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Muslim Guy

Cursing won’t defend your liberal beliefs. The truth of the situation is clear, die in your rage.


Wait a second! What happened to all your liberal aadaab?


Fuck daniel and omar Suleiman
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Omar Soldimaan

Brother you forgot to mention his dead sister and wife. Remember what we agreed upon. That is the go to defense against this neophyte.

May Allah SWT increase your anger till you implode under a collapsing roof with the rest of your buddies. Ameen x 1000.

Ahmad Shaikh

Assalam u Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuhu
What a filthy tongue, may Allah Azzawajal guide you and help you, and me too


Who are you? The trust lawyer?


I think you should remove the first meme. You showed us what goes on in the protests/activisms done by Omar Suleiman and that was something good Alhamdulillah. The first meme is making mockery of the guy and I do not think that was needed. I know Yaqeen and its affiliates have attacked you calling you an “arm chair critic”. But you have done all of us a favor and may Allah reward you for that.

Omar Soldimaan

I just dont understand why you are against our Hollywood Mickey Mouse Islam? Islam is no different than Hinduism, Bhuddism, Christianity, or Judaism. We are all the same. There is no difference.

Think what would Shiekh Tupac do? What will Sheikha Beyonce and Cardi B do?

Jonathan Clown

You aholes! Sodomites deserve to be happy. Qwam Lut wasnt against sodomites gay marriage. We should all support happy regimes where the people have the right to insult the Prophets of Allah. It will bring a lot of happiness like it has to the stinking corpse of Christianity in the West.

Yes our truth will be buried under mountain of lies from the enemies of Islam and their infinite influnce plus resources…where they can convince entire nations to go to wars over false pretexts under their FREE SPEECH pograms…but so what? At least we’ll be happy because we can say whatever we want no matter how limited our reach.

Why cant you extremist neophytes understand?!?!?!

Support gay marriage and kuffar right to insult the Prophet – and if you prove to me how wrong that is then sorry for yet again another lapse. 😉

We are like little toddlers…so many lapses…oppppsy daisy hehehe xoxo

Just a guy

Since I have no social media accounts, I will leave this here. Daniel, if you feel there is anything beneficial here, please feel free to share. And no, I am not a bot :p

TL:DR – Great work Daniel, may Allah bless you. Western Muslims need to wake up, and stop going so easy on matters of shirk and deviance.

For context, I have been following the whole issue between Daniel Haqiqatjou and Yaqeen Institute since the beginning. I have also been familiar with the individuals involved and their works for years. What I say below is from the perspective of a Pakistani Muslim who, thankfully, has not had to live in a Western environment and experience the disgusting liberal bombardment first hand. Of course, that does not mean that I have not been exposed to it, as there is no shortage of it in the media or Pakistani society, but that is to say I am more of an outside observer to the situation.

Furthermore, as a Pakistani I am very familiar with “scholars” who are nothing more than puppets for various parties, whether it be the Western governments, or the Saudi government or other parties. As such I want to highlight some key points which I feel are not being given much attention.

First of all, let me state categorically, that based on all the evidence presented by Daniel and the responses of Yaqeen Institute and its associates, there is no doubt that Yaqeen Institute engaged in severely deviant practices which have no place in Islam at all. There is no room to support LGBT rights (or as someone would say “the right for gays to marry”). There is no need for us to perform mental gymnastics to reconcile the theory of evolution with Islamic theology, especially given the various weak points that the theory has in the first place. There is absolutely no room for performing pagan rituals, lying about them and then claiming that you were ignorant about it, but continuing to keep the position of Imam.

The problem is not just what Yaqeen has been doing, it is their outlook. Their entire outlook is focused around the idea: “how can we make Islam “fit in””, as opposed to what it should be: “how do we need to change to fit in with Islam”. This means that they are constantly trying to pigeon-hole Islam and its practices to conform to Western ideals and be as “politically correct” as possible. This is a reaction to the post 9/11 global war against Islam, where Muslims have constantly been attacked physically, financially, emotionally, verbally and, most of all, spiritually. It is the reaction that I have seen in countless Muslims. The reason behind it is their lack of conviction in Islam; which is due to a lack of knowledge about Islam. How ironic that an institute calling itself “Yaqeen” would have such a problem.

