“Love for All, Hatred for None” | A Hollow Qadiyani Slogan

Many incoherent, hollow, and false ideologies have clashed with Islam, albeit in sweet and alluring tones.

The third Qadiyani ‘Caliph’ – Mirza Nasir Ahmed[1] – came up with the slogan “Love for All, Hatred for None.” This call was and continues to be trumpeted by the Qadiyanis, ostensibly to convey the message of justice and fairness. Furthermore, under the pretext of spreading love, the Qadiyanis use this slogan to attract people into their fold.

Faheem Younus, the president of the Ahmediyya Muslim Community of Baltimore, says Ahmed (i.e., Mirza Masroor Ahmed – the current Head of the Qadiyani Movement) shares the same messages every Khalifa has: Justice, fairness and loyalty to country must prevail; jihad must be considered an intellectual, not a violent, pursuit, and all faith traditions have value. Younus remarks:

“He doesn’t just repeat the motto of our faith — ‘Love for all, hatred for none.’ He personifies it.” [2]

Furthermore, Laiq Ahmed Atif, President of Ahmediyya Muslim Jamaat Malta, notes:

‘We believe that our slogan ‘Love for All, Hatred for None’ is a code for peace; a code to build a peaceful society, to build harmonious societies and, indeed, to build a very peaceful, prosperous and harmonious world. Because it has all the ingredients: it is not the slogan of a particular community or religion, it is a slogan for all humanity. It caters to every single human being. There is no distinction or discrimination towards anyone. We believe that this slogan which was given to the community by our 3rd Caliph can unite the entire world. In the beginning, we thought that it was a slogan – but it is such a profound phrase. In fact, it’s so profound in its meaning and philosophy that if all the world just abided by this one slogan, we are pretty sure that the world would become a haven of peace and harmony. This means that all human beings are equal, valuable: every soul is important. Then it comes to how a person puts his words into actions. A person’s actions differ and can also elevate or reduce his status, which is why their actions make people good or bad. We should deal with each other with respect and reverence, and that will lead to love and compassion’. [3]

Placing any prejudice or mistrust aside, we ask, is this slogan in harmony with the teachings of the founder of the Qadiyani religion?

Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani said, ‘Allah has revealed to me that he who does not follow me and does not give his oath of allegiance and remains in opposition is disobeying the will of Allah and His Messenger and is a dweller of Hell.’[4]

In essence, this statement illustrates that the teaching of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed reflects hatred for all and love for none but his followers. Is this not discrimination?

A close look into the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed reveals a rather grim display of ‘love’. The first wife of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed was Hurmat Bibi. She gave birth to two sons; Sultan Ahmed and Fadl Ahmed. Both of them were averse to the preposterous claims of their father. Fadl Ahmed did not believe in the ‘prophet hood’ or prophecies of his father. Due to this, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed did not say the funeral prayers over his son when he passed away. So much for ‘love for all, hatred for none’.

Mirza Qadiyani abandons his dead son.

In Ā’ina Kamālāt p.548, Mirza Ghulam Ahmed wrote that whoever does not believe in him or verifies his claims is the child of a whore. Now, the two sons from his first wife did not believe in him. Therefore, according to Mirza Ghulam Ahmed himself, his sons were from a whore.[5]

What kind of harmonious and peaceful society will be created on the basis of hollow and hypocritical slogans?


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Nasir M.

Why should his not having performed funeral prayers for his smart believing son be objectionable to a false prophet?

Nasir M.

Thanks for this great article. Expose the liars!


Please also “expose” the truth behind our beloved Holy Prophet peace be upon him not offering janaza prayers of some of his Sahaba, and offering janaza prayer of the head of the hypocrites in Madina (Rais ul munafiqeen Ubai bin sulool). JazakAllah.


Let’s see what justification the qadiani swines give for this ‘act of love’ of the mirza, la’anatullahi ‘alaihim ajma’een.

Funny Mirza

Funny Mirza ramblings…..
But even more hilarious is his followers “rationalizing” Anything he spouts out….


