British “Prophet”: Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s Intense Love for Colonialism

A Nabī, or, a Messenger, is especially selected by Allah Ta’ala to convey His message, i.e., the truth, to humanity.[1] A Nabī or Messenger reforms the society from its ills, passes judgement amongst the people, leads them in prayer, guides the masses, and instructs them to obey Allah Ta’ala.

All the Messengers of Allah called to firm faith in Allah Ta’ala and obedience to the Messenger[2]; himself or the previous one. They carried out their duties par excellence. The Messengers alayhim as-salām carried the divine message to the rulers and kings of the time too. Some of them, like Ibrāhīm alayhi as-salām[3] and Mūsā alayhi as-salām[4] were tested severely because of their monotheistic invitation and call to obey Allah Ta’ala. None of the Messengers called to the obedience of, and loyalty to worldly governments.

Human authority is fraught with danger. Hence, the rulers and kings see the call to obedience other than themselves as a threat and impending implosion of their power. The great Messengers of Allah were summoned, questioned, challenged and even persecuted by the rulers for sincerely fulfilling their responsibilities.

However, a look at Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan reveals a very strange picture. At the outset, his call was baseless and false. What makes it worse is his call for obedience and loyalty to the British. He gloats over himself for the ignoble duty of being a British nine-to-fiver.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the British Prophet says,

‘From my writings over a period of seventeen years, it has been proven that I am faithful and devoted to the British government, with heart and soul. I am the son of a father who was also a friend of this government. My faith is to obey the government and love the people; these are the conditions set for my disciples and followers who pledge allegiance to me.’[5]

In another work, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the British Prophet says,

‘Undoubtedly, my faith and doctrine – that which I emphasize, is that Islam comprises of two parts. One is obedience to Allah and the other is obedience to the government which has created peace and under whose protection we are safe from the oppressors – that is the British government.’[6]

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the British Prophet further says,

‘The greater part of my life has been spent in supporting and favouring the British government. I have written and published so many books against the theory of Jihad and the need for obedience to the British that if all these tracts and books were put together, it would cover fifty volumes.’[7]

The above statements of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad clarify his faith and doctrine. The ignominy of such claims is enormous; making a young Muslim child burst out in hysterical laughter. Yet, those who have no idea of how to look behind the mendacious screen believe such codswallop. Moreover, it comes as no surprise that the current Qadiyani leader – Mirza Masroor Ahmad – resides in the UK, from where the missionary activities of the Qadiyanis are directed.


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That’s not a good idea. If they’re born as Qadiyanis, they’re Kuffar. they’re not Murtads are they?

Also, it does no good to insult them with such language.


No, Qadiyanis take the ruling of murtad, even if they’re born in Qadiyani family. Scholars have detailed fatawa on this.

Firstly, describing them for what they are is not an insult.

Secondly, they deserve more than insult. If there were proper Muslim rulers ruling the Indian subcontinent, they would be facing war or capital punishment.

There is no such thing as “adab” to enemies of Allah and His Messenger, salAllahu ‘alaihi wasallam!

Ahmad Fall

This pretty much confirms that he was a puppet by the Government


Q@d!yani$ are second in their hatred for Islam perhaps only to jews maybe