Cannibalism and Necrophilia in Traditional Hinduism: The Case of Kali

Time for more literacy on Hinduism.

Hindu nationalists claim that Islam is a “violent” religion. But many of the gods worshipped by Hindus are depicted in Hindu scriptures and iconography as being literally bloodthirsty.

One such idol is the goddess Kali. Traditional depictions of Kali show her with bloody fangs, a snake-like tongue, dripping with the blood of people she has killed and eaten. These Hindu depictions also have her wearing a necklace made of decapitated human heads, also dripping with blood and pus.

The Ancient History Encyclopedia writes:

“Kali’s most common pose in paintings is in her most fearsome guise as the slayer of demons, where she stands or dances with one foot on a collapsed Shiva [another Hindu god] and holds a severed head. She wears a skirt of severed human arms, a necklace of decapitated heads, and earrings of dead children, and she often has a terrifying expression with a lolling tongue which drips blood.”

One Hindu sect, the Aghoris, even to this day give “sexual satisfaction” to goddess Kali by having intercourse with rotten human corpses. They believe that this act actually purifies them before the goddess.

Now, don’t misunderstand. Less traditional Hindus (reformist and modernist Hindus) don’t do any of these acts, though they still revere and worship the baby-skull-wearing goddess.

Reformist Hindus have sanitized Kali from these traditional Hindu roots and turned her into a feminist icon. A goddess who decapitates men, drinks blood, and demands necrophilia is apparently a feminist role model for some Hindus.

One example is popular Hindu motivational speaker Sadhguru who tells his millions of cow-worshipping followers that Kali can become a “living reality for you.” What does he mean by this exactly?

Notice in Sadghuru’s facebook post, the featured image blurs the decapitation and blood in the original Kali iconography. He has to literally censor Hinduism in order to sell it to his followers.

In the article, Sadghuru tries to be cute about it:

“Kali is a very fierce form. You need a different kind of skill to manage a woman like that! In many ways, she is very easily approachable compared to other forms, but at the same time, very, very fierce. When you invite someone very fierce, if you do not know how to manage them, they may eat you up!”

So the flesh-eating goddess is a “fierce woman” who needs to be “managed” according to this popular social media guru. She may “eat you,” quite literally. This is how traditional Hinduism is watered down and sanitized for the modernized masses, who may not realize they are worshipping the goddess of cannibalism and necrophilia.

I’m sure many Hindus would denounce these violent and indeed horrifying aspects of authentic Hinduism if they knew about them. But unfortunately there are orthodox Hindus who bring this violence into their fascistic Indian nationalism. This has resulted in many crimes against the Indian Muslim minorities throughout India and Kashmir.

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Keep doing what you are doing brother, Daniel. The best defence is to attack. As you said, the enemy wants Muslims always on the defence which is why they are always on the offence. They all live in glass-houses but somehow are the ones throwing stones while sincere Muslims live in a diamond-house which is Islam.


Allahu Akbar. Please continue exposing Hinduism. Hindus through my own personal experience are extremely antagonistic towards Islam. A backward, savage, uncivilized subhuman group of people who treat lower castes worse than animals. Read about what recently happened in Hathras India. A lower caste Shudra woman was gang raped and then cremated and Hindutva terrorists defended the rapists. I was not surprised one bit.


Daniel said: “One Hindu sect, the Aghoris, even to this day give “sexual satisfaction” to goddess Kali by having intercourse with rotten human corpses. They believe that this act actually purifies them before the goddess.”

A few additional pointers from Muslim ruqiya shuyukh in India, and this is also common knowledge among Muslims living there –

1. Most (almost all) of the hindu false deities are actually kafir jinns and agents of sihr and sorcery. They’re into practicing sihr and sorcery even against each other.
2. So, hinduism, in and of itself is basically sihr and demon worship, regardless if the hindus consciously call it as black magic or just ‘worship’.
3. Most Muslims of India know that they should not kick or walk over used temple flowers or temple offerings or other temple junk placed on street sides, or street intersections around temples. They are placed there deliberately so by hindu ‘worshipers’ and priests, and in most cases have sihr effects on them that can disturb Muslims, specially those Muslims who do not pray or are indulgent in sins like drinking, adultery etc. Sihr affects those who do not maintain prayers and ritual purity (stay in janabah) much more quickly and strongly. That temple junk placed on street sides is basically ritualistic sihr effects warded off by practicing hindus through their hindu (i.e., sihr) rituals and meant to be shed off to whoever (human or animal) walks over them or touches them. Note again that their false deities fight with sorcery even against each other. (Aside: Doing your best to stay in a state of ghusl and wudu at all times is an excellent deterrent of sihr.)

Coming to what you mentioned, kali and the aghoris (la^anahumullaah):

1. kali is actually the false deity of choice for most sihr practitioners in the Indian subcontinent, even those murtads with Muslim sounding names who renege from Islam by becoming sorcerers. Sihr rituals from this part of the world are heavily connected to pleasing kali (among other demons) – actions like singing songs invoking this devil, committing zina with mothers and daughters, eating rotten corpses of humans, eating animal feces, and other such unthinkable acts.

2. aghoris are the champions of this extreme evil. Even ‘regular’ hindus call their actions as ‘black magic’ and not ‘worship’ and come to them for these purposes of sorcery if they need to. They (aghoris) literally sleep in sewers, drink from the sewers, have sex with rotten corpses, eat the rotting, left over flesh of cremated bodies, and so on, like you said, in order to attain the pleasure of their demon masters.

3. Most hindus, even if they are themselves not involved in the rituals of aghor (what the aghoris do), respect and venerate the aghoris and seek their blessings if they come across them because they do not wish to be harmed by them. Disciples of one false deity in hinduism also seek the blessings of the opposing false deity, because they do not wish to incur the harm of either of those false deities. Think of a Trump supporter who doesn’t want to get into Biden’s bad books either!

Other things hindus worship include shiva’s phallus, and kamakhya’s menstruating vagina!



Ahmed what you said is so compelling, how can i contact you?


Neem hakim khatre jaan😂😂

For you all guys

Muhammad Asif

Superb write up my brother Daniel…may Allah reward you

nikhil gupta

Daniel I am a Hindu…Kali is respected in Indian culture for being a Female Goddess of strength, power, and cannibalism. The Aghori sect literally consists of flesh-eating sadhus in one city of Uttar Pradesh and is the purest form of Hinduism. Don’t listen to these reformist Hindus. Understand that Hinduism = Indian culture, and your attempts to insult India, necrophilia, and cannibalism will not be tolerated.