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Daniel, I used to have alot more respect for you before you started to resort to nothing but high school attitude. If you make a joke out of everything, people will treat you like a joke. It is not permissible for a believer to humiliate themselves and that is precisely what you’re doing on your website by posting these childish memes. And for the record I’m vehemently against liberalism myself.



You’re obviously triggered while trying to maintain a safe stance by saying you’re against liberalism.


Using Hollywood and cartoon references to make Islamic points is absolutely immature. Thats what I don’t like. I’m not triggered by refuting Liberalism. Where did I support any form of Liberalism or modernism? Goes to show how intelligent Daniels followers are. Disagreeing with Daniel in minor issues automatically makes you a Liberal Modernist Feminist.


I think it’s a good idea to end this series at the 30th take.
It’s just the same points shoehorned into different formats over and over. Not very clever or funny so they have no purpose as memes.


Chahid Q be careful, just because you disagree with the usage of these memes, Daniels followers will now label you as a modernist Liberal. According to them not liking immature childish memes makes you a Liberal Modernist Feminist

Efim S.V.

Reading the comments , i see shayton creeping in