The Agents Within

It is highly likely that protesters in the US are being infiltrated by undercover police or even intelligence operatives in order to discredit the cause. This is a very common tactic used globally to discredit any popular protest movement or political opposition.

Historical records show that secular regimes in the Muslim world via their intelligence agencies would plant operatives to discredit Islamic parties. These operatives would embed themselves in the groups and invariably push for acts of terrorism and other heinous crimes to turn Muslim populations against the Islamic cause. If the Islamic leadership refused, the agents would splinter off, thus crippling the entire movement.

Now, in 2020, some black leaders have recognized what is happening and their reaction has been to call a spade a spade, calling out the looters and violent rioters. How? By clearly saying: These are agents! These are provocateurs! It’s a hoax!

That’s their story and they’re sticking to it. No matter what, the answer is: They’re agents!

This is a smart strategy. Compare: What do many Muslim leaders do in response to terrorism?

They hold a press conference, denounce terrorism, apologize, repeat cliches about “Islam means peace,” talk about how the community needs to do some soul searching, grovel at the feet of other groups, invite government agencies to come to the masajid to hold trainings on how we can better police ourselves and root out the “extremists.” Some of our “leaders” actually go work with the agencies as counter extremist experts, etc., etc.

Furthermore, the important Islamic causes and values, such as Khilafa, Sharia, Jihad, al-Wala wal-Bara, etc., are quickly abandoned, no longer taught from the minbar, and anyone who does is denounced and/or reported to the thought police.

And then, those Muslims who see what is going on and call foul and say, “It’s a hoax! It’s a trick! Don’t believe it!” are shouted down as unserious “conspiracy theorists” who are “immature” and “don’t get it.”

Brothers and sisters, this dunya is a hoax.

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  1. Very Important message, the entire narrative that has catapulted the fear surrounding Islam and justified an entire war was built on a hoax. It should be no surprise to anyone that these agents, along with the selective and deliberate story telling of the news, and the psychological programming of Hollywood all play a role in creating the negative prejudices in the mind of the ignorant towards what will liberate it (Islam). A Muslim’s vision and scope should be clearer when it comes to the plotting of shaytan.

    I believe the agents in this situation far extend discrediting political groups by infiltrating political groups by violent acts but also infiltrated the black narrative entirely in the entertainment industry. Black leaders should call out the agents who infiltrated their community and galvanized their children towards gangs, violence, drug dealing, womanizing, and crime. The agents in this matter are minor compared to these celebrity agents in the black community. At the end of the day, rats spelled backwards is star.

    I studied marketing in university, and I know how deliberate and meticulous marketing can be. Very little is unmeasured or coincidental. They use people’s voids against them or create a void through psychological manipulation. Voids can include, purpose, Identity, recognition, “fitting in”, credibility/importance. It is through these voids, false promises and proposals to fill these voids are made. Depending on the extent someone has a void determines the extent they will adopt a solution. The proposer of these solutions may be in your interest but, for the most part, in the west they are interested in their own benefit. The agents in the entertainment industry play on the voids of many young members of society who struggle with identity, recognition, and purpose and propose that a life of crime would solve these problems and that they themselves’s are testimony to that. They used to drug deal, they used to do crime, and now they are celebrated and out of the ‘“hood.” I believe these agents that promote this lifestyle contributed the most detrimental harm on the vulnerability of the young minds of men from these communities so they can profit. Contrast that with Malcolm X who helped people fill their voids with true advice without seeking any profit. The sad reality is most of these entertainers do not even own the record labels they represent. They are rich men who have nothing to do with the “hood.”

    My sincere question to the the west, why does your government turn a blind eye to the direct negative influences of the African American community that inspires some of them to do things that you will put them away for 30-40 years. Why do you not see correlations and continue to ask silly questions like, why are these young people committing so much crime? How can your detectives and specialists not draw the obvious and apparent influence of all the young men they arrest. How can you not distinguish between entertainment and negative propaganda? You seem to do it so well when it comes to “negative” influences against your liberal agenda and your adamant censorship of anything that goes against it for the “well being of kids.” Yet you cannot find the decency in you to censure the open glorification of killing, robbing, stealing, and drug dealing?

    Leaders of the black community should call out all of their agents. I would love to see an article discussing this Daniel. I grew up with these influences and I am so shocked how under the radar these “entertainer” are when it comes to all the problems we see play out in our society. They are so quick to “represent” their community without ever acknowledging how detrimental they are. They dress up like you, talk like you, and sympathies with you just like these agents are doing now, just to falsely represent you on the world platform creating so much of the apprehension and prejudices people feel towards people from these communities.

  2. No doubt there are undercover police and intelligence operatives among the protesters and in the organisations opposing police brutality. Their job is to provide information to the security forces about them and their memners. They very carefully don’t stand out and get noticed, but remain in the background observing and learning.
    Their job isn’t rioting or looting to discredit protesters. There are plenty of other people doing that without needing to be paid for it..

    • An agent provocateur (French for “inciting agent”) is a person who commits or who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act, so as to ruin the reputation or entice legal action against the target or a group they belong to. An agent provocateur may be a member of a law enforcement agency acting out of their own sense of duty or under orders, or other entity. They may target any group, such as a peaceful protest or demonstration, a union, a political party or a company.

