.g. cattle market & highly competitive flirting peacock fashions & the targetted idolization to corrupt youthful fresh flesh & the dumping of the old, ugly & embittered elderly. Mental as well as physical problems are far more common than among the normal majority.

Regarding spirituality, that is the journey not the destination. What use is the vague term “spirituality” if it does not lead to obedience to the Creator instead of worshipping one’s own desires?

Here is a Christian highlighting just some of the harmful effects of adopting perversity.

There are some eye-opening brutally frank (& sickening) exposes of the reality for those who can stomach the truth, which I won’t link to save the innocent pure hearted majority.

138 IQ Guy

Most LGBT activists are atheists. Anyone who thinks atheists can be spiritual (sam harris) is deluded.

Spirituality is found in religion


For those who support LGBT. Allah says, “In their hearts is disease, and Allah increases their disease ….. Surah Al Baqarah. Read the translation of this surah. You will understand what is the truth. Dear Brothers and Sisters, Read the Quran and you will understand your religion. Minimise listening and accepting information given by people, even If it is myself. Just listen to your Lord, Allah only. Especially people of this age, a lot of them are still under colonialism of Americans. Remember these are people who destroyed the Red Indians and have no problems in invading other countries to enforce Democracy. And they say they are reformers but we already know what Allah says in Surah Al Baqarah. They are nothing but corrupters. They invaded Iraq pretending they had WMDs and I have no idea what they are doing in Afghanistan, Somalia and others. They let Israel commit crimes on the Palestinians and occupy them, yet they don’t stop them. But Allah has given each and every one of us eyes. So for those who see, they discern the truth. And for those who overlook (or pretend not see), they only lie to themselves. Indeed, in the end we will all be accountable to our deeds.

And my Lord (Allah) knows best.

Your Brother Mohamed from Kenya

Ahlul Oy Veyim

“Innately spiritual” = POZZED orgies and rectum fisting with all the substance abuse in the world coupled with every STD in the universe.

“Innately caring” = Flaunting their gentials unapologetically and indiscriminately to all on PRIDE days, coupled with all the foul smells and behavior induced by drugs and alcohol.

May Allah SWT give all of your offspring LGBTQism hindering their further propagation and accelarate their exit from this community with all the detrimental social, mental, and health issues that come with it. Maybe each and everyone of them become part of this “wounderful and amazing” people. May He SWT increase it a thousand folds.

Jump of a tall building.



This comment contains something extremely problematic, Mufti ADHD is someone I know and has struggled with mental health issues after the passing of his mom. NEVER tell somebody to kill themself ie. “Jump of a tall building”. Because if he did in a state of mental illness you may bear the sin in that.
Otherwise, you can disagree on issues BUT DONT EVER ENCOURAGE SUICIDE but realize that some people online may say things you disagree with but are not mentally stable.

Ahlul Oy Veyim

Cool story bro.

The guy made takfir on the brother, you both can jump off a tall building holding hands wearing rainbow capes.

Mufti adhd

If you know me how about telling everyone following :
1. I left ” islam ” and now consider myself an ADHD Unitarian universalist
2. I am a hajji
3. I coordinated programs with people like mufti Kamani , shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda, etc
4. I launched a prison outreach program in so cal
5. My mom was misdiagnosed with black magic and bipolar/ manic when I was young
6. You forgot to tell them she had her worst psychotic episode during summer of 07 in the holy land
7. Why not share with them how she passed ?
8. Tell them how I won Quran competition before
9. Tell them how I use to rally people to help the needy and poor
10. And when did mental health issues start ?

I have no idea who you are but if you know me I think you could have done a much better job explaining who I am

Anyways I am not longer part of any muslim community and yes – I have been observing shaykh Danny Boy.

And mark my words – this Harvard man mashAllah – he has nothing on me in regards to dawah.


Mufti adhd

May Allah make your children jewel amongst the worshippers and reflect the divine attributes to creation.

I advise you to listen to seerah and see how SAWS attitude towards offspring of others – taif and ikrimah ibn abi jahl and a good example.

Stop limiting Allah SWT in a box .

