Ingrid Mattson, HEART, and the Pro-LGBT “Muslim” Network Distorting Islam

Two years ago, Muslim Skeptic published an extensive report exposing the nefarious anti-Muslim activities of the organization HEART: Women and Girls.

We reported on how HEART:

  • Promotes “sex ed” in the form of teaching children younger than 12 that there is nothing wrong with having premarital sex (zina)
  • Pushes Muslim acceptance of LGBT and encourages teaching young Muslim children to embrace LGBT and “gender fluidity”
  • Publicizes LGBT activists as role models for the Muslim community
  • Participated in “LGBT iftars” in Ramadan
  • Has a self-described “bisexual transgender Shi’a Muslim woman” who “transitioned from man to woman” on their Board of Directors
  • Supported government CVE programs to police and surveil the Muslim community
  • Supported the Zionist-run Muslim Leadership Initiative (MLI) and had MLI members in organization
  • Harassed and bullied college MSAs to pay them large sums of money
  • Uses attacks on imams in the Muslim community to “bait and switch” their LGBT agenda
  • Has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants from the Trump administration
  • Was originally promoted by Chicago-based LGBT-iftar organizers Omer Mozaffar and Mohammed Kaiseruddin

After the report came out, many imams, mosques, and organizations cut ties with HEART, not wanting any association with such a despicable group of true Islamophobes.

But since 2018, HEART has continued its activities and become even more brazen in its embrace of the most extreme anti-Islamic agendas. We would like to provide a substantial update for the community on the evolution of HEART with a focus on:

  • HEART’s Notable Board Members
  • HEART’s Love for LGBT Fahisha
  • HEART’s Attempt to Reshape the Muslim Community
  • HEART’s Funding
  • HEART’s “Spiritual” Teachers and Early Supporters
  • Ingrid Mattson
  • El-Hibri Foundation
  • Imam Mohamed Magid
  • Peaceful Families Project
  • Bayan’s and Mattson’s Caring Communities Project

HEART’s Notable Board Members

Perhaps most noteworthy at HEART is long-time board member Mahdia Lynn, a self-described “bi-sexual shia transgender woman.”

Mahdia is a biological male who “transitioned” to a woman.


Preying on youth in Ramadan.

Lynn is the founder and executive director of a “gay mosque” in Chicago. You can learn more about Mahdia holding “LGBT Shia Ramadan” and other absurd activities in this highly disturbing interview. [Viewer discretion is advised]

HEART’s bisexual shia transgender board member, Mahdia Lynn, celebrates “gay Eid.” Did Mahdia bring along her scholarly adviser Shaykha Ingrid Mattson to enjoy the rainbow festivities?

The co-founder of HEART is Nadiah Mohajir. As a feminist, Mohajir has a long history of loudly championing modern day Qawm Lut and especially transvestites and cross dressers.

She does not hide her love for homosexuality and drag queens.

“Watch out world!” says Nadiah. Notice how she distinguishes between women and “trans women” implying there is a difference. Doesnt that constitute bigotry in the year 2020??? HEART director Sahar expresses her pride.

Another important figure in the HEART organization is Ingrid Mattson, “scholarly advisor” to HEART. She is very critical to HEART’s credibility in that she plays the role of a conservative Muslim woman when in reality, Mattson is an open deviant. She takes advantage of trusting Muslims who are not aware of her anti-Islamic beliefs and nefarious associations with governmental and Zionist agencies.

Mattson stands in the middle between HEART directors Sameera Qureshi on the left and Nadiah Mohajir on the right, a veritable deviant sandwich.

Mattson’s involvement in HEART is discussed later in this report.

HEART’s Love for LGBT Fahisha

Ever since our 2018 report, HEART has only become more bold and shameless in its embrace of pure fasad.

It is critical to understand how nauseatingly backwards HEART’s anti-Islamic philosophy really is precisely because this is Ingrid Mattson’s philosophy and the philosophy of those who unabashedly work with HEART (as we see below).

HEART and Mattson make clear their mission to spread LGBT normalization to Muslims clear in this video from 2020.

NOTE: If HEART removes this video, here is the saved original.

Since 2018, it seems that HEART has had great difficulty finding support from mosques and the Muslim community as a whole.

Not to be deterred from its anti-Islamic mission, HEART has had to turn to non-Muslim extreme left-wing agencies for help with its pro-fahisha agenda.

One such organization is Advocates for Youth. Advocates for Youth is dedicated to forcing LGBT-acceptance onto Muslims.

Strategizing how to best indoctrinate Muslims.

In fact, Advocates for Youth partnered with HEART for exactly this LGBT purpose. And HEART has been more than eager to be the useful stooge in their plot by, for example, participating in the “MuslimAnd” program to celebrate (and create) gay, lesbian, and trans Muslims.

HEART preys on Muslim youth.

An extremely disturbing aspect of HEART’s collaboration with Advocates for Youth is that this program targets young Muslims. This is the worst kind of predatory behavior.

The toolkit can be downloaded here. It is filled with what are supposed to be young Muslims confessing about how gay they are. These likely fabrications are meant to be read by young Muslims and make them think that being a Muslim homosexual is common and normal.

From the Advocates for Youth Toolkit: Im Muslim and I Might Not Be Straight, heavily promoted and distributed by HEART. Note the image description which avoids specifying gender of the confused youth, describing him or her as a person.

HEART also collaborates with Queer Crescent, another radical group of homosexuals working to reform Islam in accordance with their rectal fetishism.

To see how utterly khabith Queer Crescent is, try to watch more than one second of this hindu dance from a cross dressing man [Viewer discretion is advised].

Yet HEART invites these people to teach for them.

HEART is proud to work with these shayatin. We can only assume that their scholarly advisor, Ingrid Mattson, who is constantly praising them, approves.

HEART held a halaqa series about the prophet Lut taught by Queer Crescent. There is apparently no limit to how low and depraved these people will go.

These are the people that HEART allies with to teach Quran:

Literal shayatin.

Spreading gay propaganda is not the only way HEART targets Muslim youth. Multiple times a year, they also flamboyantly celebrate LGBT “pride month” and “transgender love week.”

