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Memes and tweets are good and a necessity for the times. But nothing substitutes evidence based refutations. Don’t forego of that.

Adhd imam

Danny boy too scared to debate me loool

He blocked me this filthy kaafir


Oh boy… You’re that lgbt legalizer aren’t you. Seriously, if you hate Daniel that much, you should consider the blocking as a blessing. Why do you want to hang around a filthy kafir you hate?

Omar Soldimaan

Dear Muslim, loves knows no borders. Pornographers, war criminals, sodomites, pedophiles, ALL MATTER. They are people too. Hinduism, Bhuddism, Christianity, Judiasm, Islam are all paths to the same creator.

We are destined to cry, pray, and procreate a bastardized civilization of diversity together where everyone is our father n everyone is our mother and we are all rootless cattle to serve the pyramid schemes.

This Daniel needs to get with the program.

Omar Soldimaan

Oy vey… SHUT HIM DOWN house Muslim! Or no more Hollywood roles n careers in DC!

Yasir Cuckdhi

Listen you neophyte! You don’t know this, but the Western academics have found what we have been hiding all those centuries. Listen, THEY KNOW, THE KUFFAR KNOWS, and they will SHUT ISLAM DOWN if we dont cave in like Gandhian pacifists!

Listen! Leave my brother Omar Soldimaan alone. He cool guy, always smiling, always hugging, very tolerant, very welcoming, like the public restroom at a park. You know how clean they are? We should be like that, open to everyone!

Stop being a hater. Watch some Bollywood movie with me. Learn to be tolerant you wahhabi!

Omar Soldimaan

I don’t understand what is your problem with me? All I want is love, diversity, enrichment, no borders, no laws, no rules, no authority, no shackles.

I want love, freedom, and singing, dancing, and twerking n pooping the WAP to Cardi Bi.

You are not cool. You are not hip and hoppity. What will Tupac think?

Don’t make Islam to hard for people with its defined rules and regulations. Islam is the religion of peace, it is for everyone. Don’t be a neophyte khwareej.

Random Theist

Man… Savage people have come up with names mocking some of the Liberal Sheikhs, talking in their tones…