What Is the Real Purpose of Aurat March?

What is the ‘Aurat’ March?

feminisminindia.com :

It all started in 2018, when ordinary women and feminist collectives, under the banner “Hum Aurtain” came together to organise a rally for International Women’s Day. This platform was an open call for women from all backgrounds, transgender people, and non-binary people to help bring about political action on women’s rights and gender justice.

“The agenda of the march was to demand resources and dignity for women, for the transgender community, for religious minorities, and for those on the economic margins, but more importantly, to acknowledge that women’s emancipation is inherently linked with improvement of all mistreated groups and minorities”.

The first question which comes to my mind is that what are transgender and non-binary people doing in this march which is being organized allegedly for claiming back the rights of women?

In reality, this March is collecting all those who have problems with Islam under one banner, whether they be feminists, liberalists, secularists, or LGBTQ+.

They were carrying placards with messages “Stop underage marriages”, “equality is important, not victimization” and raised slogans in support of their rights.

Some of their posters were trying to target the fact that Islam allows marriage once a girl or a boy reaches the age of puberty. This is the Sunnah of our Messenger ﷺ as he consummated his marriage with Aishah (رضي الله عنه) when she was 9 years old. Feminists want to change and reform Islam by claiming that our Prophet ﷺ and righteous predecessors did not fulfill the rights of the woman.

Other placards target the fact that complete gender equality is important. There can be no differences in gender roles. However, Allah has clearly mentioned in Quran 4:34 –

“Men are authorities over women, as men have been provisioned by Allah over women and tasked with supporting them financially.”

So the rights of men and women are not co-equal but different according to their individual roles as decreed by the supreme wisdom of Allah. The fulfillment of rights of each man and woman by the other is important but the limits in rights are set by none other than Allah.

The message constantly displayed throughout the March was to diminish gender roles and the lines of the separation between the two genders. In this way, the protestors attempted to change the hearts and minds of people in accordance with feminism so as to divert Muslims from the roles set by Allah for both males and females.

Switching the Gender Roles

dawn.com :

Kishwar Naheed a feminist Urdu poet of Pakistan said: Women should not call themselves azaad, Kishwar says, we should locate our azaadi — our freedom — in the law, not in our bodies and tongues.

The immodesty and vulgarity propagated during the March were absolutely obscene and outrageous.

Placard Saying “Keep your d**k pics with yourself.”
Another placard reading “See, Now I am sitting with modesty.”

The feminist poet isn’t the only one who is upset. The entire country is suffering under the obscene weight of the Aurat March posters, particularly those which have blurred the line between women’s public and private lives, like the one depicting a girl sitting with her legs spread out, Lo Beth Gayi Sahi Se or the irreverent Akeli Awara Azaad, or the cheeky, Apni d*** pics apne paas rakho

From Orya Maqbool to Aamir Liaquat, everyone is freaking out: Have women no shame? Do we not take pride in helping our brothers hunt for their socks? Shouldn’t we be grateful — we are women, blessed by nature, veiled and protected from the public — and now we want to discard that prestige? For what? Feminism has gone ‘too far’.

Women like Yasra Rizvi and Veena Malik, who are aligning with men — women who have resisted traditional codes of femininity by challenging the public-private boundary in their own lives — are now the same ones calling the Aurat March posters ‘vulgar’, saying they dilute the movement’s message and take away from its ‘real causes’.

The use of French Flag at the March.

The use of the French Flag and other posters speaking against modesty, gender roles, family, motherhood, and other traditional Islamic values clearly depicts the agenda of such marches. The purpose of this so-called ‘Woman’s rights march’ was never claiming back the rights of women or addressing real issues such as marital rights, pornography, etc.

And what does the use of the French flag really signify? France is a country whose leaders are clearly against Islam and Muslims. They make fun of our Prophet ﷺ and oppose him to the fullest. Despite this, the marchers want to use their flag as a symbol in their protest. It shows the mentality and deep underlying agenda behind organizing such marches.

The question to the Ummah is: Do we really want our wives and daughters to be a part of such rallies and protests?

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Muslim women

These appalling and abhorrent prostitutes also put up a poster which insulted The Greatest Man of Human Race, The Messager Of Allah (SAW) by making derogatory comments regarding his(SAW) marriage to Our Mother, Aisha(RA). These worthless creatures are a part of much larger agenda, clearly..


Quote-Another placard reading “See, Now I am sitting with modesty.”-Unquote

But the Buckingham palace protocol says that their legs must be crossed at the ankles or the knees! Elizabeth, Kate and other “cultured” western royals don’t sit like that.

Seriously though, from what I know from Pakistani sources, this was a very fringe group of some agnostic feminists backed by, surprise surprise, some foreign affiliated NGOs.

