9/11 and Covid: Will Muslims Lead or Fall Prey Again?

I think we are way past discussing efficacy of lockdown. Every day, more and more have realized that it was and continues to be an insane, disastrous policy. And those who haven’t realized it yet, will soon enough, though they won’t admit it.

So let’s just put that issue aside and take stock of where we are.

Prior to today’s hysteria, the most consequential global event in my lifetime thus far was 9/11. The pre-9/11 world was nothing like the post-9/11 version.

At the time, the average person had no clue how significantly the world was going to change. It only became apparent 1 or 2 years after the fact. At that point, people started to recognize that the wool had been pulled over their eyes by a government that quickly acted to institute wide-ranging policies giving themselves and their corporate partners more power, more money, and more control. Everything from the Patriot Act to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq on completely fabricated pretenses, to a media industry that pumped out anti-Islam, anti-Muslim propaganda 24/7.

The Muslim community in the West was immediately hit even before the invasions began. The FBI and other agencies in the US, for example, began rounding up imams, deporting some, detaining others, and prosecuting others on bogus terrorism charges. Sadly, the response from many in the community was to look away and disassociate. Better to stay quiet and not risk putting one’s neck on the line. A small group actually joined those agencies and their proxies and were deputized to police the community and/or spread “moderate Islam.” Some of those figures are still operating today in prominent positions in celebrity Muslim orgs, their shameful history and associations carefully hidden, as they continue peddling “moderate Islam,” “compassionate Islam,” etc.

Young Muslims nowadays find it hard to understand why a scholar or imam would “sell out.” The reality is, this post 9/11 onslaught on the community by Western governments was extremely traumatizing.

Don’t get me wrong. I am the last person to justify selling out. But that has been our situation. A more extreme version of this happens in most Muslim countries. If you are going to stand for haqq and you have any sort of following, expect harassment from government agencies. And this is the kind of harassment that not only threatens you, but also your whole family. This is extreme pressure.

Sadly, we didn’t really see much vocal Muslim organizing on the communal level against the US government until around 2006 or 2007, about 5 years after the fact. And even then, it wasn’t Muslims leading the outcry against the Bush government. Rather, the liberal establishment at that time began to increasingly question the “Global War on Terror” (though they were fully onboard just a few years prior and had been instrumental in creating complete political consensus on all Bush’s “anti-terror” policies). So many Muslims who were afraid to speak out before found an opportunity to be brave activists once the liberal mainstream gave them the cushioning to comfortably do so.

Arguably, it wasn’t until liberal academics started using the term “islamophobia” that that concept was adopted by Muslim activists. It’s hard to imagine now, but today’s hyperfocus on islamophobia was no where to be found10 to 15 years ago. Outside a handful of notable exceptions, there were virtually no masjid events protesting the “islamophobic media” or khutbahs on the Patriot Act. To speak out on these things meant going against the establishment and was seen as everything from low brow to baseless conspiracy theorizing to “being an extremist” sympathetic to terrorists. So many just kept their mouths shut and focused on teaching peace, tolerance, mercy, and coexistence. That was the birth of the “compassionate,” watered down version of Islam being peddled to this day. Once the left wing began fighting against the establishment on the “War on Terror” and some Muslims figured out that such activism could be quite lucrative, then and only then did they start marching and protesting, etc. And the mark of their insincerity was the fact that the left wing also marched for LGBT rights, so of course the brave Muslim activists made it a part of their cause too, calling it an “ijtihadi issue,” or at the very least, stayed silent lest they run afoul of the establishment narrative and lose money, popularity, or both.

So all that was with 9/11. But this so-called pandemic is shaping up to be far more consequential. What governments are trying to do now in the name of “public health” makes the excesses of post-9/11 government crackdown look like child’s play.

Health administrators and government officials talking to mainstream media are openly suggesting complete population surveillance. Already, tech giants like Google have been sharing all of our movement/location data with the government. It’s not even a secret. They are open about doing so because they know most people have completely lost any sense of the right to privacy and won’t protest. They are proposing mandatory vaccination of whatever vaccine is developed. They are proposing limiting our movement based on vaccination. Just watch any of the mainstream news outlets and these measures are being openly discussed. Tech giants are also censoring and shutting down any online content that questions this pro-control narrative. The Atlantic even put out an essay recently arguing that the world needs to adopt China’s surveillance and population control strategies.

