Aljazeera’s AJ+ Promotes LGBT, Sex Work, and Drugs to Muslims

Aljazeera is a Qatari-state owned media conglomerate that disseminates news and media content throughout the world. AJ+ is a subsidiary of Aljazeera that was launched in 2014 and focuses on online news, pop culture, and current events. They have millions of followers on social media from all across the globe, including many young Muslims.

I remember when I first came across AJ+ on social media. They were reporting on the ongoing bombing of Gaza by Israel that year in 2014. And I remember thinking to myself, alhamdulillah, finally there is some news reporting that is not biased by Zionist propaganda. But my happiness was very short lived because almost immediately after launching, AJ+ began promoting some highly un-Islamic and even anti-Islamic content.

For example, just consider the sheer number of videos dedicated to glorifying drugs and even alcohol.

Potheads rejoice! Research shows that #marijuana is safer than alcohol:

Weed Deemed Safer than Alcohol

Potheads rejoice! Research shows that #marijuana is safer than alcohol:

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

High at the White House

High at the White House

Marijuana activists have been blazing up in front of the White House.

Posted by AJ+ on Sunday, April 3, 2016

Women Mock CDC’s Warning to Avoid Alcohol

Weed Video

Or how about the dozens of videos that promote abortion and terminating pregnancies as a “sacred” right?

The Museum of Contraception and Abortion

This museum shows how women have suffered in trying to control their own fertility and access abortion.

Posted by AJ+ on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

But drugs and abortion are only the tip of the iceberg.

When you go to AJ+’s social media channels, you immediately notice how much of the content is devoted to homosexuality and transgender issues. They have been promoting LGBT as far back as 2015, which is a full year earlier than gay marriage was legalized in the US. So they were way ahead of the curve, with video after video about the beauty of gay marriage and sex change surgery.

What makes this more noteworthy is that they heavily promote LGBT normalization in the Muslim world. If there is anything related to homosexuals or transgenders anywhere in the Muslim world, AJ+ immediately glorifies it with celebratory coverage in multiple languages, including English, Arabic, French and Spanish.

India Overturns Colonial-Era Law

You won’t find loners in this state! Same-sex couples are happily tying the knot in Texas.

Australia Says ‘Yes’ to Same-Sex Marriage

Myanmar LGBTQ Festival

The LGBTQ community in Cuba is gaining strides and winning respect.

LGBT Man Speaks Out in Chechnya

Trans Actors Feel Snubbed by Emmys

Welcoming Trans Customers

Trans Man Fronts Period Campaign

‘The Bravest Knight’ Teaches Kids to ‘Be the Real You’

LGBT example

LGBT example 2

Kenya LGBT

LGBT example 3

Beyond LGBT, many of AJ+s videos promote prostitution, or what they call “sex work.” Obviously we know prostitution has nothing to do with Islam and we know that it has nothing to do with the beautiful heritage and culture of Qatar. So why is Qatar’s government facilitating the spread of these pro-prostitition ideas to the whole world through AJ+? Are these the images they want people to associate with Qatar?

How Disco Changed Sex in America

Bangladeshi Sex Worker Gets Proper Funeral

Will Legalizing Sex Work Protect Women?

Sex Workers Speak Out About New Law

Decriminalization of Sex Work

What makes AJ+ especially problematic is their criticism of Muslim countries for applying hudud. Hudud are a part of the Sharia and Muslims will always be proud of our Sharia, no matter how much Western liberals and secularists try to intimidate or shame us about our religion. Is Qatar’s government not aware that it is funding a media outlet that is adding fuel to the fire of hatred against Islam?

Punished for insulting Islam

Publicly Caned for Gay Sex

A Moroccan journalist who was a frequent critic of the government was sentenced to one year in prison for allegedly having an abortion and premarital sex.

