Amputation and Torture: Classical Hindu Text Vishnu Smriti on Low-Castes

At MuslimSkeptic, we want to look more closely at a variety of religious texts from other religions in order to better understand what these religions teach and how those teachings are sometimes connected to the murder and oppression of Muslims around the world.

We can understand the seething anti-Muslim hatred from Hindutva Nationalist extremists when we study traditional Hindu religious texts.

For example, in the 5th chapter of the Vishnu Smriti we read:

With whatever limb an inferior insults or hurts his superior in caste, of that limb the king shall cause him to be deprived. (19)

If he places himself on the same seat with his superior, he shall be banished with a mark on his buttocks. He shall lose both lips; (20)

If he spits on him, (21)

If he breaks wind against him, his hindparts; (22)

If he uses abusive language, his tongue. (23)

If a low-born man through pride give instruction to a member of the highest caste concerning his duty, let the king order hot oil to be dropped into his mouth. (24)

If a low-born man mentions the name or caste of a superior revilingly, an iron pin, ten inches long, shall be thrust into his mouth (red hot). (25)

In Chapter 23:

Mire and water on the high road, that has been touched by low-caste people, by dogs, or by crows, as well as buildings constructed with burnt bricks, are purified by the wind.” (41)

According to this text, if a “low-caste” person even mentions a higher caste with less than praise, a red hot iron pin will be thrust in his mouth. If a low-caste person even speaks with less than utmost humility, boiling oil will be poured down his throat.

Quite a severe religion.

The widespread lynching of the Muslim minority in India by Modi’s BJP is justified by such Hindu texts, which divide people into castes by birth and treats the low castes as impure sub-humans.

May Allah protect our brothers and sisters in India and Kashmir.

NB: There are countless more Hindu texts on the treatment of lower-castes, etc., that we will be publishing on an ongoing basis inshaAllah.

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