Are Men Inherently Inclined To Rape?

Saying, “Why aren’t men teaching each other not to rape?” is functionally the same as anti-Muslim bigots saying, “Why aren’t Muslims condemning terrorism?”

We recognize that the 2nd question is prejudiced because it assumes that Muslims are just inherently inclined to commit terrorism unless there is some intervention, unless other Muslims step in and say something. The idea is Muslims are so vile and uncivilized that unless they are explicitly taught it, they simply don’t understand that indiscriminately killing people en masse is wrong.

Similarly, the first question assumes that men are all inherently inclined to rape and are so corrupt and degenerate that unless they are explicitly taught otherwise, they don’t realize that violently raping strangers is wrong.

Both questions also function similarly in that they ignore the social reality. Muslims have condemned terror ad nauseam for decades, globally. And in that same vein, there is no shortage of material and social reinforcement and conditioning dedicated to denouncing rape. But none of that is relevant. Asking these two questions is not about observing an actual lack of condemnation or education. It is about spreading the demonization of Muslims and men, respectively.

Of course, when you present this kind of analysis, both anti-Muslim bigots and feminists have the same reaction:

But terrorism/rape still happens! Therefore Muslims/men are not doing enough to stop it!!!

Now what Muslims have been doing is pointing out that terrorism is not a function of being Muslim. There are just bad apples. That is why we see that many terrorists are also white Christians. The fact that much of terrorism is conducted by white Christians should be evidence that the problem is not with the religion or with the Muslim community at large.

But the same exact reasoning can be employed when it comes to rape. Rape is not a function of being male. There are just bad apples. That is why we see that some rapists are women. The fact that rape is also committed by women should be evidence that the problem is not with masculinity or with the male population at large.

Hopefully, Muslims can appreciate the irony in all this and reject feminist nonsense.

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Dont Let Her Speak

Throwing the white man under the bus again…


What do you even mean? You think white people are angels who civilized the galaxy?

Dont Let Her Speak

Funny how you brought that up, inferior much?

Must suck to see people who are definitely not inferior drowning in the med just trying to get to civilized europe to live among those angels right boy?


Yes, such superior people, people who openly celebrate men sodomizing other men in the streets in parades, think that such actions are basic humans rights, are now saying that men can be women and making laws that force high school girls to share their locker rooms and bathrooms with horny perverted teenage men, force such men to compete with women in sports unfairly, like Biden has done and, whom today, a large chuck are born out of wedlock, literally bastards.

Lets not forget how these “civilized” people caused two of the deadliest wars in human history and have responsibility in destabilizing places like Iraq, Syria, and Palestine, which caused the refugee crisis, and have done big war crimes like in the Algerian war of independence.

Europe and North America today has proven racists of the pasts and people like you as wrong, these people are not some sort of superior race of people.

Dont Let Her Speak

You make it sound like non whites dont support those same things son. Everyone of every color embraces these degeneracies and abominations, even many muslims who come to the west which Daniel has highlighted in videos of his. Who has more kids out of wedlock than blacks and hispanics in the US? Low impulse anyone?

The reason it is most prevalent in the west it two reasons, one, industrialization, and two jewish marxism. We industrialized earlier because we are a more advanced people, thus life became easier and the mortality rate plunged, so many genetically maladaptive people would survive with each passing generation which led to these ideas pushed by jews to becoming more and more accepted in the west as the decades went by and more of these people comprised more of the population. If the islamic world industrialized before england while the english developed like the muslims, then the UK would be one of the most strict christian nations in the world while the iraq would be having sodomy parades everyday and trans athletes. Sorry for being more advanced son.

Secondly, using war as a way to show that someone is uncivilized doesn’t work, as everyone has engaged in warfare. The only reason the WW’s were deadly was because whites were far more advanced militarily than the rest of the world, better weaponry ect. Just because arabs and blacks used inferior weaponry doesnt make them more civilized, just dumber and thus more easier to conquer, which they were. The only difference is when westerners wage war and conquer an area it goes from a wild untamed swath of land inhabited by savage low iq warring tribes to a first world country everyone from the maghreb and black africa wants to run off to just to leach off of.

And if the north africans didnt like colonialism, maybe they should have stayed in the maghreb instead of invading europe and taking slaves during the ottoman and barbary slave trade for centuries all throughout the middle ages, including iberia and then trying to invade france under abdul rahman al-ghafiqi to plunder the rich gallic countryside and getting beaten into the ground by charles martel, got sent packing back to africa during the reconquista and were smoked by the spaniards in the canary islands right son?

Also, racism is good, stop being a cretin, its called in group preference and why would logical whites want non whites to ever live around them? More crime and and lower standard of living? Declining iq’s and cities being set ablaze due to their low impulse control?

