The Bizarre Prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad

A prophecy is held in high regard by faithful followers, more so when uttered by a genuine and true Messenger. On the flip side, in his desperate aim to gain a following, a false prophet would blurt phony prophecies. There is a very interesting twist to the prophecy issue in Qadiyanism.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan – the false claimant of Nubuwwah – laid down a number of principles regarding prophecies. He said:

1. ‘For a person to be false in his prophecies is in itself the greatest disgrace.’[1]

2. ‘It should be clear to those who think ill of us that our prophecies are the greatest test to examine our truth or falsehood’[2]

3. Postponements are not possible in the prophecies of the Messengers.’[3]

In the light of these three principles of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, if we prove a single prophecy of his false, then it would necessitate that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qādiyānī is a liar and a Dajjāl.

A man named Līk Rām was a Hindu Pundit. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad would often debate him. On one occasion, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was tired of him, and said,

‘If an extraordinary punishment – different from general calamities – does not afflict this person within six years from today, then understand that I am not deputed from Allah Ta’ala and I do not speak through His spirit. If I am found to be false in this prophecy, I shall be ready to accept any punishment. I am happy that a rope be placed on my neck and be hanged.’[4]

Within the six month window period of this prophecy, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad got his disciple to kill Pundit Līk Rām using a knife.

He then started a propaganda campaign that his prophecy turned out true, whereas there was nothing extraordinary about dying through murder, and that too, upon the disingenuous instruction of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad himself.

Another of the phony prophecies of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad had stood the test of time to establish his imposter and liar status. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad prophesised that he would die in either Makkah or Madinah.[5]

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad died of cholera in a lavatory in Lahore.[6] In fact, he never had the honour of visiting either Makkah or Madinah.

Like his imposter grandfather, Musaylamah Al-Kadh-dhāb, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was disgraced and humiliated time and time again.

Ibn Kathir rahimahullah writes, ‘The title of Kadh-dhāb has stuck to his name. He wanted to display miracles similar to those exhibited by Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Musaylamah had once spat into a well, and its water dried up. He spat in another well and the water became bitter and salty. Musaylamah once irrigated a date palm using the left over water of his ablution – the tree dried up and died. Two boys were brought to him for blessings. He (Musaylamah) passed his hands over their heads. As a result, one became bald and the other developed a speech defect. A man who was suffering from an eye ailment had come to him. Musaylamah passed his hands over the man’s eyes, and the man become blind.’[7]

Based on the similarities between these two imposters, some scholars refer to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as the Musaylamah of Punjab, as Qadiyan is located in East Punjab in Pakistan.

Now let the Qadiyanis inform us of the status of their prophet in the light of his own principles.


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Ace Combat 7

Hadiths that mention that Nabi `Isa SAWS will bring in a period of peace, tranquility, and justice *as the world has never seen before*. The earth is supposed to filled with justice. But 100 years after the advent of the one they think is Nabi `Isa, [Mirza Ghulam Ahmad] their movement is scared, persecuted, and cozying up to a non-Muslim government and the “Defender of the [Protestant Christian] Faith” (the British Royal Monarch) for protection and security. I thought Nabi `Isa SAWS is supposed to destroy the cross. But 100 years later, the supposed grandson of Nabi ‘Isa (*sarcasm*) is instead relying on the Defender of the Cross for his protection and security.

Where do the contradictions and problems end for their theology?


In Calgary, this deviant group opened the what Wikipedia says is the “largest mosque in Canada”. Prime Minister Harper attended the grand opening, which is, for those who understand, more proof of their deviance.


Please NEVER call them ‘deviant group’.

The word ‘deviant’ can imply they have some erroneous ideas but may not be apostates.


Zaid Diaz

‘If an extraordinary punishment – different from general calamities – does not afflict this person within “six years” from today, then understand that I am not deputed from Allah Ta’ala and I do not speak through His spirit. If I am found to be false in this prophecy, I shall be ready to accept any punishment. I am happy that a rope be placed on my neck and be hanged.’

In place of “six years” it should be “six months”. Please edit is ASAP. If not, some will take the advantage of this mistake.


Totally false and baseless article. Far from facts and truth. Allah has taken upon himself to disgrace that person who even thinks of disgracing his Messiah Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani upon whom be peace. Wait and you will see how Allah Himself shows the truth.


Of course Allah has shown us Muslims the truth. Your murtad mirza died the worst of deaths with his face drowned in feces. You bloody qadiani murtaddeen are deaf, dumb, and blind, may Allah’s la’anah strike your mirza and all of you swines.


Unfortunately the author, has failed to reference any source of evidence for Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s disciple murdering Pandit Lekh Ram. Could it maybe be because this is a purely baseless claim? Perhaps there was not any factual evidence that weakens Islam Ahmadiyyat, the author resorted to simply making up ideas? Is it a work of fiction, surely not. It is disappointing that such people have began to abandon logic and evidence in order to pursue their false narrative.

