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Abdullah Bin Sajid

AsSalamu Alaikum Sir,
Hope you’re fine by Allah’s grace.
I’m seeing many anti-islamic extremists spread propaganda in the comments section of the social media. I request you to make a video on how to tackle their filth.
I’ve seen that most of their comments are pre-googled and put out-of-context. But most of the people don’t understand it. So they may fall into confusion.


The word “regurgitate” is used to express patronization, condescension, and disgust. YQ uses that a lot for people “repeating” the opinions of giants or imams of various madhhabs.

This shows that YQ thinks of himself as a super-imam. He needs to be put in his proper place and exposed for the sham that he is!

Grant Ottoman

Bani Israil had also the same concerns as YQ before they got cursed by Allah SWT..!

Yunus Hoosen

Slms I think YQ is a victim of shaytaan because shaytaan in tha 4x A
1.Abeed of all abeeds made sajdha on every part of the earth
2.Ameel of all Ameels can go and reach any part of of the world in a flash go thru walls water fire etc
3.Alim of all Alims has information of the both the worlds banished from jannah but was once present there n now knows and understands human beings behavior n weakness causes many a learned scholar to finish his studies then whispers and encourages pride in him/her from the knowledge acquired then destroys then with their knowledge/ information
4.Asheeq e ALLAH this forth A is exclusive to the true believes
YQ falls in the third A may Allah guide us all yunus hoosen