Let’s Not Forget What China Is Doing to the Uighurs

Back in December 2018, my wife and I were traveling from Indonesia to the United States. It was the happiest day of our lives, second only to our wedding day as her immigrant visa to move to United States was finally approved. Nothing could’ve made it a bad experience for us.

Or so we thought.

We had an 8-hour layover in Beijing, China and we planned to spend much of that time in the international zone just sitting and talking as we waited for our connecting flight. What we didn’t know was what was about to happen at the entry point to the international zone.

As we entered into the queue to scan our passports to enter the zone, some of the other people flying were having trouble scanning their passports on the machine. One guy even allegedly muttered under his breath, “Man, f*** China.”

No one else heard him say this, but that was supposedly the moment one of the guards went absolutely berserk. The guard started ranting out loud saying nonsense about how he has no right to say that and ended with, “You think you can come into our country and say that about China?! No entry to the international zone!”

So this tourist and the woman who was with him were barred from entering the international zone because they spoke ill of China. The woman tried to stay calm and repeatedly asked to speak to someone in charge but got no answer. I was so angry at the sight of this but I was worried that if I said anything I’d make it worse. As I began to go into the international zone I stopped and asked if the woman was okay to which she replied in the negative. I simply told her to be strong and to trust in God’s plan. But there wasn’t much else I could do.

There were a few things I learned that day, though.

I had heard previously that China was oppressing and killing Muslims, especially the Uighurs. Specifically, China forbids fasting in Ramadan, forces Muslim women to marry Chinese men, monitors Uighur homes by placing Chinese agents to live with Muslim families, and even worse, imprisons Muslims in concentration camps where they’re subject to torture, killing, and indoctrination.

With all that China was doing to an innocent Muslim population, I never could grasp why China would do that. Well, when I saw how the Chinese guard became irate over one small utterance of something he considered rude to his country, the answer hit me like a rock: Nationalism. That’s what made this guard feel so offended. And that’s what makes the Chinese government feel so threatened by Islam and Muslims.

Believe it or not, I used to teach English online for a Chinese company that taught Chinese students. And in my experience there, I had seen some traces of this nationalistic influence even in the training stages. But it never really occurred to me that that was what it was until I saw that outburst with my own eyes at the airport in Beijing.

China is a communist nation and became that way in 1946. Communism is a destructive and morally reprehensible system. It’s an economic and political framework where wealth is (theoretically) distributed equally to all citizens. In order to do this, though, communism requires a centralized economy where just about everything is government controlled: Wealth, daily life, infrastructure, and virtually everything else.

It might sound good in theory to have all a nation’s wealth equally distributed, but communism also comes with two very reprehensible requirements: Nationalism and anti-theism. These are two things heavily emphasized in China. You must swear allegiance to the communist party and to your country as if they were gods. The Chinese government aims to indoctrinate this into people because it breeds absolute obedience to the ruling party.

And communism also requires atheism. The father of communism, Karl Marx, maintained that religion is like an opiate for the masses. Capitalist rulers use religion to keep the population sedated while they profit off their labor. In this way, according to Marx, religion is merely a capitalist deception used to trick people into believing their toil has a higher, noble purpose, rather than simply meaningless labor for the sole purpose of enriching the upper economic classes. For this reason, religion must be abolished. This anti-theistic program was more than just theory. Under communist rule, nations like the USSR, China, and Albania massacred millions of Christians and Muslims and destroyed countless churches and mosques throughout the bulk of the 20th century.

Of course, more recently, China has intensified its anti-religion program by focusing on Islam and Uighurs.

China‘s endgame is to be the dominant world superpower. This is also why when this COVID-19 pandemic started there, they felt compelled to deny it by claiming the virus was created by the United States government. Rather than admit its own guilt, China instead tries to salvage its influence in the world by saying they had no role in the creating a pandemic.

And the sad reality is that China is already making headway with its goals of becoming the dominant world superpower. Many countries owe money to China that they cannot repay. As these nations default on their loans to China, China claims control over their national assets. These include highways, airports, infrastructure, etc.

Islam is one of the few things that stands in the way of China’s goals. This is why China feels so compelled to suppress Islam’s influence in China and elsewhere. It is in clear contrast to the nationalistic and anti-theistic ideologies China has worked so hard to spread. And even with the COVID-19 pandemic, China has not let up its oppression of Muslims. Some reports have indicated that China is even harvesting organs of Uighurs to meet the growing demand for medical organ transplants.

So what can we do now that we know this? We need to speak up about China’s oppression of the Uighurs. We need to let the world know that communism is still a big threat that didn’t die out when the Cold War ended. But most importantly, we need to continue and ramp up our efforts to educate people about Islam. We need to ramp our efforts to give dawah by calling the people to Islam. The world needs Islam! Not only is it the truth, it also benefits humanity and is the only way to establish justice throughout the world.

Tarek Al-Ameriki blogs at Dailybitoftruth.com.

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Ramadan Kareem!