  3. The reason these kinds of blame-deflecting antics on behalf of Islamist parties and movements is considered a “conspiracy theory” is because it is.

    Can you point to any actual evidence for these claims of widespread infiltration? Is that really easier to believe than the notion that extremist Muslims (that is to say, Islamists) are often capable of and inclined towards violence?

    • Saying something is a conspiracy theory requires evidence as well. You cannot label something as something because that’s what you believe or heard. What if where you heard it from is unreliable or malicious?
      If a country has a vested interest in something, for example a country and they want to justify invading it. I can simply create a false flag, to justify my actions through a false narrative. This isn’t a new thing with America. Look into it. There are many examples of this.
      To create order out of chaos is a concept where you deliberately create chaos to justify the order you want to put in place. Whether it is new law, stricter penalties, invasions, etc

      However, I understand you cannot label each and every incident as agents. But, it is upon you not to take everything at face value either men and look into the history of these practices. When you realize that this is something continuously happening by certain people, you should not be surprised if they are doing that and therefore take what they say with caution.

      • Just to clarify, this is not a justification for extremist or people who support them. I don’t justify their beliefs let alone their actions. So us Muslims are free from them. I refer to the narrative that is imposed on all Muslims rather than strictly those politically motivated extremists and I refer to the lack of acknowledgement by government to recognize their deliberate support in creating these groups. Which they themselves admit. Islamically there is no justification for trangression and unjustified violence against people. The people who do are often politically motivated from seeing what is taking place in their own home countries and not by Islamic principles.

  4. conspiracy theories surrounding the Mujahideen are retarded, could you Imagine if someone said the Muhajireen were Quraishi agents in Madinah, giving the Quraish an excuse to attack Madinah. I really hope this post is not intended for us to refer to the Mujahideen as agents as a “strategy”, SubhanAllah that is nothing more than slander and unjust takfir on our brothers who are fighting to establish Allah’s law. There is no doubt they have made mistakes, but even the Sahaba made mistakes, did Khalid bin alWalid, may Allah be pleased with him, The draw Sword of Allah, not unjustly kill people? Did the Prophet call him an agent? No, he made Baraa from his act, but didnt remove him from his post. Adding onto this, many of those who critique the actions of the Mujahideen have no business doing so, and it is evident they are ignorant in the fiqh of Jihad, or in the case of certain “scholars” lying about and hiding these things. Brother Daniel, and those on the MuslimSkeptic team, just as you rightfully call out those who discuss Huddud in an inapporirate manner, I would advice you the same, fear Allah when speaking about the Mujahideen.
    and Allah knows best

    • Maa shaa Allah .. may Allah reward you akhi … we must remember that these mujahideen were never in the modernist paradigm .. alhamdulillah they have always been in the islamic paradigm unlike us and therefore when they progressed further than us ( in jihaad , establishing the sharia, calling towards tawheed and calling towards the rejecting of the taghut and its followers) we from the west who grew up with a corrupt understanding will always be quick to jump on them and attack them .. they have so much izzah and if we remove this veil and lens which we see them through ( of course inspired by the constant kuffaar news and liberal imaams who dont want to see the sharia being established) we will see them for what they are , those who are upon what the prophet salallahu alaihi wa sallam and the companions were upon …. the goal is to firslty establish leadership then call people towards it not the other way round .. this is not the manhaj of those guided people who came after the prophet …

  5. As salamu alaykum,

    I have questions for brother DH:

    Do we support all POC, or just the Muslims?

    Do we only report and call out atrocities committed by European descent people and ignore the KOC (kuffar of color)?

    Do we care about Colin Powell, the Black American who lied between his teeth about Saddam WMDs?

    Do we care about Condoleezza Rice, who supported every genocidal policy of the Bush regime against Muslims?

    Do we support and care about the Black American president Obama, who continued much of the Bush policy in the ME, GitMo, and actually assassinated American Muslims without due process with their kids on foreign lands? Did Obama do justice to Nasser al-Awlaki and his family? Did their “AYYRAB” lives not matter?

    How about Michelle Obama, the Black first lady of America, who is always up in George Bush bosom playfully as friend, or do we get made when a White lesbian Ellen DeGeneres does it? Does she not see his hands covered with the bloods of thousands of innocent from Iraq and Afghanistan and the subsequent conflicts?

    How about the thousands of POC in the United States army who joined to kill Muslims, on Muslim lands, over false pretexts, to get green cards, loan forgiveness, tuition free education?

    How about POC culture, that glorifies violence, gangster, pimp, stripper, and hoe culture? Much of it is now sipping into Muslim communities with the likes of French Montana and DJ Khalids shouting out “b#tchs” from the ME in their music videos? Do we ignore the culture, habits, of POC which puts them in direct conflict with police and authority? Should we be calling our women hoes and young females thots? Should we run credit cards in their a## cracks? Should we adopted injecting silicon into the back side? Should we accept as normal tattooing of the body and the face? The drinking of perp, lean, and popping pills and butt cheeks?

    Can we even criticize any of this fahish/fitna without being called RACISTS?

    If we criticize compassionate Muslims for allying themselves with LGBTQ, feminists, and liberal communities because they are deemed trojan horses, how about POC many of their habits, culture, passtime, entertainment, way of doing things that are littered with degeneracy and outright glorification of it?


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