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It’s basic tenets bro.

Tenants rent a place from the landlord 🙂

The immaculate adab-busters are gonna come after you and have a fun day with this – this guy doesn’t even know the difference between tenets and tenants and he’s trying to critique celebrity Imams! Oh, and he’s too good to offer celebrities like Shabbir Ali nasihah in private, even if he believes in his heart that Shabbir is wrong!


Isn’t Shabir Ally a Quranite? This is the impression I get from him.

A few years back I watched some of his video’s on YT (Let The Quran Speak). SA literally ascribes to every liberal talking point under the sun. A secular liberal in traditional gear.

Shabir Ally describes Shabir Ally

One of the main causes of his ignorance is his very poor command of the Arabic language (virtually non-existent). He doesn’t know the language to a sufficient level which forces him to take his knowledge from secundary sources – often in the English language and maybe Urdu. Another thing you’ll notice is his strong tendency towards feminism. This one is particularly disturbing: