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With all due respect, these watermarks are ruining the memes and the humor for me. It drags your attention away from the message that is being sent.


No it doesn’t. Stop being such a whinge.

Zara Ilyas

Well know there is now a term for people with no desire ,Asexual .Its another letter to the Alphabet movement.


Putting the logo on the memes was a good idea imho. I’ve seen people sharing their memes without crediting the original source (meme thieves basically lol), plus having the website name on there would naturally get more people on your site and is a good advertising move.


The point of memes generally is to communicate a feeling or a message. If the watermark is destroying these things, then what’s the point?

If he wants to put a watermark then he should at least make it discreet enough such that it does not remove attention from the intended feeling/message.


Destroying these things? Lol

Bit dramatic no? No point getting emotional over it. If you don’t like them just move on.