They make sure to chastise Muslims who reject such fahisha and accuse them of violence, oppression, and bigotry.

According to HEART, Muslims not accepting homosexuality and sex-change operations is “violence” and “oppression.” The only antidote to such hate is what HEART calls “Rahma,” i.e., accepting man-on-man rectal fetishism and gruesome genital mutilation via “sex change procedures.”

HEART makes pathetic efforts to redefine Islamic terminology, e.g., rahma, fitna, wajib, fard, etc. Rahma, for example, according to HEART’s Orwellian redefinition, means to celebrate homosexuality, i.e., two or more men masturbating into each other rectums, or two or more women doing sexual acts. According to HEART, these are beautiful acts that Muslims must have the “Rahma” to accept.

HEART believes that teaching that zina is haram is “shaming” and “abusive.” The most important thing is consent as defined by third wave feminism.

Furthermore, consent is the most important aspect of any rectum/fecal encounter, which is why, HEART informs us, “consent is fard,” i.e., obligatory. Engaging in fahisha and other debased acts Allah has condemned, however, is completely up to the person, and anyone who says otherwise is an evil oppressor lacking “Rahma.”

This is Islam according to deviant Ingrid Mattson, who serves as HEART’s “scholarly advisor.”

Another distortion: “Patriarchy is fitna.” According to HEART the literal definition of fahisha is “Rahma,” but male authority, namely, the same male authority prescribed in the Quran and Sunna of the leadership of prophets, fathers, and husbands, is “fitna.”

But the corruption and fahisha Mattson and team are unleashing on the Muslims is not fitna…

Nowadays, after being shut out by the wider Muslim community, HEART’s focus has turned to sharing graphic pictures of female genitalia and tips on how to use tampons (how very trans-exclusionary and cis-centric of them!).

Also, their Ramadan series on how to worship in the way that you want while menstruating was noteworthy. Is HEART implying that Muslim women should pray and fast while menstruating if they so choose?

HEART also avoids using the word “women” in the post because that would, of course, exclude non-women who menstruate (???).

Menstruation is a “divine process” according to the deviant beliefs of HEART.

HEART’s Attempt to Reshape the Muslim Community

What makes HEART dangerous is that they are not content to stay under their rock and remain the irrelevant deviants that they are. They are actively trying to transform the community. As we mentioned in our 2018 report, they aggressively recruit on college campuses targeting MSA’s and Islamic societies. They brand themselves as being concerned with “sex education” and “sexual violence,” but their true ideological agenda is barely concealed.

For example, HEART has heavily promoted Shii practices and beliefs through their social media channels, accusing Sunnis of oppressing the Shia “for centuries.” What does the promotion of Shi’ism have to do with “sexual education”?

Like all anti-Muslim organizations, HEART promotes these issues to attack and disrupt the Sunni Muslim community from every angle.

The end goal is to weaken the community by ideologically corrupting primarily Muslim women and Muslim girls. It’s right there in the name: HEART Women & Girls!

Predatory reform targeting the Muslim community. HEART wants to teach Muslims their version of Islam, i.e., LGBT feminist excrement.

HEART uses old feminist and reformist tropes to give their agenda the air of credibility. According to them, the only reason Muslims don’t embrace modern day Qawm Lut is that they have adopted the “patriarchal homophobia” of colonialism. According to them, there is nothing in Islam that opposes pre-marital sex, men anally penetrating each other in dark alleys, cross dressing, etc. It’s all colonial patriarchy!

Masjid boards need to include representatives from Qawm Lut, according to HEART.

In their recent video (shared above), the HEART team talks explicitly about their predatory agenda.

HEART Director Sahar Pirzada says:

HEART is founded in showing compassion to others and that is the most basic and foundational principle of living in community as Muslims. We are a organization that does center folks who are oftentimes marginalized in our community, whether it’s LGBTQ survivors or folks who have disabilities, women, children.

Notice how Pirzada first and foremost mentions “LGBTQ survivors” before anyone else.

Then other directors Nadiah Mohajir, Aisha Ismail, and Sameera Qureshi chime in with their “compassionate” message:

It is really important for this work to be inclusive so that we can ensure that we’re not leaving anyone behind. We are trying to help other Muslims realize that regardless of your sexual orientation, your gender identity, everyone deserves the same amount of information, the same type of information, safe spaces, access to resources, and access to information that can save lives.

Sexual orientation is the central concern in the work of these fussaq.

If we are leaving [unabashed queers] out of the conversation, we’re actually oppressing them intentionally, which completely goes against major tenants of the Islamic faith.

Not inviting drag queens to your masjid to play with and touch your children is intentional oppression, according to HEART.

We’re not making ourselves religious authorities to tell someone their lifestyle is or isn’t wrong. We are saying that you have this lived experience and there’s a spot for you here. And I think in that way, we’re faith inspired.

Which “faith” is HEART inspired by? Satanism?

Mohajir also makes a very telling remark that elucidates Ingrid Mattson’s influence on HEART:

We’re able to reach all different kinds of communities, because people see themselves reflected in our extended team. Over the years, we’ve been able to also further expand and develop our scholars advisory board. We’re able to work with all of these amazing women and deepen our understanding of the intersection of all of these movements with Islamic law and Islamic tradition.

In other words, HEART’s scholarly advisors, primarily Ingrid Mattson, have “deepened” their understanding of Islamic law and Islamic tradition, basically giving them “Islamic justification” for all the fahisha they promote.

Mattson also appears in the video and says:

I have great trust in HEART and in their leadership and staff. I personally don’t know of any other organization that addresses the issues HEART addresses with the same kind of professionalism, accessibility, and a public health approach. They are people who have a deep love of God.

Quite an endorsement from Mattson. Is HEART’s “deep love of God” best demonstrated by their LGBT iftars or their pro-zina messaging directed at Muslim youth? Please elaborate, Shaykha Ingrid.

Mattson also says:

At the most fundamental level, HEART is founded in showing compassion to others and that is the most basic and foundational principle of living in community as Muslims.

Yes, “showing compassion” while violating the most basic Islamic norms. This fake and predatory “compassion” from HEART trumps everything else, as Mattson succinctly puts it.