The police carried out rigorous, searches and checks in the house of Lekhram, as well as the house of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, but no trace of evidence could be found to support such a claim, which is actually identical to the claim of the Arya Samajists at the time. No evidence was found then, but somehow this author has managed to find conclusive evidence so many years later. That demonstrate how he didn’t use any evidence.

But maybe he used logic, to explain the outcome? Unfortunately not, such claims were hurled at Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad after the assassination. And he refuted such possibility of one of his followers murdering Lekh Ram, simply because such an act, would have lead to that follower doubting Hazrat Ahmad’s(as) claims of being Divinely appointed, and would no longer have remained a follower.
Why would someone continue to follow a Prophet they know was not divinely guided?

Also it should be noted that during the great tensions between the Hindus and the Muslims at the time. Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) not even once used any form of violence or abusive language, which the other Muslims did. This is the true character of a true Prophet.

I invite, the author to not publish articles, where he is full aware is pure speculation. But more importantly I invite him to understand the teachings of Islam Ahmadiyyat, before making such claims.

There are many resources available:,, But also please read the books of the Promised Messiah (as), im sure if you get in touch with any Ahmadi, they’ll be more than happy to get you such resources.

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

Stop peddling shit-faced oxymorons like ‘islam ahmadiyat’.

Your evil religion is the following of dajjal. Your mirza was just a filthy rotten dajjal working for the british.

Your dajjal never could face a mubahala neither can you devils following him. La’anatullahi ‘alaikum ajma’een.

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

your mirza was just a rotten dajjal who died having his face soaked in feces. La’anatullahi ‘alaikum ajma’een.


Brother, did I once use offensive language? Did I at any point use abusive terms? Do you think by using such language you are representing Islam. We have theological differences, and we should leave it at that. Do you think Muhammad (SAW) would be pleased with such conduct?

Ibn Mas’ud (May Allah be pleased with him) said:
The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “A true believer does not taunt or curse or abuse or talk indecently.”

I am not going to play the same gutter game of name-calling and foul language as you are, and I suggest you do the same.

I have every right to comment my thoughts and beliefs, as much a right as the individual who published the article. I criticised the content and his conduct, but Islam teaches us to leave it at that. If you would like to engage in a theological discussion or debate, please contact one of our members, or read our resources.

As for your disgusting remarks regarding the Promised Messiah’s (as) noble death. I suggest two things firstly, have a read about what the true series of events were and how similar they were the Prophet Muhammad (saw)’s death. Secondly, Muhammad (saw), foretold that his Ummah will become just like that of the Jewish Ummah, was it not the case that the Jewish people mocked Isa for supposedly dying an accursed death? Isn’t this what you are also doing now? Coincidence I think not.

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

Your lies and jahil fantasies will burn in hell along with your mirza and you (lest you denounce this evil religion of dajjal and become Muslim).

It is not using bad words to call a dajjal a dajjal or apostates as apostates. It’s a description. As for my usage of the word ‘shit’ it’s once again the right word to use for this feces-soaked mirza and his cult.

La’anatullahi ‘alaikum ajma’een. (Murtads deserve la’anah, and capital punishment if Islamic law rules the land)

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah, enemy of qadianis)

Btw, Alhamdulillah I’m NOT your brother. NEVER call me that you qadiani apostate!

You’ve shown your character very clearly.

When the enemy of the Prophet (saw) used to throw trash at him, did he respond as you did? Did he ever say you are a liar or an apostate? No his character was to remain patient and calm in the face of adversity. No one can reach his level at all, but we can try our best to do so. So I’m going to leave it here, because that is what Islam teaches me to do.


Lets do some logic here:

Rejecting a prophet like Jesus or Moses as prophets is major kufr that takes one out of the fold of Islam and makes one a kafir.

Qadianis believe that they are muslims and that Mirza is a prophet.

All muslims acknowledge that Mirza is a false prophet.

Therefore, according to Qadianis, anyone who rejects Mirza as a prophet and calls him a liar, dajjal, false prophet, etc is a kafir. Anyone, according to Qadianis who abuses Mirza is a kafir.

Therefore, Qadianis believe that only they are muslims and they make mass takfir on all muslims.

If your religion does not make mass takfir on all muslims, then it is inconsistent and illogical.


I have read Mirza, s book and he used bad words against scholars. I think Qadianis need to read their books properly. I had a debate with them in the 1990s and refuted them. They never replied when I asked them how can a so called prophet use this kind of abusive words. So please check his works. I have been to their place of worship as well and met their local leaders.One of my Qadiani colleague was told to stay away from me as I guess I was causing doubts in his mind.


Don’t expect any decency, integrity, or honesty from them. They are the worst kind of liars and their feces-soaked mirza was their chief lying dajjal, la’anatullahi ‘alaihim ajma’een.


Just a question: is Qadian in Pakistan?