Ahlul Oy Veyim

Ameen…and may they shine so bright with imaan that it blinds every dayooth enabler like you, stopping you from crippling this Ummah with your preaching tolerance of degenerates.

Prostitutes, pimps, casino owners, casting couch pornographers, drug peddlers all of them act nice, smile, and understanding. They all do that for you to lower your guards before they can exploit you. And every bedazzled wide eye emotionally active fool like you fall for it.

It takes the serious, committed, firm, adults, no room for any slippage type members of a community to keep fools like you in check. All it takes is for one member of the family to slip and allow the wolves in sheep clothing in. You types are that kind.

These people have mental health issues from the start, and instead of helping them with what is RIGHT and what is WRONG, society has become complicit in their crises under the banner of tolerance and understanding. We scold children for putting their fingers in their noses as something disgusting, nasty, unhygienic…yet are to stand by and tolerate, show understanding to grown adults who crave violating each others poopers as some sort of sane normal activity?!?! Its one thing if they did their own thing, its another when they try to get you to accept it and not have a logical and reasonable opinion that its abhorrent, disgusting, unhygienic, counter productive to the entire process of biological reproduction.

Mufti ADHD

And daniel, I am going to create a youtube track about why you are deficient in your understanding of Allah SWT and deen. I will release it by next Friday inshaAllah .

Look out for it and hope your kids are doing well



“You are amongst people of ahlul kufr” careful on making takfir on baseless grounds. Daniel has not said anything that amounts to kufr.

“People like you are driving that population to mental health issues and resorting to underground after hour clubs and etc.” I would actually argue that it’s the other way around. Once a person decides to violate one of Allah’s laws then he loses some of the hayaa and shame (part of firta) that defends from other sins. Homosexuality is an act of rebellion so Gays have no problem with other forms of deviancy and degeneracy (drugs, orgies, short term relationships etc).



I agree with you that those you compassionately call “compassionate imams” (whom I bluntly call disbelieving munafiqin), employ a LOT of double-speak and equivocation.

In fact those are their actual tools of the trade, and the Quran & Hadith attest to it.

My issue (or a request for clarification, to be ‘compassionate’ ๐Ÿ™‚ ) with you on this article is this:

I agreed with you all the way until you said: “^^ all the things needed to reassure the captive audience that they are orthodox and righteous imams.”

However, what you say after that is not really very clear. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t disagree, and I see your point that forming alliances with the LGBT lobby is haram. But your article misses two key things:

1. Life as a Muslim minority in Dar Al-Harb and the rulings for it
2. What is your proposed solution to the problem of the “compassionate imam” – what should the real imam do to undo the damage done by the compassionate imam and in a way that is viable to Muslim minorities in the US/West?


Let us first address the Jewish aspect that you mentioned, and then come back to what I think may be lacking in your this particular article (to be honest, I think you can do much better than that).

The Jews are an ethnicity, as well as a body of people following a particular religion. They’re a people with TWO defining attributes, not one.

We Muslims too agree with the ethnicity part, as they’re called “Bani Israil” in our “Muslim tradition” (as the munafiq imams say).

So it is well possible for a (ethnically) Jewish person to renounce his Jewish religion and deem adultery and homosexuality as morally acceptable. He’d not be Jewish in religion, but he’s still be Jewish in ethnicity, and can still lay claims against you for anti-Semitism should you so engage in it.

It’s simply not a logical contradiction for a person to be an atheist Jew!

For us on the other hand, we can’t possibly have murtad Muslims or atheist Muslims. You’re either one or the other.

We Muslims have only ONE defining attribute – Islam. It doesn’t matter if we’re black or white or brown or from this or that family background. If a person accepts & follows Islam, he’s Muslim.

So why do I point out the obvious?

Because you very rightly pointed out the Jewish model of success in American societies that Muslims wanted to emulate.

Our beloved social elites and “community leaders” didn’t see that the Jews can pretty much join any ideological/religious movement (feminist, LGBT, pro-life, pro-choice, liberals, conservatives, etc.), and also do their lobbying with the powers that be as an ethnicity.

Our job was/is actually easier to be honest. We didn’t have to join any ideological movement that contradicts Islamic beliefs. We just had to organize a lobbying force for our interests.

