Are Vegans Really More Ethical Than the Rest of Us?

All these vegans out there pretending like they live ethical lives when they’re actually monsters.

Who gave you the right to eat nuts, vegetables, fruits, and tofu?

Is your life more important than the lives of plants, you selfish speciest bigots?!

Nuts are just plant babies. You’re literally drying INNOCENT BABIES to DEATH and eating them!!!!!! STOP this vege-cide!!

True vegans only consume inorganic matter like minerals.

But it’s true that the body needs proteins, fats, and carbs. So for those nutrients, self consumption is the ONLY ethical option. You would be surprised how tasty your hair, nails, and dead skin can be with a little preparation.

Or maybe another TRUE VEGAN will consent to you consuming a part of them. Self consumption and consensual cannibalism are the ONLY ways to eat and live ethically. Fake vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters are all perpetuating genocide and RAPE and should be executed!

(Yes, this is facetious.)

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how do you respond when atheists try to come up with the golden rule from immanuel kant? Or when they try to say that ethics are compared to morals objectiv?


There are many articles about this liberal foolishness on the website but I’ll break it down simply ask them what constitutes harm and why what is considered right and wrong is constantly changing despite this “golden rule” and conclude by asking if morals can change can the understanding of what constitutes harm change? Not to mention the fact that certain people want to be treated differently then others so it’s inconsistent

(This is of course abridged) look around in the site for more detailed info

Ibrahim Ihsan

Simple, we’re Muslim, so we’d want people to follow Islam as the only rational and universal way.


Allah says in the Quran, He is merciful….and then allows people to kill animals for eating….merciful and killing at the same time…isnt it a contradiction in the Quran?

Some one

Nope, Allah created cattle for our nourishment. We are killing with the intent of sustaining ourselves. How is this even a contradiction?


No not at all it doesn’t contradict his mercy whatsoever after all he allows this to happen in nature for animals to receive nourishment and with humans it’s the same thing he allowed us to cultivate cattle for a reason


Allah says in the Quran, He is merciful….and then allows Lions to kill animals for eating….merciful and killing at the same time…isnt it a contradiction in the Quran?

Even if you argue that the lion has no rationality should Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala have created the Lion as vegan in order to be truly merciful?

He is the creator and he has decided to show us the best way to live. He has provided us with water, cattle, fruit and everything we need for living and has ordained for us to consume it moderately. He has shown as what is good and evil and we take our moral understanding from Him.

You see as a Muslim the problem in this question ultimately lies in understanding and accepting Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala as the creator.
If you are not Muslim you have no credible rational basis for denying people from consuming halal food anyways.
In this case I refer to the brothers answers before me and the relevant content on this website.

Ibrahim Ihsan

No, it isn’t. It’s considered All-Knowing. You can’t judge what Allah is since that would make you bad since Allah is naturally good, whatever Allah does is good, whatever Allah makes happen is good and so as mercy is good, similarly what Allah decided as halal to eat is a show of mercy for all and what Allah decided as haram is a show of mercy for all. It isn’t a contradiction. You are simply considering something more idiotic than trying to spit at the moon.

Mohammed Salman

I’m a medical doctor and public health researcher and I’ll add this: there is no scientific evidence that a purely vegan and/or vegetarian diet is superior to meat-based diet. In fact, there is strong evidence that the reverse is true. Veganism and vegetarianism cannot not defend their claims ethically, environmentally and/or medically. Animal meat and animal-based saturated fat is healthy and a must.