1. Tbh, I don’t like the watermarks. They ruin the images. For example the “DEFORMISTS” one had the watermark in the middle, I thought it was related to the image at first and I was a bit confused until I saw the other images and realized it was a watermark. Even ‘subtle’ watermarks like 9GAG tend to be quite annoying. If the marketing compromises the meme then it’s maybe better to leave it out.

  2. but these aren’t memes, they’re not witty, they’re not funny, they just aren’t good enough, they’re mimicking kuffar memes, not to mention the very concept of meme is unislamic.

  3. g Daniels followers will label you as a Modernist feminist if you disagree with the usage of these memes. Once I voiced my disagreement and I was accused of being Qadiani. Yup this is where Daniel and his followers have taken Islamic discourse. Non stop throwing insults and accusing people of kufr just because they disagree with their methods.

    • It’s so annoying. I’m pretty sure it’s haram to call a Muslim a kafr. Liberal Muslims are still Muslims because they believe that Allah is the one and only god and Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is his prophet. Yet he does that. He also has a big base that he is influencing to be like him.


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