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As much as I hate liberalism and these ideologies, I find these memes absolutely immature and childish.


we don’t give a sh*t.


Please use language more befitting of a Muslim. Your language bears more resemblance to that of the enemies of Islam.


@2M This language is absolutely befitting to a Muslim, because you said stupid denigrations that called for such speech to put you in your place. You deserve it and I will talk to you like this, you arrogant criminal. Let the brothers enjoy themselves, and keep your useless stupidities to yourself, since again, we don’t give a sh*t.
PS: Gratuitously denigrating Muslims and what they do (what you did) is also something the enemies do, does that ”bear resemblance” to you? Or did you miss that one?
PPS: I don’t care what you say bears resemblance to what, your whims and impressions don’t have authority. Harsh speech (and more) is a part of the religion. Figure it out.

Bilal Rauf

These memes are better than what I find myself looking at ones on Facebook and the likes.