Is Wanting a Return of the Caliphate Misplaced Idealism?

You can acknowledge the practicalities of the real world and still aspire to an ideal. What I will never understand are those who focus on practicality but also denounce the ideal and castigate the idealists.

Case in point: Those Muslims who emphasize khilafah. For some reason, these Muslims have become the punchline and the target of ridicule by supposedly traditional Muslims. Why? Is not the khilafah the ideal we should all, as Muslims, aspire to?

Of course it is. Sure, there might be difference of opinion on what to emphasize and when to emphasize it. Other aspects of Islam may be seen as a more practical issue to focus on in a given context than khilafah. But does that practicality necessitate mocking those who put their efforts on the khilafah and bringing about the ideal of the khilafah? Is it necessary to resort to name calling and smearing these brothers and sisters as idiots?

Idealism is something we need in the Ummah. We don’t need to all be idealists but the fact that some of us are idealists is critical for keeping a balance. The idealists keep the pragmatists in check and vice versa. Whether we are pragmatists or idealists, though, we should all remember right and wrong and that the most just society, the most righteous society is one where the Word of Allah is above all. No matter how bad the situation of society and the difficulties facing Muslims, this truth, this dream should never be erased from our hearts and tongues.

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John Wick

And this taken to the extreme leads to Akram Nadwi and his “The best thing for Muslim countries is SeCuLaRiSm, jUsT sEcUlArIsM” stuff.

Hatem Soliman

Wanting the Khilafa to be back and working towards that goal is one of the highest virtues one can have today. Those who don’t want the khilafa back are standing on the knife edge, plane and clear if I am honest.
JAK Danial


This is so true! I have seen people in the comments section of YouTube videos relating to this literally calling others immature and naive when it comes to wanting a Khalifa. Someone even said that they should ‘get a job’ and stop talking about ‘conspiracy’. The ummah needs to wake up and learn their deen before it’s too late.


No it’s not misplaced idealism. Any true Muslim who loves the Deen would desire Khilafah. But calling for Khilafa while comfortably living in Houston is absolute hypocrisy. And continuing to comfortably live in the “superior West” while pretending to be a brave America-hating dissident is even bigger hypocrisy. (I wonder why you haven’t burned your American passport yet to truly prove your hatred for American Empire. Maybe it’s cause you don’t want to lose the privileges that come with it.)When someone asks you why you’re still living in the West, why not go and live in an Islamic country, you answer saying “Where? No Muslim country implements Sharia!” So does that mean you should continue living among the kufaar in America rather than living in a majority Muslim country? Sahih Ahadith explicitly mention that Muslims should not be living among the kufaar.
And yes there are places in the world where Sharia exists:
1. Afghanistan (Taliban territory)
2. Brunei
And there are countries more friendly towards practicing Muslims (although democratic):
1. Turkey under Erdogan government
2. Malaysia
3. Qatar
4. Mauritania
Daniel are you ready to make hijrah? Would you be willing to leave the so-called “superior west” and live in Taliban controlled Afghanistan? Or maybe Brunei (which also rules by Sharia). Or at the least live in Muslim majority places that are friendly towards practicing Muslims like Turkey or Qatar, instead of using “American empire” as an excuse to continue living in ……………………America?
My point is not that we should not desire Khilafah. But while living in the West, we need to be extremely careful with our words as calling for khilafah will make governments accuse you of being an ISIS supporter. Rather our priority should be in giving Da’wah and converting as many people as possible while also trying to keep ourselves on the Deen. May Allah give us the tawfiq.

Youssef H.

I wont talk about the first half of your comment because the concept of Khilafa and Sharia would take to long to be explained. For what reason do you call upon people to be submissive to Allah but then dont work for supplicate to him in every matter?

Why being afraid of accusation when your Rabb Allah t. will reward you with his Paradise if you do as he commands you to? What will you tell these converts? ,,Look we have the best reasoning, its 100% true its Haqq so take it or leave. But when it comes to Khilafa, dont even talk about it we dont want to get accused of being ISIS supporters or Anything rightt?” Like thats the impression i got from your text. Correct me if im wrong


Where did I say we should “call people to be submissive to Allah but not supplicate in all matters?”

Did the Muslims during the time of Rasulullah(SAW) not make hijrah before Khilafah was established? Or did they shout the slogans of Khilafah while living under the pagan regime in Makkah?

If you are so enthusiastic about Khilafah, why haven’t you first made hijrah AWAY from Darul kufr (the West) and atleast towards Muslim majority areas? I know why! Cause you are unwilling to leave the comforts you enjoy in the West! Hypocrites! Shame on you!


What would you say if Musa (AS) was alive today and being brought up in the house of Firaun? What would you say to Prophet (SAW) if he was alive today and accounting the corrupt practices of Mecca? A Muslim loyalty belong to Allah (SWT) and His Prophet (SAW) and not to nation states. The absent of Khilafah is most neglected duties of today. Imam Abu Hanifa called it mother of all obligations. If your Rabb is not running your daily affairs then somebody else is.


Musa عليه السلام was given nubuwwah after he left from Firouns household. He didn’t choose to stay like the way you and Daniel choose to stay in the so called “superior West” while shouting slogans of Khilafah.
And Rasulullah (SAW) established the first Islamic State after making hijrah. Once again, my point still holds. Leave Darul kufr. Then talk about establishing Khilafah. Otherwise you’re an absolute hypocrite.