No thanks boy.


“If the islamic world industrialized before england while the english developed like the muslims, then the UK would be one of the most strict christian nations in the world while the iraq would be having sodomy parades everyday and trans athletes. Sorry for being more advanced son.”

Correlation does not equal causation. Besides, before the sexual revolution of the 60’s European countries were very anti homosexual, probably more anti homosexual than some muslim countries of the past.

So you are a white nationalist I see. I have a question for you, why are Nordic Scandanavian countries, which have the whitest people in the world and whom Hitler thought were the superior master race, why are they so much into degeneracy and extreme leftism there? There are barely any Jews there, it looks to me that white peoples are the ones who are destroying themselves, blaming the Jews seems to be a red herring to me.

Dont Let Her Speak

Hmm i just replied and it didnt show up?

Dont Let Her Speak

Ahh, its because of the video links i posted.

Anyways if you want to know about why the blondes in Scandinavia are so leftist and deviant go to youtube and check out Dr. Edward Duttons video “Why are the Viking so woke”. He does a great job of genetically explaining this why northern whites are so leftist and self hating. And dont forget about the jew barbara lerner spectre, she is very prominent in sweden pushing multiculturalism and was even apart of Our Common Destiny, an initiative created to strengthen the bonds among organized world Jewry, that was also attended by Lord Jacob Rothschild. That name ring a bell? Dont try to deflect from jewish subversion, very fishy behaviour…

And yes, it’s obvious why the west was the civilization that embraced feminism, abortion, porn, the sexual revolution, normalization of homosexuality, ect. Its because of industrialization. Why do you think many muslim countries today are even more conservative than western nations like the US was in the 50’s? Women could drive since the car was first invented in the west meanwhile many islamic nations just allowed them to right to do so, and in some nations dont even allow them to go out without a male guardian. Its because of the wests weakened genes.

The west was not more conservative and anti-gay than the muslim world, that is a ridiculous statement, and the fact that the west embraced these secular degenerate ideas long before the islamic world and is now pushing them all over the world is proof you are wrong. A more anti-gay society is going to embrace lgbtq behaviour faster than another nation that is less anti-gay, zero logic.

But dont worry, these ideas are already creeping into the islamic world as these societies develop and become more industrialized.


You white racists can’t even figure out how to keep your population going.

You only have yourselves to blame for making Muslims move into your lands and taking your resources. Bombing the shit out of their home lands and having such low fertility rates. You need those immigrants whether you like it or not. Reap what you sow.

Nothing lasts forever. For so long the Europeans were uncivilised and constant warring but then your time came but even that won’t last. Not with China overtaking western technology, and Russia too.

Don’t worry, by the time your filth creeps into Islamic lands, your race would’ve become endangered or extinct already while the Muslim population would’ve doubled 🙂

Dont Let Her Speak

That is because we have been attacked the longest by his system, had our culture subverted, fertility rates destroyed, feminism pushed on us, and have advanced the fastest compared to all other peoples which created a weakening of our genes and greater susceptibility to accepting these ideas. Didnt you read my previous statement or any you just another low iq brown person?

Muslims arent moving to our lands because of bombs, most migrants come from places that arent even in war so save me your pathetic “dey bombd us” garbage. Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria arent being bombed, neither Bangladesh or Turkey either. And muslims have no business talking about going to other nations and looting them of their resources son, that is your 1400 year history and youre still losers even after trying to loot europe for centuries and still to this day boy.

Besides its not like feminism, lowering birthrates, modernity and pornography arent becoming more and more common in the muslim world. Nations like Iran, Lebanon and Turkey who already have falling birthrates (6-8 kids in the 1950’s, now 1-2) are seeing a massive secularization and liberalization of their youth and the muslim youth in the west being swallowed up by the godless jewish system. Muslims nations also have the longest average session time for watching pornography and Iraq and Egypt have the most shares of porn sites. You’re simply going to be what Kalergi stated he wanted, a low iq mixed race atheist brown population of debt slaves and porn addicts to be ruled over by a jewish elite.

Face it, you are simply too weak as a people, that is why whites were chosen first to be destroyed and muslims and the rest are just on the back burner. You are no real threat, low iq brown folk who have low impulse control can stop anything, thats why even Bahgdad fell to liberalism and feminism centuries ago and the modern muslim world inches closer and closer to the abyss with each year that goes by.


These things are cyclical white boy. Why start at the industrial revolution? Prior to that, Muslims ruled the roost as far as scientific, economic, and colonial pursuits are concerned. Right now, you might feel you’re a superior people, but it’s China that is on the rise and handing your asses out to you, that you paint in rainbows and display on gay parades.

