[Video] Slovak Catholic Converts to Islam!

Very interesting discussion with Brother Jan who lives in the Czech Republic but is Slovak. He talks about his experience with Catholicism and his hesitance with Islam. But then, he realized that he was not critically examining the Modernism and Liberalism and his “fitra was awakened”! Alhamdulillah he converted to Islam shortly thereafter.

Watch this fascinating discussion.

Time Stamps

4:16 Start
5:35 Journey to Islam
10:54 What inclined you to Islam?
13:57 From a critique of Islam to leaving Islam and coming back.
16:48 Stream disrupted, skip to 17:11
17:11 Core difference between Islam and other religions?
30:22 Inception of modernism and its destructive nature.
35:10 How modernism sneaks in
39:26 Drinking, death and destruction
41:49 Skip to 42:40
47:37 Why don’t people reflect on the destruction of modernity
49:35 Materialism and depression
52:51 False premise of modernism
54:58 Family and community
58:37 Nationalism, anti-muslim, anti immigration movement in Europe
1:03:36 Dawah in central Europe
1:06:44 Debate and dawah
1:13:53 Future of Islam?
1:17:22 Future of modernism? Is it going to stop?
1:21:34 Clash of ideologies and debate
1:25:05 I’m spiritual, why do I need Islam?
1:29:23 New age spirituality
1:31:08 Quantum Physics and finishing thoughts.

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