What you call hypocrisy I call it calling toward good and forbidding the evil. Living in Dar ul Kufr doesn’t devoid us of our Islamic obligations. Now let me address your original question.

Understanding the distinction between the two Dar is vital when it comes to judging the countries in the Muslim world. Sadly, some judge the Muslim countries from emotional point of view rather than seeing whether they match the definition of Dar al-Islam contained in the Shariah. So when Hassan al-Turabi came to power in Sudan, some exclaimed that it was an Islamic state even though Sudan was still a nation state or when the Iranian revolution took place and Ayatollah Khomeni became the leader of Iran, some jumped with joy believing that he has transferred it from Dar al-Kufr into Dar al-Islam even though the constitution completely contradicted Islam.

According to Shariah terminology, Dar al-Islam is defined as the land which is governed by the laws of Islam and whose security (Aman) is maintained by the security of Islam, i.e. by the authority and protection of Muslims inside and outside the land, even if the majority of its inhabitants are non-Muslims.

Today it is clear that the whole world is Dar al-Kufr as no country including every single Muslim country implements Islam. We see the laws of Allah (swt) abandoned as if they were worth nothing, the Sunnah of the Prophet (saw) betrayed and the example of the Sahaba ignored by the rulers of Muslims countries. The laws are passed on either parliament majority or Sultan’s personal opinion about the subject and not based on what Allah and His Prophet has determined, even if they reach a same conclusion.


So is it better to continue living among majority kufaar or living among a Muslim majority? “The whole world is dar ul Kufr so I might as well just remain in USA.” What kind of rationale is this? And where did I say we are absolved of our Islamic obligations? I clearly said that those who live in the West need to prioritize 2 things:

1. Sticking to the Deen while trying to bring non-practicing Muslims back on the Deen.

2. Increasing our numbers by converting as many people as possible and building as many Islamic centers as possible.

Do you want the Da’wah to get banned? Then take the route of Anjem Choudary which is what Daniel is clearly doing.


Most everything you just said…is wrong!

This mentality of yours, the “I am on the Haqq” mentality and “prove you are on the haqq too” is probably a sign of either you being some kind of agent of the “superior west” trying to test out who’s guillible and who isn’t for some agenda, or some ignorant muslim brother who’d jump onto the next khariji bandwaggon that wants to establish a khilafah yet not consider anything beyond, to take inspiration from Sheikh Al-Albanyy’s words, the tip of your noses.

Who the hell are you to call someone living in the west a hyprocrite for yearning for a khilafah and that they do your “Dawah” without the ideals that Islam instills in the heart. How dare you tell us to do Dawah and yet not speak about how our way is far superior to man’s ways. How our management, which includes the khalifah at the top, would be far superior to the “superior wests” management.

Daniel Haqiqatjou is doing Dawah. He is not shy of people like you coming up and spouting off nonsense. And while he is nno scholar nor does he have much authority when it comes to knowledge and our scholarly tradition, or known teachers beyond the secular education system, his words are the Haqq. You words brother brother, are so completely wrong. Go learn your deen brother. Go read some books, learn form the scholars, and just keep quiet until you have something better to say.


May Allah burn you Kafir. Funding talisman gives zero shots about Islam they kill Muslims themselves you are the shaytan that Allah warns us about and shaytan like you will burn in hellfire

Mohamed Gomaa

The concept of a Khalifa or Khelafa manifests the political and religious unity of muslims,with the purpose to achieve their message to humanity , and each nation seek to unite to achieve their goals wether right or false , so why call this idealism ?, i guess this is mere realism ! , since several decades there wasn’t an entity called European” Union” , the same thing applies to the ” United ” states of America and the Soviet ” Union” .
And surely i do not mean this extreme and false concept that Isis presents, neither the concept other groups as Muslim brotherhood do.


We can’t even possibly achieve the governance of the 1970’s, let alone the golden age of ‘Omar ibn Al-Khattab’s khilafah. There are not if’s or maybe’s or but’s about this.

Hadith explicitly prophesize that after the Prophet’s ﷺ leaving this world, things are going to get bad day by day. Every coming day is going to be worse than the day that passed. Imam Mahdi’s and Sayyiduna ‘Eisa’s (‘alaihis salam) times will revive peace and justice on this earth.

That doesn’t mean we do not mention and talk about the ideals of the deen.

If you’re a 65 yr old heart patient and you know you can’t possibly do the 4 minute mile given your condition, that still doesn’t mean you don’t try to accomplish the best health you can, and teach your kids about good health so they may be able to be healthier 65 yr olds than you!

As for living in Darul Kufr/Harb – it is an obligation to leave the land if it does not permit one to complete at least basic obligations of deen. If one is able to live as a Muslim, then too, it is much better to be staying in a Muslim majority area where the Sha’airil Islam (the signs of Islam) are prominent, or at least move to a ‘lesser evil’ area – rural Kansas to Chicago; Plano to Houston etc. where one’s deeni obligations and life become easier. That said, if someone has sincere intention for Da’wah (not an excuse or a copout to feel good), then it’s a golden opportunity to work for akhirah by staying in a kafir land and spreading Islam there. Islam spread to many lands because of many Sahaba and Tabi’een who moved there and sincerely worked for the establishment of Islam and helped people convert.

Allah knows best.


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