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Daniel, I used to have alot more respect for you before you started to resort to nothing but high school attitude. If you make a joke out of everything, people will treat you like a joke. It is not permissible for a believer to humiliate themselves and that is precisely what you’re doing on your website by posting these childish memes. And for the record I’m vehemently against liberalism myself.


But M, are you a qadiani? That’s why you are triggered?

Anyways the website has more than just memes. it also has various articles refuting liberalism, feminism and other taghut.

Star platinum

Bruh 2m Not gonna lie I like these memes a lot u must be one of those qadiyanis


Disagreeing with Daniel’s immature behavior makes me a Qadiani? Can you please explain your reasoning? Are you suffering from mental retardation? When you assume you make an **s out of you and me. I mentioned above that I’m vehemently against Liberalism. So obviously I suppose traditional conservative understanding of Islam. At the same time, I see the usage of these cartoon and movie references as absolutely immature and making a joke out of Islamic discourse.
So having this opinion makes me a Qadiani?