Almost all religious groups, even 12er Shias, didn’t bother with them, and even the relatively liberal and non practicing crowd was not involved in this dud of a slutshow.


Didn’t bother = they weren’t involved.

Muslim groups spoke voraciously against these atheists.


But the fact that these kafirs can come on the roads and spew all of their kufr, get media coverage and influence the youth, and all this without any action from the authorities, is itself so problematic.


One thing – the flag according to them wasn’t a frenvh one, and belonged to one of the organizing groups. It was a little different in colour too (according to them). (Although i personally think even the use of a flag so similar to the french one is itself suspicious and was done deliberately by these kafirs.) But still being accurate in our analysis is important, just for the sake of facts, if nothing else.

Muhammad Nap

Br Daniel,I heard this myself from reliable Ulama from Pakistan that these people are being paid by foreign nations obviously to destroy the country by causing fights,Pakistan has some of the greatest Ulama of our time and also some of the most prestigious religious institutes, but unfortunately their not in control.Seems like some ZINDEEQS have been in control.


There’s no such thing as an NGO. There’s only missionaries of western filth.


What is ironic is that in the west the transgender movement is actually taking away the rights of women, for example there are laws in the west which force women to share changing rooms, bathrooms, public showers, rape shelters, etc with men, compete with men in sports and lose scholarships, and feminists and women there are complaining about it. Websites like Reddit and Twitter are censoring women who point out how the transgender movement is negatively affecting them. Like all radical feminist subreddits and homosexual subreddits who are against transgenderism were banned by these transgender activists and people who run the website.

One of the most bizarre things in the case of transbians, which are mens who identify as female lesbians, and are pressuring lesbians to have sexual relationships with them, and Lesbians are having a very big problem with them and the transgender movement.

Just look at what these transgender activists say to people JK Rowling and Radical feminists, it is absolutely disgusting. They are always giving rape and death threats to them, posting porn, etc.

Even by the west’s standard, what is happening is absolutely appalling, and it seems to be getting worse as time goes on.

These women in these marches don’t realize that these things that they fight for is going to remove their rights and really destroy their society. The authorities in Pakistan should stop these marches and all of these other liberals who want to turn Pakistan into a completely worthless country.



How appropriate.

Essentially everything about these marches scream of Western influence:
– The slogans
– The talking points
– The normalization of promiscuity
– The gender theory
– The militant imposition of LGBT-values
– The out-of-touch call for the dismantlement of any gender roles
– The deconstruction of core societal functions that surround marriage

This will lead to the same societal failings that we’ve seen in the West such as the demotion of the family unit and marriage from being a protected and valued institution. Women have become more vulnerable due to many of them not having a father-figure in their lives. That’s because the authority of the father has been undermined. He is not allowed to keep his family together because his wife may initiate a divorce at any time for any reason and take the children with the help of a blatantly biased court system. This deprives young girls from the protection and guidance only a father can give. The result of this and other rotten fruits of the feminist ideology is an epidemic of women falling in the hands of unfit men who do not commit to them nor respect their dignity and rights! Feminist Western imperialists would love to see the Muslim woman be like their women (or worse) available in the streets and bars. If these predators and cuckolds have no honor for their own women, and their women have no care for each other’s honor and dignity, why would they care more about others? There is no good-will in feminism, it’s essentially a mix of various pimp talking-points that weaken the defenses of women and put them in ruin for political and material gains.

The organizers of these marches are in effect acting as fifth columnists and are undermining the stability of their society in favor of foreign nations. They should be detained and then investigated at an individual level. Any electronics that they own should be seized by authorities and left to forensic teams to determine if there are any traces of communication between them and foreign handlers/agents. There should be comprehensive background checks of each detainee and questioning by the police to be able to further assess the reasoning and motivation behind their participation. There is no doubt in my mind that some of these have connections to foreign powers. It would be immensely beneficial for the government to map who the organizers are and how they are connected to each other, basically reveal their leadership hierarchy. This wouldn’t be the first time an attempt to destabilize a country through astroturfing (essentially inorganic movements) has occurred. It’s a very real threat, especially when it comes to such a prevalent ideology in large parts of the world.

Furthermore, schools in Pakistan should teach children, already at a young age about existing ideologies in the world, what their histories are, their motivation and how they fail. More importantly, they should learn about the importance of Islamic core values and how Islam protects the individual and the family. It’s important that we have an enlightened and educated society such that liberalism and foreign influences have nowhere to breathe and receive near-zero local support. Liberal foreign media outlets and people who want to disbelieve will of course scream and shout every time our nations take action to protect themselves from feminism, but that should be expected from an enemy.

As a man, if I get a daughter inshallah I will guard her like I would guard an emerald or even more so. If any feminist dislike that, then I’d gladly buy them a rope to hang themselves with. I’m a man, and I’m proud of the manly predispositions and intuitions that God has put in me.