Dont Let Her Speak

I know that my 80 iq brown friend. That being said, why wouldnt I feel superior since whites are the number 1 target of the global jewish world order? And for good reason. Red china and Israel run the show now, and they both know the only real threat to them is the white world, which is why we are up for destruction.

See, Gimpslam has no real power, irrelevant, a paper tiger if you will. Israel and the zionist controlled west turns the islamic world into fire and ash everyday. The chinese have you guys in camps. Islam has long since passed its prime in the middle ages and has been declining ever since the 1500’s at the height of the ottoman empire, and with the islamic world slowly liberalizing in the middle east and north africa and many muslims coming to the west embracing the left wing, anti-white agenda of sodomy, feminism and baby killing, whatever remaining power the muslim world has left will be gone. Those who slipped away from their religion and like the tools they are gladly played their part in the destruction of the world by turning the west into nothing more than a dumbed down nation of mocha colored secular debt slave immigrants to jewish banking and cheap labour in a crumbling civilization with help usher in Kalergi’s vision, a race of the future, the eurasian negroid slave living under the servitude of the chosen tribe forever.


I like your whites are no. 1 jokes. You guys already were on a leash by the Jewish powers even when Hitler hadn’t preheated his ovens to 250 F! Much before brown liberals immigrated to the west. If Muslims are paper tigers and the only real threat are the whites, they wouldn’t be so shit scared of Islam and trying to destroy it from within. Rejoice while your head’s still caught up in your ass. You wouldn’t be laughing so much after the second coming, I guarantee you that!

BTW, by white I mean Christian west of European stock. Islam and Muslims don’t care for race, just faith!

Now get back on your bottle, and your tranny sister!

Dont Let Her Speak

There were no ovens or gas chambers these are just jewish myths like the holocaust itself, and you fell for it my brown friend.

It was europeans who were the first target of this global satanic jewish cabal. That is why as you pointed out we were “on a leash by the Jewish powers even when Hitler hadn’t preheated his ovens to 250 F!”. Yes, we were chosen first because we are the biggest threat, not muslims. Muslims are easy to run over and manage, as you can see what happens to most of them when they come to the west, all they become is atheists brown liberals who begin sodomizing each other and going to pride parades. What took them generations to do to most of us takes them years to do to you guys. 100 iq europeans are always going to be more resistant than 80 iq brown folk who marry their cousins when they are 14 and have low impulse control.

The west is special, because whites are special, and that is why it has been under attack for centuries now by this cabal, and still to this day as the west has managed to still be standing even after generations of being attacked from all corners, economically, morally, demographically, politically, media, ect. They have now resorted to straight out stealing elections, opening up the borders to our nations to flood them with millions of muslims (mostly non white) and other non whites who have lower iq’s and are far easier to manage and control (as is what you would expect with 3rd world populations), criminalizing any kind of white resistance or advocacy, mass censorship of anyone who speaks out against this and their end goal for whites, fbi infiltration of any pro white groups, and even throwing people in jail for tweets pointing out this truth or questioning certain historical events. No one is getting thrown in jail in jordan for talking about jewish power, now go to france, germany or england and see how that works out for ya.

Muslims like all others are just collateral damage to this system. After all this is a global system and everyone will eventually be destroyed, but the muslim world isnt under attack primarily, the black world isnt under attack, asians arent under attack nor hindus either. None of the these people are THE legit threat to the system, that is why they are being saved for last and we chosen first. Just like when a tribe would invade another’s territory the first thing they would do is kill the strongest and most threatening men, so then all that is left is the weak, the women and the children who they can manage. We were chosen first, attacked first, and have been attacked the longest and most ferociously by this system on all fronts because we are the biggest threat to them because we are better than the rest.

Deal with it son, and enjoy your soon to come pride parades and womens marches in the streets of Kabul and Tehran.


You make my day mate. Superior 100 IQ white Christians being ruled by a handful of Jews and the bulk majority of your superior intelligence brethren falling for all these nefarious plots! The bulk majority of you toeing to liberal fags and feminists! Zero growth in your Westboro Baptist Church. Your climbing up on Capitol Hill and then making idiots of yourselves, the list goes on and on and on.

The problem with you guys is your entire lives are lies. You grow up believing in santa and tooth fairies, and then you believe Jesus was a European with blue eyes, notwithstanding your calling a prophet and man as “God”, and his mother as “mother of God”!

Your existence is worthless, and you’re a disgrace unto yourselves!


life is truly short
i hope and pray Allah Ta’ala guides you to the truth
If Allah Ta’ala wills i will always remember you in my prayers (duaas) that Allah Ta’ala makes me and you of those who can prostrate to our Creator Almighty Allah in the Hereafter when He Reveals Himself