1. Isn’t that wrong to accuse someone of being imposter through memes – how do we know that he’s deliberately deceiving or genuinely trying to promote his fiqh/ijtehaad regarding eschatology.

    Yes he might not be right in ceetain aspects but accusing him to be an imposter isn’t seem to be Just.

    Yes I’m speaking regarding Sheikh Imran Nazar Hussain. It doesnt seem he deserve such an harsh term.

      • Akhi, this man is misguided. He praises Shi’sm, says that Armenia should be supported against Azerbaijan even though Armenia was the country that took 20% of Azerbaijans territory in the 1990’s, that Christian mushrikeen are brothers of muslims, and etc. He is a story teller and not a person who backs up his claims with Quran and Sunnah.


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