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Love the one about ghanimah! Allah bless you.

Opening up the Ayasofya is a great step. Sets all the sidis’ nuances a 100 yrs back.

I expect to see more on hadd punishments for apostasy, adultery, and sodomy.

I don’t know if the American feminists are the same, but in Europe and ANZ “the right to cheat and the privilege not to be called sluts” is a part of their charter.

Ahmad Shaikh

Assalam u Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu Brother
(Approximate Translation)
This clearly goes against the teaching of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), as narrated by Abu Hurayrah: “When any one of you fights, let him avoid (striking) the face.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, al-Fath, 5/215).


Love the monkey receiving orange. 😂


They’re nice lol!

Btw, Who is a sidi? Im sorry I don’t know that term.


It’s north African way to say “sayyidi” for one’s teacher, or shaykh, or husband (in the past), or to be respectful to someone.

Many cities or suburbs in North Africa are named Sidi [famous person]. See this pic for eg.

Strangers on the street will be routinely addressed as “Seed” in their accent to mean Mr.

North American fake adab enthusiasts use the term to sound sophisticated and exotic in their MSA and ISNA gatherings and so on.

Hope that helps, Sidi Talha.


As someone who agrees with you on almost every issue, this is absolutely immature and childish. You make a fool out yourself when you resort to using mockery. Please be professional.


There’s nothing wrong to disagree on matters of maslaha. You don’t have to like someone’s approach on all matters. We were not made to be absolute clones of each other.

5 yrs ago if I saw the same post from someone (memes mocking the shaykhs who preach against basics and essentials of Islam itself), I would have agreed with you.

Now I’ve come to realize that in this age, for a good majority of people, tweets and memes are really what appeal to their intellect rather than large chunks of text or a video of x minutes long. For many others, they need stuff like this to break the ice before they can actually start paying attention to your “professional” videos and articles.

Just my two cents.


Salamoualeykoum, I want to know if drawing is halal or haram. Can I make characters like Mario and such so to make a videogame. I heard that some say that because the drawings are not realistic it’s not haram. However idols at the time of the prophet SalAllahoualeyhiwasalam were not realistic. The ability to do realism only came with the Renaissance period.

It has nothing to do with the post above but I really want an answer to this issue. For now my search has been unsastifying in tackling this question.


Meme culture is a demeaning and pathetic culture that has been exacerbated in the last decade. It’s not something we should adopt. Excessive sarcasm and mockery is just a way of boosting the ego. It’s a good model for dawah