They also conduct training and that’s really important, so that we can begin to break the stigma of talking about these issues in a community setting.

This is HEART’s goal: to reform and reshape the Muslim community according to its twisted, evil vision. And it all starts with “training” and “education” to “break the stigma” about Qawm Lut and fahisha, to break the stigma of lying about deen and the noble prophets in a community setting, with Mattson’s blessing.

At the end of the video, Mohajir delivers a chilling message:

In the next 10 years, we’d like to continue doing what we’re doing but do it in a way that’s bolder. We’re only reaching a certain percentage of American Muslims and we want to ultimately reach all of them.

She wants HEART to be bolder. What does that mean? How could such a brazen, nauseating organization be any bolder?

And look at her admission. HEART is only victimizing a small percentage of American Muslims. They ultimately want to prey on all of us.

But they can’t do it without two things: 1) Funding, and 2) Support from Influencers. Let’s consider these in turn.

HEART’s Funding

Where does this vile organization get its money from?

HEART’s public tax filing can be downloaded here:

HEART regularly embarrasses itself with grassroots fundraisers that fail. For example, this past December, they tried to raise $3500 for their 10-year anniversary and only managed to scrounge up $195 from three donors named Tonya Lovelace (who donated twice), Heidi Lehmann, and Sameena Rahman. Tonya, Heidi, and Sameena are the only ones, it seems, who care enough about HEART to chip in a few pity dollars.

HEART claims to be zakat eligible, by the way. Imagine the person deranged enough to give their zakat to an organization promoting virtually every single fuhsh in the book.

But it is telling that HEART has zero community support. No one wants to contribute to this trainwreck of an organization, certainly no one from the Muslim community.


In 2017, LaunchGood allowed HEART to fundraise on its platform for “Let’s Talk About Sex!

In October and November of 2020, HEART again created a campaign for $15,000 on LaunchGood.

LaunchGood bills itself as a Muslim fundraising platform and reviews every campaign that runs on its site.

LaunchGood allows fahisha promoters to claim “zakat eligibility.” What is LaunchGood’s cut of this “zakat”?

So how did HEART’s campaign, which explicitly mentions promotion of LGBT in their campaign video, get approved by LaunchGood? Does LaunchGood allow any deviant LGBT promoting group to raise thousands of dollars using its service?

What makes an appalling display into an absolute farce is that the LaunchGood campaign is labelled “zakat eligible.” LaunchGood apparently takes no responsibility for HEART’s perversion and desecration of zakat.

All this is shocking and disappointing.

In the past, LaunchGood has allowed a “gay masjid” to raise $10,001 on its platform. This is the same masjid that HEART’s Mahdia Lynn founded. LaunchGood admin was informed of this but the gay masjid campaign remains on their website.

Other Funding Sources

The failure of their attempts at grassroots funding means that HEART has to rely on grants from the federal government as well as from extreme liberal LGBT-promoting agencies.

HEART’s website lists the following sources:

Many of these are radical leftist organization with the overt mission of destroying traditional values around gender, marriage, and family.

The bulk of HEART’s funding, however, comes from the government.

As we reported previously, HEART received $325,000 from Trump’s Justice Department in 2017.

In 2019, HEART received $444,446.

It is hard to imagine anything more treacherous to the Muslim community than an org that takes nearly a million dollars in funding from the federal government while openly announcing its plans to reform Islam while supposed “scholarly” authorities rubber stamp them and invite them to “train” the community.

For those who ever doubted that the US government has a keen interest in distorting Islam and disrupting the American Muslim community, here is indisputable proof.

Beyond funders, HEART’s website also lists the following “supporters.” Many notable names listed here for “those who know.”

HEART’s “Spiritual” Teachers and Early Supporters

First and foremost, it is critical to understand that HEART would have had no connection to the Muslim community if it were not for figures who were already in the masajid to introduce HEART to those Muslim spaces.

These figures knew/know the extent of HEART’s deviance. Yet they opened the door wide open for them, exposing innocent Muslims to their fahisha.

Omer Mozaffar

Chaplain at Loyola University in Chicago, Omer Mozaffar is perhaps the most responsible for bringing HEART into actual mosques in Chicago. He served as a “spiritual” mentor and teacher to HEART’s founders and initial directors: Nadiah Mohajir, Jenan Mohajir, Samar Kaukab, and Eman Aly. Later, Mozaffar would marry Samar Kaukab (One might wonder if there was any “spiritual abuse” in Mozaffar as teacher marrying his student, Kaukab — Kaukab shold be asked what she thinks).

“Faith Foundations” was a “course” offered by Mozaffar in Chicago.

Mozaffar’s dubious resume includes:

  • Defending Muslim participation in the government’s CVE counter-radicalization program (and receiving money from the CVE-funded CIOGC in Chicago)
  • Defending Muslim participation in the Zionist “Muslim Leadership Initiative” Program
  • Organizing an “LGBT iftar”
  • Spreading baseless slander about Muslim figures like Nouman Ali Khan
  • Participating in HEART’s early campaigns targeting Chicago-based imams
  • Avid movie reviewer

Mozaffar was way ahead of the curve in advocating for Qawm Lut. HEART’s deep and abiding love for homosexuality appears to have originated with their spiritual guide, Mozaffar.

Mozaffar and his then-student Eman Aly of HEART trying to train imams in a workshop in 2016 at American Islamic College, the same venue of Mattson’s 2020 Hurma No masjid apparently is willing to host these people and their fahisha mongering.
Another HEART associate, Eman Hassaballa Aly.

Mozaffar’s love and concern for homosexuals appears to be so sincere that he even helped HEART organize an LGBT iftar to celebrate Qawm Lut in Ramadan. More on this below.

Mozaffar eventually left HEART after his marriage with former HEART director Samar Kaukab ended in divorce. But Mozaffar’s fitna-mongering did not end with HEART. He played a significant role in launching HEART’s sister organization: FACE, another despicable organization of raging feminists engaged in all out aggression towards Muslims and masajid.

