Riots, Police Brutality, Psychological Subversion: A Satanic Agenda

Part of psychological subversion is the destruction of principle. When a person has principles, those principles serve as an anchor that stabilizes one’s psyche. Principles provide structure that allows one to make sense of the world and live in that world in a productive way. Without that, a person is lost in a turbulent sea of confusion and fear.

Psychological subversion involves disrupting this stability. This can be done purely out of maliciousness or it can be done in order to take control of the person. If a person’s principles can be undermined, that anchor, that structure is lost and the person will instinctively grasp onto anything else to replace that. A ruling power can take advantage of this.

An example of psychological subversion that people may be familiar with is what the Communist Chinese are doing to the Uighurs. Part of the anti-Islam project is to force Uighurs to eat pork, drink alcohol, break the fast in Ramadan, and generally violate basic Islamic tenets. In Syria, Assad’s torture regime forces opposition captives to declare that “There is no god except Bashar.” This is psychological warfare meant to induce an acute sense of hypocrisy, namely, a tension between one’s actions and one’s principles that can be resolved if one simply discards the principles.

What these regimes want is for the Uighurs or the Syrian opposition, etc., to abandon their loyalty and allegiance to Islamic principles and embrace their respective regimes. This is control.

Satan himself also uses this method. As we fall into sin, Satan whispers to us, “See, you are a hypocrite. Better to abandon your principles than remain in this state of hypocrisy.” This is a very effective form of manipulation because, rather than stick to the principle, lower oneself and repent, many opt to jettison the principle and embrace their sin, justifying it, advertising it, etc. If one does this enough, then the result is Satan takes control.

Similar tactics are used in the US against the US population (and the UK, Canada, South Africa, etc). The biggest tool for this is bipartisan politics. The framing of all politics into left wing vs. right wing is a weapon that constantly attacks any semblance of moral principle. Every mistake, crime, injustice committed by the right wing has also been committed by the left wing and vice versa. The same left wing activists who denounced conservative George Bush’s surveillance defended the exact same policy when Obama became president. The same right wing pundits who denounced Obama’s executive overreach praised Trump for his. And on and on.

The only way to play the game is to pick a side but picking a side means being in a perpetual state of inconsistency. No principle can ever be consistently applied which means that there are no principles and one can only exercise blind allegiance to a party.

What we have seen in the past few months is psychological subversion on steroids. And the Muslim community has been swept up in it. There is no consistency on any issue. Instead, we see blind partisanship to political factions.

The most obvious example is how quickly and eagerly some Muslim orgs and figures shut down masajid because of mass hysteria fabricated around what now most are finally admitting is a low-fatality infection that even health organizations like the CDC and WHO are comparing to the flu. Why did these Muslims so quickly abandon their mosques, congregational salah, jumua, tarawih, eid prayers, leaving most masajid in dire financial straits and many imams unemployed? Where was the resistance to this massive own goal that has severely crippled the Muslim community’s infrastructure throughout the West?

This is a question that will be asked and analyzed for many years to come, but the simple answer is blind partisanship. Many Muslim figures and celebrities have politically aligned with the left and the left hyperinflated the threat of the disease as a political weapon against the right. The result? Mosques were closing weeks before government policy required them to do so. And the mosques are also remaining shut weeks after government policy has allowed them to open up. Even those who want to insist that the virus is extremely dangerous can’t explain why the mosques should remain closed or heavily restricted after the health agencies like the CDC themselves have given the green light.

But maybe it wasn’t blind partisanship. Maybe the extended closure of masajid is based on a principle of preserving public health. Maybe the constant stream of videos and live streams and condescending edicts from these self-appointed leaders to “stay at home” were based on this principle.

If so, then why are those same figures and organizations not continuing their calls for isolation and quarantine now that protesting and rioting have begun? In fact, some of the figures who were most adamant about “pray at home” are encouraging Muslims go out and protest and proudly sharing pictures of hijabis marching in the streets. What happened to preserving health, lowering infection, flattening the curve, and all the other justifications used to keep masajid closed? The only explanation is leftist partisanship over principle.

