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Today’s memes were awesome. Loved them all, specially the ones about Hamza Yusuf and Abdullah bin Bayyah who have finally exposed themselves as utterly contemptible hypocrites.


Why remove the HY one?

a muslimah

I have a lot of respect for Brother Daniel, and same for sheikh Hamza Yususf..I feel bad when Sheikh Hamza is mocked.. He is a gem..please avoid it next time…I say this not out of being a fanboy/fan girl, but out of an experience of listening to scholars for almost 20 years. No one is infallible…but please…be careful about ppl like sheikh hamza yusuf. He is way above such petty memes..


I do agree. Every person faces different trials in this Dunya. Haven’t we been warned that this world is a testing place? Or all Bani Adam makes mistake? . The higher our role and responsibility in society, the bigger temptation we endure (I am talking in the context of Islam). Therefore, to my understanding, what I can better do is to make Dua for the ummah and mostly for those who are in the leading positions in the community. May Allah unite the ummah and direct the crooked perspective into the right path. Thank you for brother Daniel for bridging dialogue in this cool platform.