Mohammed Kaiseruddin

Another key figure in paving the way for HEART is the former chairman of CIOGC (Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago), Mohammed Kaiseruddin.

As the chairman of one of the largest inter-masjid organizations in the country, Kaiseruddin loudly promoted HEART and called the Muslim community to not only recognize and appreciate them, but also to support them.

Doing a press conference with HEART’s Jenan Mohajir, Nadiah Mohajir’s sister.

Kaiseruddin showed his own support for this motley crew of fussaq by joining them at a much-hyped “LGBT iftar” that was called “groundbreaking” by some in 2016. The news article covering this queer affair notes:

“But Kaiseruddin also expressed amazement at the composition of the room. He said while he expected that the group would discuss LGBTQ issues, he never expected that LGBTQ Muslims — and so many of them — would be in attendance. Later in the evening, he said he felt he had to review Quranic scriptures regarding the faith’s posture toward gays and lesbians.”

What a shameful display from Kaiseruddin, who not only attends an “iftar” with modern-day Qawm Lut but also pretends to them that the Quran is not clear about the status of such people.

Imagine, the chairman for one of the most influential Muslim organizations in Chicago, not only attended a gay iftar but also said that there was a need to “review Quranic scriptures regarding the faith’s posture toward gays and lesbians.”

Qawm Lut supporter Mozaffar is also quoted at the event saying:

This is an attempt to simply start the conversation,” said Omer Mozaffar, the Muslim Chaplain at Loyola University, who facilitated the evening’s discussion. “What does it mean to be Muslim and LGBT?

Yes, please explain, Mozaffar. What does it mean to be Muslim and LGBT? What kind of “conversation” are you trying to “start”?

Umar Faruq Abd-Allah

Another influence HEART founder Nadiah Mohajir mentions which is worth noting is Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah (Abdullah). In a 2015 interview, Mohajir is asked:

Christine Schenk: You made a conscious decision to continue to practice Islam and to work for change from within. Why?

Nadiah Mohajir: I never left Islam because of my exposure in my early college years to the type of critical thinking […] and the rich history of diversity and unconditional love Islam has for all communities, not just for the typical ‘mainstream’ Muslim — and so I knew that it wasn’t the faith that was problematic, but rather the superficial understanding of Islam that some communities have. A scholar, Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-allah, was integral in helping me explore this and the need to contribute to an ‘American Islam.’ Here is a great paper [“Islam and the Cultural Imperative”] written by Dr. Umar that explores this further.

Was Dr. Abd-Allah mentoring Mohajir? It appears so. In an article Mohajir wrote attacking Islamic modesty and hijab, Mohajir reveals:

As Dr. Umar Faruq Abd-Allah taught me for many years, we have an obligation to protect our faith, but above that, we also have an obligation to protect our life and our sanity.

Dr. Umar’s connection with HEART actually goes much deeper. His wife, Samira Abd-Allah served on HEART’s board from 2010 to 2017.


Ingrid Mattson

HEART’s “scholarly” advisor, Ingrid Mattson, has a storied record of working with government counter-extremism agencies to police the Muslim community. She is head and shoulders above most when it comes to working with Zionist Jewish orgs on “interfaith.” And she does it with a pretentiousness and sense of self-righteousness that few can match.

Mattson is in an elite club. She is one of the very few Muslims that has been praised by a CIA Director and Advisor to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In 2010, John O. Brennan personally thanked Mattson for her leadership in fight against “violent extremism.” [Imam Khalid Latif was also thanked in the same speech.]

Many Muslims are not aware how big of a deviant reformist Ingrid Mattson really is. Consider this revealing talk she gave at an academic event where she:

  • 22:24 – Respectfully refers to Amina Wadud regarding ijma criticism (the same Wadud who tries to lead men in prayer, curses anbiya, and advocates saying “No!” to the Quran in her book)
  • 24:27 – Condescendingly describes the process of hilal in Sunni Islam
  • 24:27 – Says that Muslims in America and Canada are oppressed by the fetishistic way that traditional scholars rely on traditionalist answers
  • 25:40 – Attacks “traditionalists” for not being able to deal with modern issues
  • 27:55 – Claims modernists are part of Sunni Islam
  • 29:10 – Says the “traditionalist” approach “is not working well, frankly.”

So it is not hard to see how Mattson is such a major supporter and champion of the deviant HEART.

In reality, the person first and foremost who should be held accountable for HEART is Ingrid Mattson.

Yes, HEART was the first attempting to “educate” the American Muslim community on LGBT and zina normalization.

When we published our first report on HEART in July 2018 detailing all this corruption and outright fahisha, the only figure to have the audacity to come out and publicly support HEART was their scholarly adviser Ingrid Mattson.

But what is Mattson’s connection to HEART?

She has been one of the main “scholarly” advisors for HEART and has spent years advocating for this insidious group of deviants as well as extensively collaborating with them.

The “shaykhas” of HEART.

How corrupt is Ingrid Mattson that she stands by HEART? Maybe Mattson is the one who is pushing HEART further and further into LGBT deviance. Maybe it is Mattson who wanted HEART to target Muslim youth with the LGBT propaganda material from Advocates for Youth.

Shaykha Ingrid always shows her support for the “good” HEART does.

Many imams are not aware of Mattson’s extensive record of supporting batil and rabidly attacking the Islamic tradition. To those who know Mattson’s background, it comes as no surprise how she can support a group as evil and anti-Islamic as HEART.

Is Mattson the shaykha for Mozaffar?

HEART does not hide or in any other way conceal its support of fahisha. But year after year, Mattson continues to praise HEART’s work and does her best to push HEART onto the Muslim community.

The focus of Mattson’s nowadays is her Hurma Project. This is a project dedicated to “holding abusive imams accountable” and deserves its scrutiny and reports of its own.

With funding from non-Muslim sources, Mattson has elected herself Accountability Czar to police imams and the Muslim community at large for “abuse.” But it is hardly clear how an open promoter of deviance like Mattson, who has extensive ties with shady government programs, CVE, and Zionists, should be in any position to hold others accountable. Who is going to hold Mattson accountable for her relentless spiritual abuse of the Muslim community?