However, the most upsetting and appalling part of this issue is not the borderline to outright kufr practices that Yaqeen-related individuals have participated in time and time again. It is the response of a lot of the, assumedly mostly Western, Muslims and Muslim “scholars”. The issues I highlighted above are as cut and dry as they can be in Islam. There is no gray area, or difference of opinion. Yet the reaction has been so muddled that I honestly grow to fear for the future of Western Muslims.

Firstly, the personal and vindictive attacks on Daniel Haqiqatjou. Not once, have I seen Daniel lie in any of his articles or videos regarding the issue. Not once, have I seen him make uncalled for, or personal attacks against the individuals he is criticizing. Yet, the Yaqeen fans have constantly been calling him a liar, a bitter ex-employee, a neophyte and so on. Of course, they get this brilliant verbiage from Yaqeen Institute’s army of interns and “scholars”. I could care less about Yaqeen personnel such as Jonathan Brown or their various hodgepodge of interns as they lack any knowledge to be speaking on Islamic matters in the first place. However, I am severely disappointed in the likes of Yasir Qadhi and Tahir Wyatt, who have blindly jumped to Yaqeen’s defence, without actually going through the evidence presented. This is completely unbecoming of such famous and noteworthy Islamic scholars. Their continual insistence on sticking to this approach also raises major questions about their objectivity and integrity. I would like to remind these gentlemen that being an Islamic scholar is not just about being knowledgeable, it is about showing the right moral character. Please reconsider what you are doing. Instead of saving face for Yaqeen, you are ruining your own images instead.

Secondly, do you people honestly believe it is easy for Daniel to stand up to such a large mafia (yes, that is the right word for them). He is a young man with a family. He could easily just try to fit in, like all the Yaqeen friends have, including so many senior scholars. Instead, he has taken attacks on his reputation and person day after day. You think that is fun? May Allah bless him, as his conviction and sincerity to Islam shows, and he has maintained his integrity and discipline despite the absolute nonsense and moronic lies hurled against him. Many of those accusations made my blood boil and I do not even know the guy.

Thirdly, I am going to now say a few things which people have not said enough. Yaqeen is showing all the signs of being funded by the US government. To give you an idea, in Pakistan we have “NGOs” and “charities” funded by various US agencies and departments which try to push the liberal agenda in our society. I have met individuals from such entities. If you follow any news about Pakistan you would have heard about the degenerate “Aurat” (woman) marches that take place. These entities also open up local businesses such as “massage parlors” to “help young women entrepreneurs”, which have been caught out as being brothels in disguise. My point is, such organizations have just one purpose: to promote as many degenerate and anti-Islamic practices as possible within Muslim society. With Yaqeen’s promotion of feminism and LGBT nonsense, as well as Omar Suleiman’s invitations to mixed gatherings with non-Muslims, there seems to be a very nasty pattern on display. If someone can actually look into the funding sources of Yaqeen Institute, I would expect to find some very interesting results.

Fourthly, regardless of the debate of whether Omar Suleiman is just a good-intentioned lovely human being who has lapses, or an outright kafir, the fact remains he is very likely funded and influenced by the US government. As a Pakistani Muslim who has worked for key Western institutes and who has had family members do the same, let me tell you something. Westerners will NEVER promote an orthodox Muslim in any shape or form. Don’t believe me? Point out one clear cut example of an orthodox Muslim scholar who was promoted by the Western media and allowed time to preach the virtues of Tawheed and Islam. Yet Omar Suleiman has been promoted at various events, and even met with US presidents. Not once at these events has he ever talked about Tawheed or the greatness of Islam. In fact, he has never said anything that would displease his Western benefactors. In Pakistan, we can easily consider anyone with undue promotion to be a Western agent: case in point, Malala Yousafzai. Despite so many scholars being far more educated and noteworthy, why is Omar Suleiman promoted so much? If you actually believe that there is nothing fishy about this, then I have some snake oil to sell to you. The West will never promote pure Islam or anyone who is associated it with it, period.

