The Trickiest Atheist Argument [Video]


Atheists have a lot of tricky arguments against religion but one particular argument has gotten a lot of traction on social media because of figures like Richard Dawkins and Ricky Gervais. The argument goes like this:

“We are all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has ever believed in. Atheists just go one god further.”

In a viral video British comedian Ricky Gervais goes on a talk show with Christian Stephen Colbert and what Ricky Gervais said to Colbert was the following:


What makes this argument effective in the age of social media and two hundred eighty characters and clickbait is that it’s a short argument that sounds clever and it has a sort of “gotcha” quality to it. Unfortunately on social media that’s really all you need, even if you have a completely moronic argument. So how do you respond to this argument?

Some theists will try to write a long drawn-out essay about the human condition and the nature of belief and on and on and on. It doesn’t matter how good your argument is, it’s not going to be effective in the social media context where, remember, people have very short attention spans and the nature of the beast is that the more that you speak and the more words that you use, the less convincing you’re going to sound to that audience. When the Atheist has an argument that sounds clever, is a “gotcha” in just one sentence or two sentences, then you have to match that if you want to be convincing. if one side uses a meme, you have to have an even better meme. If one side has a “gotcha,” you have to have an even better “gotcha.” To respond with a long drawn-out essay is just not going to be effective.

So what is an effective way to respond to this? If an atheist comes to you and says that we’re all atheists about most of the gods that humanity has believed in. Atheists just go one God further, don’t panic. Just look him in the eye and say that well:

“We are all vegans when it comes to not eating most animal products. Vegans just go a few animal products further.”

Or how about:

“We are all Amish when it comes to not using most of the technology humanity has ever invented. Amish just go a few technological devices further.”

Or how about this:

“We are all flat-earthers when it comes to rejecting most of the models of the universe humanity has ever produced. Flat-earthers just go one cosmological models further.”

In the words of Ricky Gervais, scientists believe in one model of the earth and the solar system, of a round earth revolving around the Sun but there have been many models of the solar system or of the earth geocentric, Ptolemaic, so on and so forth. There have been many different models so scientists today reject all of those models except one and flat earthers just go one model further.

So imagine a Flat Earther using this kind of argument to justify his flat eartherism. We would immediately recognize it for being completely and totally ridiculous but this is exactly the type of argument that Richard Dawkins or Ricky Gervais and other atheists are using.

When you respond like this, you demonstrate the inherent absurdity of the atheists argument and when it comes to arguments, it’s a thousand times better to demonstrate the incoherence of an argument as opposed to explaining it. If you can demonstrate it, that’s going to be much better, it’s gonna be much more convincing and compelling to your audience on social media.

We could spend a lot more time dissecting and analyzing this argument but I want to take my own advice and keep this video as short as possible. If you have ideas for how to effectively and concisely dismantle this atheistic argument, then please leave comments below.

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Al Gazel

Assalaamu Alaikum

An old(ish) 30 sec refutation from William Lane Craig


Atheists, like Gervais, are unintentionally revealing their extremism (atheism in itself is a form of extremism). Those that believe in many gods are extreme in exaggeration, those that believe in none are extreme in negation. Although both their position seem miles apart they are actually very much alike. Atheists have to attribute sifaat that belong to Allah to the individual humanbeing – so every human basically becomes his own god. Thus, the saying: i don’t believe in God I believe in myself. The openly mushrik might believe in a few, hunderds or thousands of gods. Atheists believe in more than 7 billion.

Habib Bekri

Assalamu Aleikum,
Thank you for you video. I might add to what you have said, one simple answer: all of these 2999 gods that Gervais say we all reject are not gods with regards to our definition of God, as they cannot create, but are created. They cannot be put at the same level as Allah who is The Creator of The Universe.


Actually that’s not a tricky argument at all for Muslims who know the sciences of ^aqidah and kalam.

The primary attribute by which we know Allah is as our Creator. We can’t deny our own existence or the existence of the universe. So it all goes back to the origin of the universe and us. This is invoked in the Quran too.

What the atheist is effectively saying is that the universe created itself. They’re really saying that the universe is its own god.

Actually the atheists say that literally, not effectively. There’s a whole truckload of utter gibberish in the book ‘Cosmology For The Curious’ by Delia Perlov and Alex Vilenkin in Chapters 22 and 23. The now dead physical wreck and the emotional misfit, Stephen Hawking too said just that in his book ‘The Grand Design’ (en. ). It’s all media circus.

Useless imbeciles like Khizr Khan, Malala and Hawking are made into celebrities and stars overnight by media hype. Just try calling Hawking a physical and mental retard in “academic” circles! They don’t believe in Allah, but they want you to be “moral” and worry about feelings. Why worry about a bunch of useless biochemical reactions and physical processes?! That’s what they believe the universe and us to be, right?

Anyway, the atheist’s idiotic belief can be made into a sound byte or a meme a tweet – that he believes the universe to be its own creator and god! Add any spice or spin to it to induce your ‘gotcha’.

(Just be very careful, the smart argument, meme, etc. should be centered on ***the atheist’s*** belief. Don’t speak nonsense about Allah or His Prophet or our ^aqidah, even when you want to sarcastically trap the atheist, or you may utter kufr unintentionally, may Allah safeguard our faiths.)

Joel Kurtzhalts

Well, I personally see 2 problems with this atheist comment.

1) the word ‘atheist’ is being used equivocally. The term ‘atheist’, according to the Cambridge dictionary, means ‘a person who does not believe in any God or gods’. So, someone who believes in *a* god is not an atheist according to this definition. Now, you could redefine the term ‘atheist’ to mean ‘a person who does not believe in a god or group of gods’, but this is simply a redefinition of what many people think the term means. Yes, I suppose we could all spend hours mentioning all of the gods we don’t believe in, and then finally arrive at the one we do believe in. But then that would make us theists, not atheists. So, if words mean anything, this understanding of what an atheist means is wrong.

2) Suppose that redefinition of atheism is true. What does it prove? Nothing. Ok; so we’re all atheists to one degree or another. So what?


Surah Anbiya Ayah 22
Surah Tur Ayat 34-36