We live in bizarre times where the biggest deviant fussaq have appointed themselves as the morality police for the Muslim community. It would be laughable if it weren’t so dangerous. Yet, here we are.

These operatives, like HEART and Mattson, who stand for virtually every single fahisha and dhulm — e.g., zina, LGBT, sex-change operations, removal of hijab, collaboration with Zionists and anti-Muslim governmental agencies, etc. — are also claiming to be protectors and guardians of the Muslim community.

Mattson’s Hurma held a “spiritual abuse” conference on January 11, 2020.

Mattson gave HEART a major role in educating the attendees at the conference and sharing their sex miseducation materials. Also presenting was Alia Salem of the despicable imam-hunting org FACE, who received multiple endorsements from Mattson as the go-to in writing slander filed reports against targeted imams.

These figures have been networking for years. Left to Right: Alia Salem of FACE, Sahar Pirzada of HEART, Ingrid Mattson, and Sameera Ahmed of Family and Youth Institute. Does FYI also use HEART material to “Educate” the community?

Also speaking and participating were some “traditional” “shaykhas”:

  • Rania Awaad (Khalil Center; wife of Rami Nsour of In Shaykh’s Clothing)
  • Muslema Purmul (The Majlis)
  • Zaynab Ansari (Tayseer Seminary)
  • Tamara Gray (Rabata)

These “shaykhas” provide radical LGBT-promoting feminists cover to operate in and prey on the mainstream Muslim community. They also contribute by giving half-baked “Islamic” reasoning to empower the feminist intrusions and attacks against imams and community leaders they deem “abusive.”

Pictured at the Hurma conference: Ingrid Mattson, Rania Awaad, Tamara Gray, Muslema Purmul, Zaynab Ansari, Zainab Alwani. “Female Islamic Scholars”
A “beautiful day” in the “beautiful company” of fussaq LGBT and zina promoters.

Ultimately, this is Mattson’s philosophy for dismantling traditional Muslim organizations and masajid that do not bend to her feminist diktats:

Hurma puts Mattson at the epicenter of this network of feminists and imam hunters that are pretending to serve the Muslim community.

Rabia Chaudry, the Zionism normalizer, is a big fan of Mattson and is her supporter when it comes to imam hunting.

Beyond Hurma, it is quite interesting to see the kind of people in the Muslim community that work with Mattson and promote her as if she were a legitimate Muslim voice or even “scholar.”

Mattson served on the advisory board for Aasim Padela’s Initiative on Islam and Medicine from 2014 to 2018.

Aasim Padela of the Initiative on Islam and Medicine (IIM) has Mattson on his Advisory board from 2014 and 2018. In 2019, he organized two back-to-back conferences. The program schedules can be seen here and here. Both are sponsored by Bayan and organized by Aasim Padela. Both conferences have Khalil Center speakers. The second conference has sponsorship from Darul Qasim and has Sh Amin Kholwadia speaking in the final Panel.

Perhaps most shocking, if anything is shocking anymore, is that Padela brings the vicious attacker of imams and a huge spreader of filth in the community Mattson’s student Nadiah Mohajir. He put her in the first e-March part of the program and has her speaking on the same panel as a Dutch lady Padela has on his team whose focus is on “genital mutilation.”

Toxic organization, like MLI, designed to normalize Zionism in the Muslim community. No surprise that Mattson is at the forefront promoting it.
“Shaykha” Tamara Grays org Rabata is a big supporter of Mattson.
Ingrid teaming up with Tamara Gray of Rabata and Sh Rami Nsour of In Shaykh’s Clothing to “educate” the community on “spiritual abuse.” What about the spiritual abuse unleashed by Ingrid onto the community?
Faraz Rabbani of Seekersguidance promotes deviant Mattson to his unsuspecting students. This is from 2020.
“Shaykh” Salman Younas of SeekersGuidance is a big fan of Mattson.

What is disturbing is how Mattson has made active efforts to spread her toxic influence to the UK. Sadly, some “traditional” scholarly figures in the UK have been only too willing to assist her in these efforts by giving her their platforms and their endorsements.

Shaykha Ingrid exporting her feminist doctrines to the UK with the support of Akram Nadwi, et al.
The Centre for Islam and Medicine in the UK appreciates Mattson.
Mattson spreading feminist doctrines far and wide.

Isn’t it surprising that, as openly deviant as Mattson is, she is still treated as an honored “scholar” by supposedly “traditional” Muslim figures and institutions?

How are “traditional” scholars like Faraz Rabbani — who features Mattson frequently on his platform — so clueless as to what Mattson is all about?

Mattson and Faraz Rabbani giving a talk on extremism at the front of the masjid in 2015.

Hamza Yusuf, also a purported “traditional” shaykh, recently presented Mattson a lifetime achievement award at the virtual ISNA convention. He had high praise for Mattson as a “scholar” with deep knowledge. He also praised Mattson’s imam-hunting Hurma Project.

There are many others who want to pretend to be “traditional” and “orthodox” figures yet continue to work with and promote Mattson. We at MuslimSkeptic will continue to highlight these connections and this corrupt network over time in sha Allah.

CAIR holding a virtual event on “gender-based violence” with HEART and FACE. Liked by Jonathan Brown. [You might recognize the host from another video: It’s the Tala`al-badru guy.]
CAIR, HEART, and FACE working close together.

El-Hibri Foundation

Another supporter of HEART is El-Hibri Foundation, which awarded HEART’s director, Nadiah Mohajir, its 2018 Community Builder award. El-Hibri is a leftist organization that throws large sums of money at deviants and fahisha mongers.

According to their website:

“The El-Hibri Foundation (EHF) is a philanthropic organization that empowers and equips Muslim leaders and their allies to build thriving, inclusive communities.”

Fuad El-Hibri

The Foundation belongs to the El-Hibri family, Lebanese-German Americans who made their fortune in Biotechnology.