OK. So no one’s a fan of the Chinese here. I still remember the Tiananmen Square episode during my younger years.

They are neither the softest of regimes nor are they the most transparent.


The entire atrocities-on-the-Uighur narrative is being pushed by the western media. I’m by no means suggesting it’s false or cooked up. The issue was going on since much before, but for some reason western media is popularizing it more since 2019 (if at all), after they’ve had a belly full of their own “war on terror”, “de-radicalization” and “assimilation” of Muslims after 911.

Kind of reminds me of “those evil communists” and the west’s full-fledged support for the Afghan Mujahideen back in the day.

Will we see a newfound love for Islam and Muslims and a support for legitimate, west-compliant jihad against the Chinese – by the western powers – what now that the evil Chinese have also introduced the coronavirus as a biological warfare against the rest of the world?!

We need to watch this issue very carefully and not be led like sheep into the nefarious objectives of the western empire. No point for us Muslims to be caught in the crossfire between two evil empires.

Again, by no means am I suggesting we consider this as fiction or ignore this issue.

Just saying that if politics was a game, it’s about time we had our own team, and played our own game, rather than unwittingly cheering from the sidelines for one or the other empire, or for the left or right of the same empire!

Allah help us.

a muslimah

That was beautifully put bro..

Kaz An

So what if it’s being pushed by the west. The shame of it is that Muslims are silent on the biggest atrocitie being committed today. So what if they west have an agenda at least they are not silent like the muslims and muslims even signed support for Chinese commiting genocide in occupied East Turkistan. Treat it by what it is a brutal colonisation of Muslim land and dont use this as an opportunity to bash the west at the expense of Uyghurs.
Imagine any muslims responding as such if Chinese were israelis. Would the response be the same.

a muslimah

Dear brother Daniel
While I do agree with you, i want to give my 2 cents. You are putting it way too simply. There is a much bigger picture which involves many other powers. Lets not forget US Israel India..In fact in my humble opinion these are just facades coz in reality the world is being run from behind the shadows by people way powerful. The ones on the top of the pyramid. Their sole aim is to destroy humanity. After all they serve iblees directly, and iblees is the worst enemy of humanity irrespective of their religion n ethnicity. Divide and rule, induce hatred on the basis of nationalism,religion, ethnicity and so on are the best tools to keep humanity busy amongst themselves while iblees and those serving him can get away with everything. And today we are standing at a point where it seems too late coz the damage has been done.
Unfortunately we muslims are in the same boat of ignorance. We fought among ourselves to prove whose creed and understanding is better. I am not saying that is not important. But I somehow feel we spent too much time debating these issues while the enemies reached a level where they are literally in control of the whole world. And its gonna get worst. You mentioned Uighers and the treatment metted out to them, I have a feeling that Orwellian state is coming to US sooner or later. Agenda 21, agenda 2030, vaccines, digital ids, RFID chips etc are in the pipeline. We had slept way too long to see where we are heading. Humanity has been under massive attack since a long time now. Our air, water, food, medicines ,vaccines all pumped with najis toxins . While we were busy fighting among ourselves. If only we could still be an ummah despite the differences, things could have been better. Well maybe that is how it was meant to be. I hope we wake up now at least.


Whilst there is oppression done to the Uighur Muslims, one must note that Hui and Han Muslims are not receiving such treatment. Secondly a lot of the resistance movement in East Turkestan has covert links to NATO/CIA. China knows this and is very harsh against them. I can understand this. Should East Turkestan become independent, it would turn into a US military base just like Bosnia. And this would be an existential threat to China and Russia.
We live in an age of great deception. The Gog and Magog led Modern West played with Muslim sentiments in the Yugoslavian war and actually stirred up hate between Christian and Muslim for their benefit. They did the same and supported neokharijis in Chechyna who killed many Muslims in the late 90’s/early 2000s. I cannot believe as a young man I morally supported these blood thirsty CIA trained Saudi financed stooges! They did this again in Libya and Iraq with ISIS [This time around I was older and understood the nefarious games]. They are now doing the same with the Uighurs.
Be careful Muslims. I personally would not support a Muslim movement that had links to CIA and covert NATO agencies. The Uighurs need to stop taking help from the CIA, this would help ease the oppression on them by China.

Ercan Er

Errant boys of Iblees are on the action as always have been. Being aware of autrocities against Muslims all over the earth is no problem, problem is our lack of power to respond effectively. We need more political and militaristical power and that power has a cost, morally. Turkey for example is willing to take up the task but to do it, it let’s to be run as a secular country so it won’t attrack so much attention like Afghanistan or Iran also let’s the income inequality grow limitlessly so some people can have enough monetary power to fund futuristic militaristic projects like BAYKAR and TUSAŞ etc.
Still even this low profile approach gathers unwanted attention of the west. What really worse is nationalism’s rise in Muslims countries as well which is hindering our Muslim bonds to be solidify and instead leads to antagonism expecially between Turkey and Arab countries.