Monday Memes | Take 1

This is my first rodeo folks and I’m hoping I can keep up the tempo. This week’s memes are all by yours truly (Aydin Yilmaz) but in future I hope to share memes by others too. Feel free to add/follow me on Facebook (I won’t be posting all my memes here).

(Click images to view original posts along with interesting and related information/links in the comments. In some cases there may even be added context so you can be of #ThoseWhoKnow)














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Dan Joi

Abu ziyadah you sound like a fun guy.

abu ziyaada wajeeh

this is not the way of the Ulemah. You are simply motivating people to watch movies and other stuff which contain mostly Haram elements and no benefit. The evils in these memes are clearly more than any alleged good present in them

148 IQ Guy

You might as well quit social media, this is an innovative way to combat certain ideologies. Even big companies like Apple use memes to advertise their products before launch. Not using advantage of said platforms might have more negative impacts than you might think.


It would be better if you stay silent instead of saying such stupid things.

Mahmoud The Egyptian

TBH these memes are… eeeh… I’ve seen better… WAY better…

Hasanaat Ahmed


K. Rayan

Great initiative. However, in my “Humble Opinion” :D, the memes would be more enjoyable, and hence the intended message, conveyed more effectively if the sentences were shorter. Yet for starters, it’s pretty nice. Keep the good work up.

Abdul Muhaimin

Adab is necessary, but self-evalutation and accountability too.

Mahmoud Muhieddine

Daniel…. brother we love and support you… but take down these memes. They’re showing that the discourse has become personal and not feesabeeliLa.


Eh…. you should keep away from using “”memes”” to make personal attacks.


Brother Daniel, we have many meme guy defending Real Islam. We lack Intellectual like you. So concentrate on the real thing and let the meme things on others.

Erik Lienberg

Brother this is a great way to engage the youth especially when raising a critical point. Not everyone has time to watch hour long videos and if they do they won’t remember besides the critical points.

Do dawah by all means necessary.

زين الدين صوفي

Its engaging however it could fuel apologetics and people who disagree with you and give them something to talk about so I suggest you carry on however through a 3rd party integrity is everything

Mohammed Waseem

Brother Daniel
Be careful of the enemies that have joined you to take you down as deen presented like this will only be a downfall for what you have to say.If you are on haq and saying all the right things,its Allah that will put barakah in your efforts.You dont need memes ,your team should be more creative then that.Advertising the right thing on borrowed material is not creativity.