Those Who Inadvertently Shield Deviants

Don’t be a person who hides cowardice behind “nuance,” “sophistication,” and “diplomacy.” If you see something wrong and despicable, clearly express your objection in a way that accurately conveys the seriousness of the matter.

We have Compassionate, Woke, and Unfit Imams step by step openly violating Islamic values and spreading deviance, calling their followers to the Fire.

Some of those who know better see this and say nothing (or even praise the figure and continue to work with him). They are complicit.

Others do register mild disapproval, but their reaction is completely disproportionate to the severity of the deviance.

For example, one of these Unfit Imams has a habit of disparaging 1400 years of ulama and says they were misogynists who distorted Islam out of anti-women hatred. Basically, he is throwing not only the ulama under the bus but the entire Islamic tradition under the bus to appeal to feminists. This is the mindset of a deviant reformer, but he pretends to be a “traditional” and “orthodox” Islamic scholar.

Such a “scholar” is extremely dangerous because he is disguising the worst kind of modernist poison (and sometimes even kufr) as “traditional Islam,” surreptitiously indoctrinating the Muslim community.

Those duat who know about the dangers of modernism and recognize the con game happening have a duty to warn their followers about the figure in question.

Yet, some of them stay silent. Others make fools of themselves with the following performance:

“Shaykh X is a luminary of our times who has done so much for the Umma with his brilliance and piety mashaAllah mashaAllah [continues effusive praise for a few paragraphs]. That being said, in my opinion, what he said about ulama being misogynists is not correct. But he is a great, amazing scholar deserving of our utmost respect and appreciation.”

This is an extreme case, but the underlying problem is the same. Rather than clarify the correct stance and explain how a person who has such views cannot be trusted as a scholar or imam, the daee chooses the “safe” route by mixing 10 liters of praise with the one drop of criticism.

The “benefit” of this approach is that it avoids challenging a popular figure, thus avoiding the backlash of said figure’s fans. It also gives the impression of balance, objectivity, and fair-mindedness, when in reality, it is nothing of the sort.

All this daee has done is make himself look good in front of followers who don’t know better or don’t know the details or the extent of the deviance.

Furthermore, the daee has allowed the figure to maintain his position of authority unchallenged, meaning he can continue spreading his deviance unabated. (And, again, we are talking about clear-cut matters of deen, not issues that do actually involve ikhtilaf.)

This is simply cowardice, no matter how much they try to convince themselves that they are being “diplomatic” and “strategic.”

And the dereliction of duty is even greater for such duat because they are intelligent enough to understand the deep nature of the problem but they won’t take a stand and say unequivocally “Enough is enough.”

Imagine a fire has been lit in a corner of your home. The fire grows and soon your entire house will be engulfed. Your friend rushes to the fire to put it, but instead of a bucket of water, he takes a small cup of water in one hand and maybe even a small cup of gasoline in the other and pours both of them on.

Is your friend really trying to stop the fire?

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Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal radi Allahu ‘anhu said that whoever said salam to a person of bid’ah has aided in the destruction of Islam! What then can we say for the cheerleaders who wave rainbow colored pompoms at such imams of bid’ah and kufr?


I wonder if you (brother Daniel) can talk to this Imam privately (just two of you). If not, then maybe you can facilitate a talk or dialogue. I believe that you have the capacity to bridge the gap between Ummah. Thanks brother Daniel for addressing such this issue.


To be fair, Brother Daniel has tried to talk to these Imams privately back when he used to work for an Islamic organization where these imams also worked at, but according to him there was no avail. I do agree a dialogue would be beneficial but until then calling out these deviant actions in public is what needed to let the rest know that its actually wrong

Tim Ruiz

Islam is dying in saudi arabia, and everywhere else. The kuffar win. The quran and muhammad will soon be a bad memory, like communism. Convert out of Islam or go extinct. Real men laugh at Islam p, real women laugh at Muslim “men”.