Brunei Law Draconian

The most subversive aspect of AJ+ content is what we can call “Muslim women breaking stereotypes.” Values of haya and true hijab are “stereotypical” so AJ+ wants to break the stereotypes by presenting Muslim women who blatantly violate haya and true hijab. How many young Muslim girls are watching these videos wanting to follow in the footsteps of these women? Again, it must be asked, does Qatar’s government want Muslim women to emulate this behavior? Does Qatar’s government want the Muslim women in Qatar to emulate this behavior?

Music Video for Saudi Women’s Rights

Rock Out With Your Hijab Out [Indonesia]

Hijabi Ballerina Destroys Stereotypes

Wrap My Hijab [Rapper]

Teenage Boxer Fights to Wear a Hijab

Female Muslim Hip-Hop Dancers

When we look at the people running AJ+ and their social media output, it becomes clear as day that they have an ideological ax to grind. These are pro-LGBT, pro-feminist, pro-sex work activists that want to change the Muslim world to make it aligned with far left-wing Western secularism and identity politics.

What is so ironic is that young Muslims in the West are influenced by this pro-LGBT, pro-feminist, pro-liberal secular narrative from AJ+. We usually think that it is Western media that is threatening the iman our youth, but instead it is Qatari-funded media that is doing that job! Just imagine — rather than media funded by Western governments negatively indoctrinating the Muslim world, you have media funded by Muslim governments that is negatively indoctrinating the West!

Now I can see AJ+ defending itself saying that it is only representing Western culture and Western culture involves prostitution, drugs, LGBT, abortion, etc. But this excuse doesn’t fly for two reasons. First, AJ is not only representing these things. It is actively celebrating them. That’s a big difference. And secondly, AJ is often ahead of the curve in promoting things that are on the fringe in the West. They celebrate LGBT in countries where it is still banned. They promote prostitution when it is banned in the US and most countries. They are pushing trans identity when most of the world considers this wrong.

My ultimate message here is: I know that the people of Qatar do not support any of these things. So why is the Qatari government spending millions of dollars funding this stuff? Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying Aljazeera should exclusively focus on Islamic lectures or become a Dawah channel. But at the very least, can they not promote things that go fundamentally against Islam and basic Islamic ethics?

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This is following the subversive ways of the cartoons! May Allāh curse them.


They are equally as guilty of crimes against Islam as the others are.


Arab pagans going back to their roots backed/installed by Anglo-French Pagans of the modern era on a full war mode against islam and muslims.

Orang Indo

Actually, most the Indonesian students (except the liberals, yeet) didn’t really care about the sex law. This is just what the Western media portrayed.

Our demands were to:

1. Reject 7 different problematic bills and enact 2 beneficial bills
2. Cancel the appointment of the problematic new heads of KPK (anti-corruption commitee) by the corrupt DPR (congress)
3. Prevent the Army and Police from getting civil servant positions
4. Stop militarism in Papua
5. Stop criminalizing activists
6. Prosecute corporations for the illegal burning of forests in Borneo & Sumatra
7. Establish human rights justice

And Al-Jazeera chose to write about us fighting for the freedom to have sex and abortion smh. Though it is true that liberalism is gaining much popularity with the youth in Indonesia.

John Mason

Dajjal has to do his work. Who owns AJ+? You might find a Jewish name behind that.


Brother Daniel, you really need to read my post. I am from Uzbekistan and want to tell you things that Al-Jazeera tried to do in our country.
Few years ago, Poland journalist from Al-Jazeera(i cannt remember her exact name, but people were calling her as “Agneshka”) came to our country. From her start, she started doing saboutages saying her Uzbek male colleagues tried to ra*pe her. But didnt prove anything. Later she started doing her xyzq- promotions.


During her tours on one universities, she said Zahiridin Muhammad Babur(whose generation ruled India for centuries) was a bachabaz(the person who likes small boys), for prove she said there were the poetries that written by Babur. But didnt name any poetry. And later she said that, Uzbeks have a bachabaz history just before russian communist invasion. And later she claimed that for that reasons, being a gay is Uzbek thing, it is Uzbek’s generation and therefore xyzq- rights should be….