It would be naive to think we can form our own Islamic political party based solely on Islamic values and it will gather any meaningful political influence or votes in the larger scheme of things. Therefore, lobbying for our interests as Muslims based on our values is a better and more viable option for us than being involved with political or ideological movements directly.

Alas, our “community leaders” were too busy trying to prove themselves as “the most American of all Americans who ever Americaned”.

Ironically, they should take a leaf out of the gays’ own book and learn a thing or two from them. They gays are a lobbying force who are only concerned with their ideology and interests, not politically aligned with any other party or ideology.

Our so called leaders think being carried like a janaza on the shoulders of the gay lobby will win them something! Astaghfirullah. There are no shortcuts. We need to do our own lobbying.

Anyway, we are in here and now. No lobbying power. Being carried like dead bodies on the shoulders of gays, republicans, democrats, feminists, whoever else. So much for trying to copy-paste the Jewish blueprint for success onto Muslims!


Coming back to the issues of the “compassionate imam.”

I’ve told you previously too, from a mathematician to a physicist, spreadsheets help.

It will be good to tabulate the issues, the actions of the compassionate imam, and what Muslims ***really*** need from ***real imams***, in three different columns, in an easy to read infographic or a table.

By the way, don’t forget that the “compassionate imam” is already way ahead of you on “fiqh of minorities” and he knows all the real or perceived “ikhtilaf’s that need to be respected” and so on.

So your proposed solution must be in conjunction with a real imam and a direct anti-dote to the poison of the compassionate imam within the context of the geo-political realities of where you live/west in general. That will be much better for your audience and won’t leave them groping in the dark at the very end of your article.

Hope you see this as friendly constructive criticism.


Brother Daniel, I know it is hard to do, because you want to debate them and put some sense in their brains/heart, but I take this from Allah โ€œูˆูŽุนูุจูŽุงุฏู ุงู„ุฑูŽู‘ุญู’ู…ูŽูฐู†ู ุงู„ูŽู‘ุฐููŠู†ูŽ ูŠูŽู…ู’ุดููˆู†ูŽ ุนูŽู„ูŽู‰ ุงู„ู’ุฃูŽุฑู’ุถู ู‡ูŽูˆู’ู†ู‹ุง ูˆูŽุฅูุฐูŽุง ุฎูŽุงุทูŽุจูŽู‡ูู…ู ุงู„ู’ุฌูŽุงู‡ูู„ููˆู†ูŽ ู‚ูŽุงู„ููˆุง ุณูŽู„ูŽุงู…ู‹ุงโ€ Surat Furqan 25-63. And this dunya is indeed the furqan Subhanallah. May Allah Protect you and Protect your family and all the mumineen Aameen

Look up to the Jews? The successful Jews didnt get there by “keeping it kosher”. Which means that these careers and success chasing Muslims wont be keeping it halal.

Makes sense.

Mufti adhd

Danie boy is a kaafir I will killin in debate

One love

Ahlul Oy Veyim

I have a few terms, you are Al Degenerate carrying al-STDs and al-AIDS and hopefully you can catch Al Cancer and die Al Painful Death.

Then we will Al Spit On Your Grave and Al Break Dance doing the Al Nay Nay out of there.

You sound like a fagg*t trying too hard to pass as a Muslim with all your terms. You are also very bad at it troll.

Take your meds and overdose on it.



LOL!!! This troll is a bone smoker for real. I love you for the sake of Allah(swt). Keep speaking the haq!

Mufti adhd

Okay me calling shaykh danny boy a kaafir – it is metaphorical . He does not deny Allah and key principles of islam.

However – he denies certain attributes of Allah in relation to other attributes

When we perceive a threat – blood vessels towards stomach constrict. That’s al Qabid. However we also experience Al Basit. Blood vessels towards heart and skeletal muscles widens.

We need to reflect that Allah created the DNA – not scientists. Complementary strands

We are all interconnected and come from Allah.

Ar Rahman also carries meaning of Womb.

Ahlul Oy Veyim

Take your meds.

Mufti adhd

@ahlul oy veyim

You sound british

Mufti adhd

@daniel : you are deficient in deen because you dont understand Al Aleeem and the brains of the recipients of the message.