A great deal can be written about El-Hibri Foundation and how they operate, but suffice to say, they provide grants to many Muslim political orgs spreading deviance in the American Muslim community, not to mention Zionist-affiliated groups. These include:

  • Dalia Mogahed’s ISPU (Institute for Social Policy and Understanding) [Also funded by Pillars Fund]
  • Muslim Public Affairs Council
  • MuslimARC [Also funded by Pillars Fund]
  • AMCLI [Also funded by Pillars Fund]
  • Emgage USA [Also funded by Pillars Fund]
  • Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom
  • The Aspen Institute

In 2018, El-Hibri awarded Nadiah Mohajir their “Community Builder” award.

Was El-Hibri somehow not aware of Mohajir’s extreme deviancy or the fahisha promotion of her org? Or are these precisely the qualities El-Hibri looks to promote?

Mohajir goes on a tirade against hijab, which apparently impresses El-Hibri Foundation.
Mattson congratulates Mohajir on her El-Hibri award. Rami Nashashibi of IMAN retweets.

Interesting to note that Mohajir won El-Hibri’s award in 2018 and Dalia Mogahed also won an award in 2019. HEART’s Ingrid Mattson was there to congratulate Dalia along with Imam Magid, Dr. Sherman Jackson, and others.

Dalia Mogahed at El-Hibri’s award ceremony, sitting with Ingrid Mattson. Dr. Sherman Jackson and Imam Magid are to the right.

What is interesting is that the director/president at El-Hibri when both Mohajir and Mogahed were awarded in 2018 and 2019 was Farhan Latif. Latif was also former director of ISPU before Mogahed replaced him in that role.

This is the incestuous nature of the “American Islam” network. Many of these people are connected and support each other’s evil work.

Imam Mohamed Magid

Presenting Mohajir with El-Hibri Foundation’s Community Builder award in 2018 was Imam Mohamed Magid.

Mohamed Magid is a US imam that is infamous for participating in the “interfaith prayer” at Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017.

In his speech praising her at El-Hibri’s award ceremony, Imam Magid described Mohajir as a “courageous leader” who has served the community for years by addressing “taboo” sexual subjects in the mosque.

For four minutes, Mohajir sat there basking in the moment as Magid lavished praise on her, despite the fact that her whole career is built on deforming Islam to make it more compatible with zina, homosexuality, transgenderism, etc.

The El-Hibri Community Builder award, presented to zina-normalizer Nadiah Mohajir by Imam Magid and El-Hibri Director Farhan Latif.

Was Imam Magid simply not aware of HEART’s long involvement with fahisha? Unfortunately, it seems he was well aware, as we see below.

Imam Magid and Peaceful Families Project

The sad fact of the matter is, Imam Magid has an extensive and involved relationship with HEART (and with CVE and numerous vile Zionist orgs, but that’s for another report). This may be due to Mattson’s influence, given that Magid served as Vice President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) while Ingrid Mattson served as President from 2006 to 2009.

On three occasions, Imam Magid invited HEART to hold workshops for his Peaceful Families Project, in 2016, 2017, and 2018. On these occasions, the zina-promoting Sameera Qureshi, HEART’s “Director of Sexuality and Education,” was placed in front of imams to train them on sex.

Is HEART’s Qureshi inviting this imam to an LGBT iftar?
Apparently, imams would not know what rape and consent are if it weren’t for Peaceful Families Project and HEART to “educate” them on the newest feminist doctrines.


Here again we see this pattern of well-positioned Muslim figures, like Imam Magid and Salma Abugideiri of the Peaceful Families Project, collaborating with a fringe group of fussaq, not only collaborating with them, but introducing them to the wider Muslim community as well as imams.

What business does Sameera Qureshi — a woman who literally promotes zina, abortion, and LGBT — have educating our imams on anything?

Did Qureshi teach the imams that telling their congregants that zina is sinful is “shaming” them? Did she teach them that embracing homo-fahisha is “Rahma”?

Imam Magid and his Peaceful Families Project should be held accountable for time and again propping up these fujjar.

Now, even if Imam Magid has a soft spot for brazen deviants, why would he invite HEART three years in a row? Is it because HEART is particularly good at what they do (i.e., fisq)? Or could it be because Peaceful Families Project is a close collaborator with El-Hibri Foundation?

El-Hibri has also funded and collaborated with Peaceful Families Project on several occasions. The incestuous nature of all these fahisha-promoting groups should not go unnoticed. They form a network, connected by a mission to turn the Muslim community in America into feminists and LGBT lovers.

In the image below, we see Peaceful Families brainstorming fundraising ideas and listed are three possible funders: Pillars Fund, El-Hibri Foundation, and the US Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women. These are the same groups that have funded HEART and Ingrid Mattson’s Hurma.

Peaceful Families Project brainstorming how to get their funding. Like all of these “spiritual abuse” organizations, the money comes from the same three sources: Pillars Fund, El-Hibri Foundation, and the US Dept. of Justice.
Empowered by El-Hibri, Peaceful Families Project is ready to “educate” the community, armed with the knowledge of “abuse” and “Rahma” from HEART as well as the latest developments from Gender Studies departments and feminist dogma.
HEART’s Mohajir with El-Hibri and Peaceful Families Project. One piece of the larger network.


Bayan Islamic Graduate School is a semi-academic institution previously associated with the Claremont Colleges that offers Masters degrees in “Islamic Leadership,” chaplaincy, etc.

Their courses are taught by visiting faculty, a who’s who of reformist academics and deviants like: Omid Safi, Zareena Grewal, Mohammad Fadel, David Coolidge, Joseph Lumbard, and Jonathan Brown.

Comfortably mixed with these folks are several notable “woke” imams: Suhaib Webb, Khalid Latif, and Omar Suleiman.

In 2019, Bayan received a $325,000 grant from the Henry Luce Foundation for a project called: Caring Communities: Taking on Gender-Based Violence / An Online Certificate Course for Muslim Leaders.

Bayan president Jihad Turk announces the project on International Women’s Day.

Ingrid Mattson and her Hurma Project partnered with Bayan to develop this “certificate course” dedicated to “gender-based violence,” training Muslims to become feminist fahisha-mongers in the mold of Mattson and her HEART team.

But who is actually developing the curriculum for Muslim leaders?

Their website reveals: None other than HEART.

This program is scheduled to run with live sessions from December 6, 2020 to February 28, 2021.