Finally, I have a story for all the Yaqeen fanboys who say “but look at all the good they’ve done!”, “Omar Suleiman is so nice, and looked up to by millions!”, “you are causing fitnah, and Muslims should not fight!”
A hundred or so years ago there was a man who lived in British colonial India. This man was a great orator. He saw that the British were sending Christian missionaries to India to try to convert Muslims. This man stood up to those missionaries and schooled them in debates, much like Ahmed Deedat and Dr Zakir Naik would do many years later. He was loved by the common Muslim for instilling confidence in them.
But something happened overtime. As he got a larger and larger following, his teachings started to stray away from orthodox Islam. First he started talking about how the line of Prophets had not ended with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Then he laid claim to prophet hood himself. Then he claimed he was the Messiah. Then he declared that all those who rejected him were kafirs. He had become an agent of the British. He had founded a cult. He died on a toilet. That man was Mirza Ghulam Ahmed, the founder of the heretical Ahmediyya sect which still exists today, is regularly promoted by the Western media and has members in prominent positions across the world, even serving in the Israeli army.

Even Iblis worshipped Allah for years before he turned into what he was. Everyone does some good, but that does not excuse their public evil. Evil done in private can be privately advised against. Evil done in public must be publicly rebuked. Being nice, does not mean being good. Obama was much “nicer” than Trump, yet still bombed countless Muslims across the globe. And if you are easily upset by conflict between Muslims and fitnah, then I wonder if you are aware that Abu Bakr (R.A.) waged war against Muslims for not properly paying the Zakat (far less grievous than actively participating in kufr rituals and promoting kufr ideals on a large scale).

My dear Western Muslim brothers and sisters, please get out of your bubble. Yaqeen is siding with individuals and entities which have absolute hatred and disdain for Islam and Muslims. I have grown up during a time where the US dragged my country into the war on terror and spent my youth in a city with weekly bomb blasts taking place. There have been countless sellouts to Western interests in my society. I am not going to say that Yaqeen and all of its associates are the same, but there is a lot of evidence to suggest that. Please be careful of them. Giving the benefit of the doubt is one thing, but that does not mean being blind to the truth. No, we do not need to make takfir on them, or insult them. However, we must stay away from them and their content. We must call them out for their blatant unIslamic practices, and most of all, we must educate ourselves. Imagine if the video of the protest showed Omar Suleiman raping a woman, how disgusted would you be? Now please try to understand, that shirk is an even worse sin, and yet, how soft are most of us towards it? May Allah guide us all.

Finally, to brother Daniel Haqiqatjou: I commend you for displaying courage and integrity where your opposition has displayed none. I congratulate you on the discipline and fortitude you have kept throughout this ordeal. May Allah keep bless you and keep you on the Straight Path. Call it paranoia, but I am concerned for you. While you have been very blunt and open in the past as well, this video has hit home in a way like nothing before. The likely result will be that, not only are reputations harmed, but also sources of income. In this day and age, people are far more concerned about their income than their reputation, and you have hit them where it hurts. While so far the responses have been cowardly, I fear that the financers behind this whole façade might not be too happy. Continue in your efforts, but please remain vigilant and careful at all times. May Allah keep you safe.


The Qadiyanis are not a heretical sect. They are a cult of murtads. There is ijma of scholars across the Sufi Salafi divide that they are severe murtads and even those who doubt the Qadiyanis to be kafirs, are themselves kafirs.


Reading from Pakistan. Your comment was refreshing. The context provided about Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was very insightful.

Just a guy

Valid point, bro. Just to be clear I do not consider them Muslims in any shape or form, but thank you for highlighting that.


Of course, I didn’t prejudge you bro. That’s why I just highlighted the concept, that the usage of words ‘sect’ or ‘heretics’ might indicate stopping short of calling them kafirs. Additionally, they can’t also be called ‘Ahmadiyyah’ because of the reverence of the Prophet’s name Ahmad sal Allahu ^alaihi wa sallam. We Muslims are the REAL Ahmadiyyah, the followers of our beloved Prophet.


Abu Bakr radi Allahu ^anhu waged war against those who denied it’s obligation, that is, they became murtads by denying a basic tenet of Islam. The LGBT rights activists who campaign that it is/should be accepted in Islam are murtads too, even if they are themselves straight.

It is haram to be friends with a murtads or marry him/her or eat the meat of animals they slaughter. A murtad must be boycotted even if he happens to be a husband or wife or son or daughter or father or mother. A murtad is an enemy of Allah and Muslims.

Just a guy

Wasn’t it the case, that they said that they would deal with Zakat themselves and not pay it directly to the Caliphate? That’s what I remember, but I could be wrong.

Khabib Nurmagomedov

Danny please come Dagestan so you can teach how to smash Liberal like how I smash Connor.