Plus you are too scared to dialogue with mufti abu layth.

You will be in prison in hereafter – and your teacher will be the female infant that was buried alive.

Wallahi SAWS approved unless you make a holistic effort to change.

Mufti adhd

Plus it seems like you have a school boy crush on linda sarsour and all those people lol.

You can’t promote your views without naming people.

And yes been diagnosed with bipolar PTSD multiple personality AND I once gave a islam 101 presentation and read shaykh salman odah letter.

I got holistic healing from dr Mohammed ali MD and I learned faith from man that conducted muhammad ali funeral

Danny boy !!!! If you dont turn back and repent – whewwwww boy just wait my friend just wait.

Mufti ADHD is an idea generator and beloved to his people.

One love


Ah yes, the smell of homophobia in the morning.

The fact that homosexuality is ‘categorically haram’ only means that Islam, however understood is wrong–not that homosexuality is wrong

You’re an adult. Time to grow up


Sounds like the stench of homophelia coming from your distended rectum. Time to stop playing with your feces and grow up.


Here is yet another example of the lgbt crew creating confusion, this time on the Corona virus pandemic:


This whole thread is sad!


Munafiq Abu Layth,
Had it not been for the story of Pharaoh mentioned in the Qur’an, we would have been hearing from this munafiq that he died a martyr drowning in defense of his homeland while going after terrorists

Noddiu Notim

What I see here is Islam is clearly against LGBT rights. Its almost a homophobic ideology. It also demeans human rights. Doesnt it cause islamophobia?


Those who agree with homosexuality today will be the first to agree and promote incest and beastiality tomorrow!


Assalamualaikum. I was hoping you could answer my question. I have a cousin who calls herself a feminist, and alhamdullilah she at least doesn’t condone the extreme form of feminism where female imams should be introduced etc. But she still has these ideas of advocating for the lgbtq community, while she agrees that it is haram. I myself am a bit confused about the extent of the rights that muslims can afford to advocate for the lgbtq. For example, if someone is barred from housing on the basis of being homosexual for example, or beaten up for it etc. I would assume that as muslims our stance would be that no human should be treated that way. But we wouldn’t say “no lgbtq person should be treated that way”. Or is silence in that matter required islamically? I guess my question would be how exactly muslims are supposed to deal with the lgbtq community from a political standpoint? What rights do we stand up for in terms of justice, and which ones do we deny?

A Muslim from The Big Rotting Apple (NYC)

TL;DR Humans are humans regardless, but their sins can be opposed. Sometimes silence is the best answer.

I would say that it is a little bit difficult to find naseeha like that from the comments section of any article or youtube video, as you can probably see above, where there is a lot of trolling. I would recommend talking to a scholar you can trust, and as long as you understand what they are saying has no contradictions to Islam, you can take that advice and go with it.

Now I can’t say what is allowed Islamically, since I am not a Mufti or a scholar of deen. But what I can say is that personally, while I would defend a person’s right to dignity and honor, which is to say that they do not get assaulted or attacked. However, if they decide that they want people to accept their sexuality as something that people accept without question (some people can hardly accept the right of Black people to be who they are without fear or harrassment), that we cannot accept, and we need to remain silent at the least, and make clear to those getting swayed by this movement that the people of Qawm lut are not to be supported in their wrongdoing.

As a Muslim, I will support the right of a human to be treated as a human, but I will make it clear that homosexuality is something that cannot be publicly advocated for, and I would do that by telling others to not support any LGBTQ platform, and to fight for human justice and dignity, not their right to do a major sin. Sometimes, silence is the best answer, since no one can skewer you for not supporting a group.


Thats why we need a Caliphate. Under a Caliphate we could punish the Homosexuals and have no problems about people beating and abusing these people because the law of Allah will reign supreme. But in a Kufr state we cannot punish them so that we can get rid of the disease, and we cannot defend them because it will send a negative message that we support them and we do not. That is the problem in living in a democracy.


Nahiem Ajmal, 35, oka Mufti Abu Layth, was arrested by officers from West Midlands Police. He has appeared in court charged with possessing extreme pornography.