They’re not humans.


The holy prophet Muhammad pbuh also did not pray funeral prayers of Sahaba who had unpaid debts. How is that any different?

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

Your mirza was a narcissistic swine who died with his face in feces. You followers of that shaytan and dajjal are worse than the cartoonists at charlie hebdo with these kind of blasphemous and idiotic comments. La’anatullahi ‘alaikum ajma’een.


The founder of the Ahmadiyya community followed exactly the example of his holy master, prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).
Instead of spreading hatred, try to learn more about the noble example of our beloved prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and also follow his command to convey his Salam and pledge allegiance to the Imam of the time hazrat Imam Mahdi (peace be on him)

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

The mirza was a follower only of iblis and the british and no one else. He is a dajjal, not Mahdi. La’anatullahi ‘alaikum ajma’een.


The Qadianis are an evil group of Kuffar. Aided by their other disbelieving friends to try to wreck the foundation of Islamic creed. Unfortunately for them, they have been exposed endlessly. They are Kuffar nothing less.

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

To all the qadiani apostates trying to offer their “smart” reparte:

Our beloved Prophet sal Allahu ‘alaihi wasallam didn’t preach this jahil nonsense of “love for all..”. We are taught “الحب في الله والبغض في الله”

Your third mal’oon mirza popularized this jahil slogan and neither the main mal’oon mirza nor the subsequent malaa’een mirzas themselves followed it.

Save your “smartness” for your own gatherings of la’anah.

La’anatullahi ‘alaikum ajma’een.

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

Our = us Muslims… not you blaspheming qadiani apostates la’anatullahi’alaikum ajma’een.

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

As for the janazah of ibn ubai prayed by our Beloved Prophet sal Allahu’alaihi wasallam, the verse of the command forbidding praying over dead munafiqun came after this event.

Ibn ubai was the head of the munafiqun and in his final days, the Beloved Prophet sal Allahu’alaihi wasallam visited him and reminded him that he sal Allahu’alaihi wasallam forbade him from love of jews! Ibn ubai, the rotten munafiq replied back saying another sahabi hated jews and he too died! The munafiq in his arrogance and disrespect towards the Prophet sal Allahu ‘alaihi wasallam didn’t realize that this isn’t why he was reminded as death is a certainty for all of us regardless if someone is Muslim or not. Only someone as arrogant and stupid as a munafiq or a qadiani apostate will come up with such jahil conclusions and comparisons!

These filthy qadianis bring in ibn ubai’s janazah as if to convince themselves that they won against Muslims, without realizing that this very example goes against their jahil slogan of “love for all…”

The hadith of our Beloved Prophet sal Allahu’alaihi wasallam reminding ibn ubai regarding forbidding love of jews (something ibn ubai did all his life, and it being the reason of his nifaq) is sahih.

For the information of Muslims.

Muhammad Hussain

Mirza Qadian said God spoke to him and in Punjabi ?? That has to be the biggest joke Mirza ever told…they do say he loved his cannabis and he was out of his mind most of the time and so are his followers.

Ahad Bhunnoo

The arrogance and ignorance being shown here is frightening and worrying, coming from the Muslim Ummah. The last comment in particular is typical of all the others. So, according to you, Allah can only speak in Arabic, and it is inconceivable that He spoke Punjabi, or any other language? How did He speak to Hazart Musa (as), and to all the thousands of prophets He sent to different nations?

Ahad Bhunnoo

Well, here is one “Punjabi” revelation that Hazart Mirza Ghulam Qadiani claimed to have received from Allah: “I shall cause thy message to reach the corners of the earth”. Can anyone deny that the message of Ahmadiyyat has reached all the corners of the earth? And it does so continually 24/7 through MTA? And where are all the opponents of Ahmadis? Think particularly of those so-called heroes, President Bhutto and General Zia of Pakistan, who did such “great service to Islam” by legalising persecution of Ahmadis. How did meet their end