An ayah that often comes to mind in these situations is from Surat al-Munafiqun:

“And when you see [the hypocrites], their forms please you, and if they speak, you listen to their speech. It is as if they were pieces of wood propped up. They think that every shout is against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded?”

To be fair, there is no shortage of hypocrisy on the right either. Many on the right were protesting lockdown while praising Trump, but it was Trump who ultimately endorsed the lockdown.

Many right wingers were also protesting police enforcement of the lockdown, rightfully complaining that the US was becoming a police state. But many of those same people now support the police in the Floyd killing and police power generally. Obviously this hypocrisy is mirrored by the left, who embraced the lockdown and cheered when police violently detained mothers and families who just wanted to go to public parks, etc., but decry police brutality against blacks, when in reality these are different manifestations of the same underlying thing: state authority and violence.

There are also some who have defended looting, burning down property, beating random white bystanders to death, etc., with moronic justifications that betray a complete lack of principle. This lack of consistency represents complete psychological subversion, where even the heinous crimes are glorified.

I am not surprised to hear reports of plain clothes police and even FBI provoking violence and stirring riots. This further muddies the waters for the population. Who is in the right? Who should be supported? Where does justice lie? If you are having trouble making sense of these current events and remaining consistent, it’s by design.

In the novel 1984, the main character is tortured by the state until he admits that 2+2=5. By the end, he not only admits it but truly believes it. The principle of basic logical consistency is the last principle to be expunged from his psyche as he is transformed into a mindless devotee of the state. This is his end.

Muslims have to decide whether that is what they want. Do we want Islamic principles and consistency? Or do we want to continue to blindly follow whatever the mainstream political establishment demands (while selectively sprinkling in Quran and hadith to make such slavishness seem “Islamic”)?

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John Wick

Yep, there was actually a libtard mozlem girl on Twitter who proudly declared she called 911 the first time on some father playing with his kids in the park smh. These chicks crazy.


Masha Allah beautifully written article. Sheds light on important issues and eloquently puts into words some thoughts I have had myself, but been unable to coherently express. Jazakallah khayran for the work that you, your wife and entire team do. Please continue, for even if there are people who don’t understand or accept the truth, it certainly helps those of us who want to stick to the our Islamic principles, by trying to understand how unbelievers continously try to confuse us and muddy our beliefs.


I agree with sister Fathima.

Never stop standing for Haqq, even if your only audience is your own self.

Don’t worry about numbers and ratings.

Even some prophets of Allah had very very few followers. We are mere sinners.

Our responsibility is just to speak the truth.

Thomas Godfrey

Wonderful article. I like your writing because you call out the hypocrites on both the right and the left


Subhanallah, and to think that the greatest fitnah Dajjal is yet to come. May Allah swt help us. Ameen


Thanks Daniel for your Good work, don’t get discouraged by the blind hater or the mis perception that only a few people are following your work, this is quality and we thank you for your time.

May Allah allow you to do more and may He bless you, your family and your time.


Read a tweet by someone today: if there were riots, lootings, protests, etc. over a racially charged killing, with the president threatening to use the country’s military against the protesters, in any other country, the US would have called for a regime change.


Alhamdulillah! Allah Taala increase you in your knowledge and wisdom. Ameen


” In fact, some of the figures who were most adamant about “pray at home” are encouraging Muslims go out and protest and proudly sharing pictures of hijabis marching in the streets.”

Because putting yourself in harm’s way and intermingling with, kafir, men has become halal? Some of these sisters seem to want to rid themselves of the good deeds they’ve accumulated during Ramadan asap. Absolutely embarrassing.


Ya Allah. This guy is a moron and you all are applauding his every word.
Keeping masajid open? My goodness your communities would be wiped out. Step foot in a hospital during peak covid season and you would have learned. I would have personally taken you room by room to show you what this ‘low mortality infection’ does. Let’s be clear- no organization is calling it that or comparing it to the flu. You are writing it here and these dumbasses won’t to do their own research and agree with you. How misleading. Yes, those same people for lockdown are quietly watching these protests because a) they occurred as states have already opened up (see Memorial Day festivities) and b) some things are necessary (these protestors feel the need for change and couldn’t sit on the side while people were murdered). You guys are all cowards. Sorry not sorry. But thanks for amusing me!