The Caring Communities website also lists other “scholars and experts” who are scheduled to teach. Notice the familiar names.

  • Dr. Ingrid Mattson
  • Salma Abugidieri (Peaceful Families Project)
  • Imam Mohamed Magid (ADAMS Center, VA; past-president of ISNA)
  • Nadiah Mohajir (Executive Director, HEART)
  • Aisha Rahman (former Executive Director, Karamah: Muslim Women Lawyers for Human Rights)
  • Dr. Kameelah Mu’min Rashad (President, Muslim Wellness Foundation)
  • Dr. Najeeba Syeed (Assoc. Professor, Chicago Theological Seminary)
  • Munir Shaikh (Vice President, Bayan Islamic Graduate School)

Also listed as contributing resources to the course:

  • Dr. Hina Azam (Professor, University of Texas – Austin)
  • Margari Hill (Executive Director, MuslimARC) [Also funded by Pillars Fund]
  • Dr. Azizah Al-Hibri (President, Karamah)
  • Imam Khalid Latif (Director, Islamic Center of New York University)
  • FACE (imam-hunting feminist org run by LGBT activist Alia Salem)
  • RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)
  • Muhsen (organization founded by Omar Suleiman) [Also funded by Pillars Fund]
  • In Shaykh’s Clothing (another imam-hunting “accountability” org)

Here again we see the oft-recurring theme of the supposed authorities on “gender-based violence,” “spiritual abuse,” and “holding religious leaders accountable” also being the biggest deviants and fahisha mongers at the forefront of pushing LGBT acceptance and feminist tyranny onto the Muslim community.

This is by no means a coincidence.

This network coming together under Bayan is working hard to position itself as the authority who will hold the rest of the community “accountable” according to its depraved liberal feminist doctrines. Meanwhile, they indoctrinate Muslim youth with their incessant pro-LGBT, pro-zina messaging. Faux-traditionalist scholars and imams like Faraz Rabbani, Hamza Yusuf, Mohamed Magid, Ingrid Mattson, and others provide cover by presenting these figures and their projects to the wider Muslim community and masajid, essentially vouching for them.

Let us reiterate what was said in the 2018 report: We need to be protective of the Muslim mainstream in America. We cannot allow a well-funded network of regressives with a reformist feminist agenda to exercise influence when they are clearly and unabashedly devoted to LGBT fahisha, zina, transgenderism, etc.

The community must stand up and say, No. We will no longer stay silent and allow this assault on Islam, on the Muslim community, on our youth.

May Allah protect us and our children from the purveyors of misguidance.

NOTE: Please help us by sharing this report far and wide. Jazakum Allahu khayra!

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By being a trans and then opening a women-lead “mosque”; it is like these lunatics are openly mocking Islam and the way they are doing that is by distorting Islam and adopting every insane Liberal Ideology. If cannibalism is accepted in the Liberal West tomorrow these so-called Liberal “Muslims” will incorporate this into their way of life. They are like dogs always following their master wherever he or she goes.


You mentioned Nouman Ali Khan as a victim of Omar Muzaffar’s slander. They might have some internal issues between them or indeed Omar Muzaffar might have transgressed against Nouman; but Nouman is no cleanskin as far as assaults on Islam are concerned. He will take any opportunity to share the stage with the sold out celebrities that you have mentioned here, and stay politically correct in this cesspool of celebrity shaykhs.

to reiterate

Sodomy = Haram
Praising a Fasiq = Sin
Mocking Islam = Kufr
Talking about shameless subjects in masjid = Huge disrespect
Befriending kuffar and plotting against Muslims = Kufr
Islam = Patriarchal
Every act of worship done that has not been as clearly explained/demonstrated by Nabi (PBUH) is bida/baatil.



If there ever should be any kind of organization that aims at helping the lgbt people, it should be aimed at counseling them and supporting them in sharing prayers and duas and istighfars, show them a way to ask repentance and healing from Allah. This is the way to show them what they call “Compassion”. This is the real Compassion. Encouraging them to follow a road of destruction and deviancy is true betrayal of the trust of our young brothers and sisters. Our deen is clear.
This time is a test Subhanallah. May Allah Protect us and our muslim children from the real fitna of this dajjal world. Thank you Brother Daniel for your work. Baraka Allaho Fik. Your voice is much needed. Alhaamdulillah


It is heartbreaking reality. Thanks brother Daniel for sharing this. Please read the history of Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje and his converted camouflage to destroy Islam in Indonesia. The similarity could be seen to what is happening now as history repeats. Wallahu a’lam.

The Muslim Theist

This was an excellent article until the following:

“Their courses are taught by visiting faculty, a who’s who of reformist academics and deviants like: Omid Safi, Zareena Grewal, Mohammad Fadel, David Coolidge, Joseph Lumbard, and Jonathan Brown.”

If the article is about HEART’s agenda and their supporters, then stick to those who actually have something to do with HEART rather than just lumping anyone you dislike or is problematic into one big network. Lumbard, for example, is a traditionalist who is against feminism and the LGBT reformation of Islam. He has nothing to do with HEART, and has actively written against reformist views in the Study Quran. If you want to write an article about perennialism, then talk about him there, but it’s ridiculous to implicate him in this. Likewise, David Coolidge, as far as I know, has nothing to do with HEART and actively disavow such views. Brown has shown some soft leftist and feminist leanings before in the past, but nowhere near what HEART promotes and I think it’s unfair to implicate him as well.

If your goal is to show that Bayan is a problematic institute for even hiring such people, I think you have to look at what specifically those instructors are teaching and what perspective they are promoting. Most academic institutions are not going to blanket ban an instructor who has some problematic views in some areas. They are not promoting themselves as an orthodox sunni madresseh, they are promoting themselves as an institute who takes people who have *already studied traditionally* and gives them additional training to deal with the modern context, pastoral care, etc. The requirement for the latter is not necessarily orthodoxy in all of one’s views.

Obviously, there is a problem when HEART is developing the curriculum for how these imams and chaplains are taught to interface with LGBTQ and feminism.



