I Am Done with Secular Education! (Liberal Muslims Be Like…)

“I am just done with secular education.

“I am sick and tired of these backwards universities and their backwards professors spewing all kinds of ridiculous garbage.

“And the sad thing is, they don’t realize how closed-minded and stupid they are!

“And don’t tell me I’m exaggerating because I know from experience!

“My parents forced me to go get a college degree, so I sat in college classes and had to listen to these self-righteous professors drone on and on.

“In one class, I was sick of it so I just asked the professor why he was saying what he was saying. Did he answer my question? No!

“He just told me to sit down and shut up!

“Can you believe that kind of rudeness just for asking a simple question?

“That’s pretty much what college is like — just constant abuse and closed-mindedness. The whole institution needs to be abolished.”

This is how Muslims sound when they trash the Islamic scholarly tradition based on their personal bad experience at a madrasa.

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Funnily enough, you could actually say that about secular education and it would be true for many fields and universities these days!

John Wick

Yeah, I thought the plot twist was these are Daniel’s real arguments against Harvard and other secular colleges.

Some one

Daniel not gonna lie, those GE classes they make you take are a huge waste of time and add to the ever expanding student debt crisis.