Beware! How “Woke” Imams Shoot Themselves in the Foot

Allah says in the Qur’an: “Do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it].”

What happens when imams, teachers, and duat do not ensure that the wider community is aware of those parts of Islamic law and jurisprudence that are in this day and age considered “sensitive” or politically incorrect?

Well, the Muslim community grows up with the wrong impression of what the Sharia is, of what the Islamic tradition is. Then, when those same imams and duat do happen to mention something “sensitive” or politically incorrect in a private context and that leaks or word gets out, then the larger community, given their ignorance, is scandalized. And ironically they condemn that imam or daee for being a jahil extremist, fire him, denounce him, etc.

So not only are teachers hurting the community when they censor and abridge the teachings of Islam, but they are also hurting themselves. They are creating a community that will eventually replace them with more politically correct, more “woke,” i.e., more ignorant people. This is how a community or a nation strays from generation to generation.

NB: Teaching sensitive topics does not mean that one should teach in an unstrategic way. There are more and less strategic and compelling ways to teach certain issues. If a person wants to commit his life to teach Islam, he needs to learn how to do this. The advice from Ali (r) to “Speak to the people in a way they will understand. Would you like that Allah and His Messenger (s) be denied?” is not licensed to leave out the parts of Islam that people don’t like to hear! But that is how this famous statement has been misused by the purveyors of unconditional political correctness: as a license to censor and abridge as convenient. Calling to Islam is not a cakewalk.

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  1. Assalaam aleykum, brother. May Allah reward you for speaking haqq!

    I am under the impression that the term “woke” means being more aware and questioning the dominant paradigm/narrative, as Merriam-Webster confirms. I only heard the word used widely this past year for those awakening to the truth about the plandemic. So, I’m wondering what is the definition you mean here in your article? Shukran.

    • Assalam aleykum, in this context ‘woke’ means being more aware of a societal issue than others, these social ‘issues’ are modern ones and in many times ones that oppose the teachings of islam, for example, a ‘woke’ imam supporting the homosexual community. Despite Islam teaching us how wrong it is. They do this to fit in with the western world’s ideologies. May allah guide us all

      • They tell people not to execute gay people for being gay. But you Muslims are such savages that you love murdering people, then act like victims. Professional victim snowflakes.

    • Better definition in Urban Dictionary for such terms.
      “woke: The act of being very pretentious about how much you care about a social issue”

      In short, it’s all this political correctness culture. You are “woke” if you have realized that the vast majority of human history was just a bunch of “backward” trash humans. They were living like pigs and then white people went and colon- I mean, saved, them from themselves. Part of progressivism I guess. You are “woke” if you suport the LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP propaganda, feminist agenda, etc.

  2. I dont know what you follow but your definitely appear to be a kaafir. People with your brains would have been the first to reject the message of SAWS.
    Your writings display that you deny Allah as Al Aleem and Al Khabir.

    • What the heek?
      what are you talking about?
      Did you just call your brother a “kaffir” just because you did not like what he wrote there?
      Try first to speak and behave as Muslim before judging others.
      The prophet pbuh said “He who says to his brother ‘O disbeliever’, then it returns upon one of them.”
      Reported by Al-Bukhari, Muslim, Malik, At-Tirmidhi and Abu Dawud

  3. @Ali Hassan
    What and whom are you talking about??
    The greatest danger to the Muslim Ummah is from these types of people.
    May Allāh guide us all to the straight path.

  4. @Ali Hassan
    What and whom are you talking about??
    The greatest danger to the Muslim Ummah is from these types of people,*mentioned in the article.*
    May Allāh guide us all to the straight path.

  5. Yep the next generation is getting more and more ignorant because of this work stuff. Been mentoring youth for the past decade. The conversation has gone from how do we reconcile between Islam teachings and having LGBTQ friends at school to just downright “wait a minute, Islam doesn’t allow LGBTQ relationships? But that’s not fair. I thought Islam was fair.” All the conversations online by Muslims on this topic are about why it’s OK to ally with them, not why those behaviors is wrong.

  6. Yes, he is a kafir.
    He went to Harvard. His ancestors are from Iran. He has a type of brain- suitable for farming- not of a shepherd like all the messengers. He has type of brain like Cain- who murdered Abel- and has a brain predisposed to jealousy and envy. Slow down the tape and look at his face as he says- Doctor Omar Suleiman. He is jealous.
    He also has taken a select group of scholars and rabbis- as his Lord.
    Daniel also has no information or knowledge about alcoholism, addiction, and the emerging understanding of the brains of nomadic people-who are predisposed to adhd, bipolar, addiction, and other mental health issues.
    Daniel, does not truly understand al-Jami- the One who gathers, and brings people together.
    We live in the age of Al-Aleem- yet Daniel denies Al-Aleem. He mocks, belittles- and misunderstands the Quran. The Quran was dynamic revelation interaction with people at different stages, different situations and interacting with the minds of alcoholics.
    Daniel denies the reality of neurodiversity- and assumes all human beings are born with the same type of brain.
    Daniel keeps talking about manhood- but would not stand a chance against many black women in a fight- who’s ancestors were hunter gatherers in a fight, brawl, wrestling and many types of sports.
    He, Omar Suleiman and yasir Qadhi all misunderstand the essence of faith.
    My Shaykh is the man who witnessed his mother death in Makkah- strangled and killed right in front of him. umrah trip from hell.
    And he has met young men- growing up with big bearded folks, practice deen outwardly, and in the home- narcissistic, beat their wives, gaslight their wives, punish their boys, beat the mwith belts, force theirs sons to lick the toilet as a means of punishment, and more.
    Daniel and his wife- if they were born in makkan scoeity- they are equivalent to abu lahab and his wife.
    The irony is the folks with brains of abu lahabs and his wife- are the so called scholars and leaders of religion today.

      • and Umar ibn Al Khattab- the greatest of the greats.
        If there was a prophet after SAWS, it would be Umar.
        Beautiful mind
        Connector and integrator
        If he was alive today- with the technology we have- he would track down people suffering of hunger who are in isolation and make all efforts to alleviate hunger, thirst of the entire ummah
        Umar ibn Al Khattab- massive soul- the true alpha male- from the holistic sense.
        so Kino , i hope that perspective answers your question.

      • we are all in hell right now
        as we can witness eh suffering world wide
        the child locked up abused beaten
        as we all are eating and drinking living life
        and dehumanizing each other
        I dont hate Daniel
        I dont hate anyone
        and call me retard,
        I know you Ahmad at your best state in the hereafter
        will be healed of all jealousy envy greed rancor and hate
        and give space that we all belong to Allah

  7. Salim idiot islam does not call for execution of gays because they are gays,there’s nothing in Quran and sunnah which calls for execution.however homosexuality is condemned like sexual sins.better repent and seek forgiveness.and muslims are not savages.jews Soviet Christian’s and Nazis murdered homosexuals.


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