Brother, I think you have enough matter now to compile an index of sorts on the personalities and institutes you have mentioned in your overall project as a Muslim skeptic, not just in this article. A who’s who manual in the world of celebrity imams and heterodoxy. Or even a detailed (or summarized) spreadsheet listing out the names of institutes, personalities, and their deviancy from absolute Islamic essentials. I know it will take a chunk of your time, but I think such an index or quick reference manual is due now.

That will be a big help to people who like to shoot from the behind, or just people looking for a quick list of the deviancies of the celebrity figures in Islam.

@The Muslim Theist

Regarding Joeseph Lumbard, he’s not a traditionalist by a long shot. He’s a thorough perennialist, as later on you mention. I don’t understand how you can reconcile the kufr of perennialism as ‘traditionalism’. It’s good you mentioned their TSQ project yourself. Lumbard is a coauthor of that work, and it most certainly panders to the LGBT agenda (which this article on MuslimSkeptic is addressing).

TSQ says on page 436: “the real crime of the people of Lot was forcible sodomy rather than consensual homosexual relations.”

Can you please explain to me how TSQ, of which Joseph Lumbard is a coauthor, does not massage the LGBT agenda? In fact, that damning line plays right into the “consent is fard” axiom of HEART that Daniel addressed.

In fact LGBT is a smaller evil for Joseph Lumbard. TSQ and Joeseph Lumbard literally root for the acceptance of the Christian belief of trinity! Do let me know what’s so traditional about that.

In TSQ, in Joeseph Lumbard’s personally authored essay at the end of the book, he says on page 2931:

“Despite these affirmations of Jesus’ Divinely given powers, the concept of Trinity is criticized in the Quran: And say not “Three.” Refrain! It is better for you. God is only one God. Glory be to Him. (4:171) Another verse is more severe, condemning those who claim that God is one of three: They certainly disbelieve, those who say, “Truly God is the third of three,” while there is no god save one God. If they refrain not from what they say, a painful punishment will befall those among them who disbelieved. (5:73) This, however, is not a direct condemnation of Christian theology, for trinitarian theology does not make God one of three, but rather speaks of the triune God, Who is both one and three in a manner that transcends human understanding. Viewed in this light, 5:73 does not oppose the various forms of orthodox trinitarian doctrines that have prevailed most of Christian history. Rather, it appears to oppose crude misunderstandings of it that would lead one to believe that there are three gods instead of one.”

Daniel Haqiqatjou

@Muslim Theist: Aren’t you shia? How are you in any position to lecture Sunnis about who is or isn’t “traditional”?

EDIT: Just to avoid trolls saying I “dodged” your point:

First of all, it is more than relevant who is associated with Bayan because the same Bayan that hires HEART has hired this particular faculty. That tells us something meaningful and significant about both Bayan and the people they choose to teach at their school.

Secondly, it’s hilarious you recognize Lumbard is a perennialist but you say he is a “traditionalist.” You are equivocating on the word “traditional.” “Traditional” as used in the article means “orthodox.” A person who denounces LGBT and feminism in one instance but promotes the validity of other religions in another instance, as Lumbard does, is decidedly NOT traditional, to say the least.

Thirdly, as for shia chaplain David Coolidge, maybe he needs his own report, but calling him traditional is laughable.

Fourthly, someone like Brown who advocates for LGBT rights and free speech to insult the Prophet sallaAllahu `alayhi wasallam is certainly comparable to HEART and, in fact, he has many connections with HEART’s advisor, unsurprisingly.

Finally, your defense of Bayan is silly. They have open reformists and deviants teaching, but you minimize this as, “instructor who has some problematic views in some areas.” lol

Nonetheless, you are correct that this report was not focused on Bayan. If you want to learn more about what makes Bayan in particular problematic beyond the fact that they have open reformists teaching “Muslim leadership,” we can certainly oblige…

@Ahmed: JAK, definitely something to consider…


I see a lot of headscarves. Are they wearing those out of conviction or is it strategy?

Noticing many of the names mentioned are known Sufi. The RAND report says:

“Sufis are not a ready match for any of the categories, but we will here include
them in modernism. Sufism represents an open, intellectual interpretation of
Islam. Sufi influence over school curricula, norms, and cultural life should be
strongly encouraged in countries that have a Sufi tradition, such as Afghanistan
or Iraq. Through its poetry, music, and philosophy, Sufism has a strong bridge
role outside of religious affiliations.”

“Build up the stature of Sufism. Encourage countries with strong Sufi traditions
to focus on that part of their history and to include it in their school curricula.
Pay more attention to Sufi Islam.”

“— encouraging the popularity and acceptance of Sufism.”


Biden vows to pass LGBTQ rights legislation in first 100 days

“I will make enactment of the Equality Act a top legislative priority during my first 100 days – a priority that Donald Trump opposes,”

Khalid Khan

Brother Daniel , you are working tirelessly and sincerely to expose all of these machinations.
May Allah give you strength to overcome the odds.

Syed Ullah

In the name of Activism, Humanitarianism, Gender Equality, Feminism, Freedom of Choice, all these pulpits are wearing scarfs and beards.
I swear moment they take the hijab and shave the beard they will have zero followers.
Sailing under Islamic banner, Winding it with Vague Quranic Verses and Fiqh Terminology, giving new name to LGBTQ cause.
Majority of Ummah will never unite on gumrah Aqeeda.

Fatima K

Totally frightening and worrying about how these deviant teachings gain popularity amongst Muslims. We must remain united against this disease.


Speaking of the perennialism-LGBTQ tangled web and this article’s reference to Ingrid Mattson, The Study Quran has a series of “essays” at the end of the “translations and commentaries” of the Surahs. The very first of those essays is by Ingrid Mattson, titled ‘How to Read the Quran’.


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Parvez Islam

SubhanAllah, JAK Ustadh for revealing these “deviants” even though I would say that is a polite term for their words and actions. The only reason many of these “modernists” corruptors would have any spotlight at all would be the innocent and naive nature of the traditional Muslim communities. But those days are coming to an end, InShaAllah. Allah SWT will always send his help to the righteous and those of the Seraat al-Mustaqeen. BarakAllah fekum to you and your team.