The Problem with “American Islam”

If “American Islam” just means eating cheeseburgers after Friday prayers instead of biryani, then no one has any issue with that. The “American Islam” that people have a problem with is when deen is compromised for no other reason than to accommodate American sensibilities and culture.


In America, it is ok for Muslim women to marry non-Muslim men because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok to have women and men pray side by side because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok for non-mahrams to go on dates and use hook-up apps because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok to smoke weed recreationally because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok for Muslims to attend and participate in the religious rituals of Christians, Jews, etc., because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok for Muslim kids to go to prom because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok to consume riba (which is technically not riba anyway!) because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok for Muslim women to get abortions if they are not financially stable because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok to support LGBT whatever because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

In America, it is ok to ignore norms of gender separation in the mosque or other religious gatherings because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.

And on and on.

If this is “American Islam,” count me out. But I will be happy to sit down with you for a cheeseburger. Or biryani.

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Yep. What simply changes according to culture and popular ideas about right and wrong, is not Islam, because Islam was sent to change the customs and traditions of the world so that worship will be for Allah alone. When you say that Islam needs to ‘accommodate’ different cultural sensibilities, you’ve lost the very essence of Islam.

Ahmad Fall

Well said.

The beauty of Islam is the fact that it’s unchanging. It’s Allah’s law. Not for us to tamper with

Alaa'a Ashkar

Wait I have a question. What do you mean by “which is technically not riba anyway!”. I do not understand what you mean by this…


I don’t speak on behalf of Daniel.

Excess money charged on a loan to a harbi kafir, or a group of harbi kafirs, which they freely agree to pay to a Muslim, is similar to maal al-ghanimah in Hanafi madhhab. A gift given to Muslims by harbi kafirs is also similar to maal al-ghanimah.

In Hanafi madhhab, as long as no falsehood or deception is involved, a Muslim can take $2 for $1 from a harbi kafir.

In a Shariah ruled land, dar al-Islam, this is not allowed to take excess on a loan from a dhimmi kafir. It will be called riba in such a case, as a dhimmi’s life and property are protected by Shariah.

It is not allowed in Muslim-Muslim transaction in any circumstances. It is riba. It is also haram for a Muslim to agree to give excess to anyone including harbi kafirs unless he is stuck in a situation of seriously dire necessity as described in the Shariah, like for instance serious medical expenses. A Muslim’s life and property are always protected by Shariah.

If you take this opinion, then in a dar al-harb, if a bank that is owned 100% by kafir shareholders, agrees to pay you an excess amount on your money, this is lawful for you to take.

Those Hanafis who are loaded up on adab and compassion for kafirs, and prevent Muslims from taking monetary benefits from harbi kafirs when they freely wish to pay Muslims, are ignorant of their madhhab as well as hurtful to the economic interests of Muslims.

Taxation of Muslim citizens is haram in Islam, but Muslims living in dar al-harb countries do pay taxes as it is forced onto them as it is the law of the land, so if Muslims get any economic benefits from harbi kafirs, only a mufti lacking in hikmah and tafaqquh will prevent it, if he claims to be Hanafi. Do those compassionate Hanafis also call out the harbi kafir government’s for taxing people?

Allah knows best.

PS. The difference of opinion is due to the fact that the definition of riba in Hanafi madhhab does not include harbi kafirs when they are the ones paying it to Muslims.

Followers of other madhhabs will follow their fiqh, and we respect inter-madhhab differences of opinions in fiqh.

Differences of opinions are unacceptable on matters of aqidah of Ahlus Sunnah or matters of ijma’. LGBT marriage is not a difference of opinion, neither are co-ed congregations in mosques a matter of differences of opinions.

In sha Allah that will make it amply clear.


For those who find it hard to digest, do note that in a situation of physical war, Muslims can conquer their lands and confiscate their wealths against their will. This is agreed upon by all four madhhabs and ijma’ based on clear Quranic texts regarding the anfaal/ghanimah.

So this is an even lesser matter where a harbi kafir willingly agrees to pay a Muslim an excess amount on a loan. The Hanafis accept the hadith that there’s no riba between a Muslim and a harbi in a dar al-harb, as sound.

The other 3 madhhabs have their own daleels for not correlating the two situations – state of physical war and permission of anfaal; and a loan situation with a harbi kafir when there is no physical war present. They also have their reservations on the soundness of the narration of hadith.

Ahmed ebrahim

Even if one wishes to be scrupulous for Allah’s sake and not receive excess money from them in financial transactions – to call modern western nations as not dar al-harb is a very very compassionate opinion as far as classification of the country itself is concerned, based on qiyas fasid from the rulings of Abu Hanifa as mentioned in that compassionate fatwa.

Calling nations that launch wars against Islamic nations as not dar al-harb only because of their internal laws of faux freedom of religion and free speech, is idiotic and stinks badly of a colonial mindset crowned with an obsession and infatuation with liberal secularism.


Just watch such compassionate muftis trying to outdo each other in matters of taxation. “But we must follow the laws of the land. A Muslim must set a good example. What will the IRS think of us?” 🙂 They won’t start those fatawa with preliminary statements on the haramness of taxing people!


PS. I’m not suggesting Muslims break the law of their land and put themselves in harm’s way at the hands of the kuffar. Just talking about the compassionate apologia of compassionate muftis. Even if they’re right, it shows their mindset.


“In America, it is ok to have women and men pray side by side because of x, y, z aspects of the culture.”

This would be the best case scenario. At least they are praying. Houses of worship serve only two purposes in western culture: death and marriage. And many people aren’t even getting married these days.

“U.S. Marriage Rate Hits Historic Low”


And how many mosques offer lesbian nikah services where they pay $5 mahrs? (that was 2011)

I can’t believe all the stuff that we thought was sarcasm or satire in the early 90s, is actually real news now. I’m starting to seriously get scared of satirizing stuff now, as it may turn out to be real stuff in near future!


This Person Keeps Making Absurd Articles..