Don’t call out on Allah swt you fraud. “Your communities” speaking about Muslims in 3rd person is an indication that you are a larper particularly of the liberal sodomite enabler “high IQ” type. You glow through your texts like a neon light in the red light district where George Floyd made pornographer with a Pakistani liberal larping as a Habib exploiting Black women.

You are the cowards who sat on the sides with all these coward protesters when they slaughtered Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan. You are the cowards who joined the armed service to slaughter Muslims living thousands of miles away on their own lands who had nothing to do with any of the reasons given for those wars. You are the cowards that believed the SAME MEDIA that lied and propagated those lies to justify the slaughter of Muslims. You are the cowards that waved the RED, WHITE and BLUE when they carpet bombed and sent tomahawk missiles on Muslim homes, mosques, hospitals, universities..forcing them to become homeless refugees. You are the cowards that sat on their coward asses when they droned Muslim weddings. You are the cowards that felt so united on that day, so proud, ready to kill “hajdi sand niggers” without any evidence, any trial, for destroying them buildings but now you burn them down your selves when a porn star got killed by the same racists?

Those very racists that went to kill Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, those who you POC and Whites, conservative and liberals alike, supported, came back joined the police force and now brutalize you?

Those who you encouraged to Draw Muhammad, to support “FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”, now coming after you? Oy vey!

The irony in that.


Great article.
Thank you!


While I understand the general idea expressed in the article about the lack of principled stances and the prevalent hypocrisy within the political movements of America, I humbly disagree with the examples you cited and the arguments you put forth to justify your premise. Specifically, to suggest that shutting down Masajids was somehow a product of the American political agenda doesn’t seem accurate or fair. At it’s outset, the COVID19 pandamic posed an unprecedented risk, and ulama around the globe – not just ones you may not be a fan of – warned of it. Fatawas from scholars around the world were issued on how to handle matters concerning congregational prayers, jumuah, taraweeh, Eid etc. The COVID19 situation extends beyond just the politics of this country. So I’m not sure why you’d suggest Masajids somehow acted on the persuasions of either political party or idealogical movement. While I agree that the issue has evolved and morphed into a political tool (just about anything is nowadays), the decision to limit large gatherings at it’s onset wasn’t at the direction of one single political party, or even a practice of this country alone. And that’s why I believe this example doesn’t do the best job to support your premise.

Moreover, to suggest that Muslims erred in following the recommendations of experts within the healthcare field is irresponsible, in my humble opinion. I haven’t heard any mentions from the organizations you cited (WHO or the CDC) suggesting that this disease is no more fatal than the seasonal flu. I’d welcome a reference though. But hypothetically, even if what you’re claiming were true, to advocate Muslims accept this statement by WHO or the CDC, but reject the initial calls these same organizations made to “shut down” is contradictory. I

Again, I would agree with your general premise that as Muslims, we need to scrutinize ourselves about the stances we take to assure that we’re living up to the principles put forth in Qur’an and Sunnah, and not succomb to the political movements that are ripe with “principle-less” stances and hypocrisy. But, respectfully and humbly, some arguments you put forth strike me as borderline irresponsible considering we do have Muslims that have lost lives and argumentatively weak.


Brother Daniel, may Allah reward you for your work. I disagree with your stance on the masaajid closures. Within the UK our Muslim community has been affected quite badly and disproportionately by COVID-19, especially the elderly and i fear keeping the masjid open would have exacerbated this.

John Mason

The Canadian government isn’t giving as much emergency benefits like they did earlier this year. However, businesses get huge grants; businesses which are owned mostly by Jews.
The Jews benefit from this pandemic. They are forcing laws which are arbitrary to bankrupt the non-Jews. The Jewish people do not believe the COVID pandemic, but non-Jews have to or else get charged by the ZOG.