Everything is justified on the basis of “public health,” and sadly, too many uncritically accept this obvious manipulation.

And the effect on Muslims is just beginning. You think that masjids being closed, umrah shut down, tarawih and eid salat cancelled, etc., are bad? What if this becomes the new normal?

Ultimately, what will all this mean? Allah knows best. But we have seen all of this before. The same script. Are we going to repeat the same mistakes?

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Brother, it heartens me to know that you have maintained a critical outlook on this event.

It saddens me deeply to see so many Muslims buy into something that fundamentally compromises our foundational feature of community and more specifically communal worship.

Allah states that his deen stands in contrast to falsehood. Following the deen would stand in contrast to false practice. If we persisted with following Allahs guidance we would have shown this falsehood up without having to learn epidemiology/virology/data science. Alhamdullilah muslims in the developing world (Bangladesh, Pakistan, the sahel) pushed back and forced the lockdown to end and are able to perform communal prayers and their case fatality numbers are still relatively low two weeks on (so called incubation period ). And that’s with body to body contact and poor healthcare.

This reimagining of the world in the image of corporate/financial/religious supremacist/technocrats, shows just how flimsy customs derived from men are and why we need to hold on to our Islamic customs steadfastly which stands in contrast to this inhumane “new normal”. Values muslims were being bombed over only recently are relinquished so readily in the name of fear and “science”.

Science is a methodology used for hypothesis driven experimenting to understand observations, something missing in this current “science” which is used purely as a diktat rather than a theory to be rigorously tested. Our rich contributions to this field, which frankly served as a precursor to modern science shouldn’t be lost on us here.

Thank you again brother. Inshallah I can contribute more to your blogs more often.


Much-awaited piece! Jazak Allahu Khair.

Umm Umar

May Allah reward you for having the courage to speak out what is HAQQ. In today’s world even the scholars don’t have the courage to do that , let alone most people.

It is SO refreshing to see that we have muslims who are capable of critical thinking and seeing past the lies they feed us!!

Doing ever stop being a voice for the truth , whatever the cost may be. Allah is with the truthful and brave!

a muslimah

Oh brother Daniel
Finally someone speaks and as usual its none other than you, who speaks the truth irrespective what anyone says or thinks. We need more scholars like you.
I know of Dr. Israr, Sheikh Imran Hossein and Sheikh Hamza Yusuf who always spoke about the dajjalic system.
you are so right in saying things as they are. I recently had an oppur to watch a doc on vaccines and although I had been into alternative healing since the past 4 years, it was an eye opener. It boiled my blood how are kids are nothing more than guinea pigs for these bloodthirsty psychos. Haraam is being directly injected in the bloodstreams of infants and no muslim doctor even bothers to read the inserts. No scholar speaks about it. They grow the vaccines in human fetal cells that is altering the DNA ‘s of humans. The corona vaccine they are working on is also grown in fetal cells and they wanna mandate it. They are passing an Act HR666 TRACE Act where they are going to test every person for this virus and if anyone tests positive with this fake test maybe removed from the house. They want to take our children away from us literally. There a war on our kids and we muslims are sleeping. This is utterly disappointing. Infact the worst part is the religious segment, that totally refuses to use their mind, think and question and literally believe the MSM version like Quran and hadees(aoozubillah). When we are bombarded with these toxins in our bodies, will it not effect the spiritual aspect. How can scholars not know this till now. In Malaysia I believe they banned MMR vaccines as it contains haram ingredients. We take so much care about halal and haraam and what we eat. But haram inject directly in the bloodstream which is a closed system, and no one knows about it. Now wonder we muslims are where we are today. We slept and fought among ourselves. We need to WAKE UP and STAND FOR TRUTH…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH


As-Salaam-Alaikum brother Daniel,you hit the nail every time. But this particular piece touched my heart profoundly. I have been of this opinion since the very start of this whole thing. May Allah help you. Ameen

Al Mostafa

9/11 was false flag operation orchestrated by figures in the Bush Administration (Dick Cheney), the CIA, and the MOSSAD in order to advance the Zionist agenda in the Middle East. There is no “War on Terror”, it’s a war on Islam.

John Mason

It was luck that hundreds of Jewish people did not show up to work that day.
It was propaganda to believe how Bedouins could manage flying aircraft into towers.
The Jewish Zionists are thirsting for war with the Islamic world.