Nawal El Saadawi – The Feminist Who Mercilessly Beat Women

The glad tidings of the timely death of feminist hack Nawal El Saadawi has brought many Muslims joy and celebration.

But there are still some confused about the status of this shaytana.

Among her claims:

– The Quran needs to be revised to be more gender inclusive
– Hajj is a pagan ritual
– God does not exist because there are poor people
– Hijab should be banned
– Hijab is for backwards women who are ignorant slaves
– There is no afterlife, no hell (the irony)
– The Quran is not relevant
– God should be referred to as “She”
– “God Dies by the Nile,” the title of one of her dumb narcissistic books
– Women who wear niqab are “terrorists”

As moronic as her ideas were, they weren’t even original!

European feminists had made all these same claims against Christianity 100 years before Saadawi. She just copy-pasted them for an elite, Western-educated Egyptian audience who would enthusiastically eat their own feces if they believed Europeans would approve.

But Nawal’s crimes don’t end there.

Like the majority of Arab feminists, she was a huge supporter of Sisi, even after Sisi was massacring Muslim protestors. She supported the regime’s brutal crackdown on religious Muslims.

But what you may not have known is that El Saadawi was an avid domestic abuser.

She frequently beat her domestic servants.

Like most of these Arab feminists, Nawal came from an elite background. Her whole life, she was a pampered princess.

She would speak about her supposed sympathy for the oppressed. But behind closed-doors, Saadawi was an unhinged oppressor herself.

This hypocrisy was laid bare in a 1991 documentary called “Hidden Faces” about an Arab feminist who goes to Egypt to meet her “shero,” Nawal. The whole documentary is about how much of a pathetic disappointment the old hag was lol

The synopsis reads:

“Fathay arrives in Saadawi’s village to find her intellectual heroine embroiled in vociferous dispute with the members of a women’s bee-keeping project, started by her in order to promote economic independence. Saadawi has provoked the wrath of the villagers by slapping her assistant for arriving late to work.”


I feel sorry for any domestic worker who crosses Nawal “Knuckles” Saadawi.

We should start a fund to help these poor women. We’ll call it the Fund for Victims of Nawal Saadawi’s Domestic Violence.

So, she not only was slapping women left and right, she actually defended it! Obviously, Nawal was the real victim here, who suffered tremendously from the tardiness of her assistant. She should have written a novel about all the pain the late assistant caused her.

Anyway, you will find the most deviant heretics praising this hypocrite domestic abuser. Ilhan Omar was praising her yesterday. No surprise.

From now on, whenever you think of feminism, just envision this demonic woman slapping a poor villager in the face, over and over again. Tis a fitting image.

Enjoy the fire, hag. Keep it warm for your followers soon to join you.

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Ilhan wrote on twitter “Ala ya rahma Nawal” what does that even mean??


It means may Allah have rehem (mercy/compassion/love) on Nawal.


I think he was expressing his outrage at Ilhan’s message.


Brother I think you’re starting to be filled with hate. Chill out and take things easy man.


Islam is a serious matter and we should be filled with hate against the enemies of islam


I agree with you, I’d like to share some of his videos with my mother but his language has been a little bold. In Sha’Allah he can tone it down some


my guy, she literally said that we need to destory islam in a secret tape
she is an absloute scumbag and more than deserves it


Hating the enemies of Islam obligatory. Saadawi was one of the worst and most wicked. Lanatullah alayha. Evil witch.


He doesn’t `hide behind the bushʼ which makes him look like that. He’s even very calm when talking to people like Apostate Prophet. What exactly makes you think he’s getting filled with hate?


The inconsistency of her statements is enough to know she was cuckoo.

Busy Bee

B-but Daniel! She was soooo brave and a champion for women’s rights. She was outspoken, and totally not a Western parrot who hated Muslims. See, Wikipedia says so, and Wiki is super reliable.

All jokes aside, she was just an Egyptian Simone de Beauvoir. Did she not realise that like de Beauvoir, she was being extremely mean calling women such things? So much for freedom of choice.


Can’t people rewrite the info on Wikipedia? Like can’t anyone just edit it?


Keep up the good work brother Daniel.


I love your work Daniel overall but I don’t agree with your last sentence. As vile as she sounds, I don’t think you should say she’s in the fire. I’m not saying she’s going to heaven either. Whether a person goes to heaven or hell is only known to Allah and thus I don’t think you should make statements like so and so is in the fire. It’s understandable why you’re criticizing her but to don’t go to extremes of saying she is in the fire. You have much more Islamic knowledge than me so if I’m wrong on this please enlighten me.


I agree with this statement, Allah will judge her inshaallah

Abu yusha

Respectfully brother takfir on kaffir is fard ayn and jannah is haram for a kaffir. He is only saying what the Quran and sunnah is saying. With your logic we shouldn’t get judge anyone and that’s not from Islam. We judge by what’s apparent. Allahu a’lam


Tone down the language a bit lol


How do you know she will be in Hell? How do you know she did not repent in her last days?


Because we judge by what is known. She said of herself that she was a kafira. And her lifelong war against Islam is well documented. Abu Lahab’s speech is tame in comparison.


But that doesn’t give you the right to say whether she is going to heaven or hell. That is up to Allah swt. He will decide that matter because he knows that person the best, including things about the person that are unknown to us. Am I glad she is gone? Yes, without a doubt. But who goes to heaven or hell is knowledge of the unseen which belongs to Allah alone. You are in no position to be making that judgment. Know your place.


She did not reprent wajeeh ayman one of her family members witnessed her death and said that they tried to make her say Shahada and she said many things but shahada.
He said ina post on fb that she spent her life in a war against islam and spreading atheism and feminism although her brothers and sisters tried to make her stop she didn’t listen to them and continued her blasphemy and hate towards religion and they couldn’t hold a funeral for her as the imam refused to pray in her Janaza knowing she is an ardent atheist.


And Allah knows best
ALLAHU aalam

Tamer ElNaggar

I don’t agree with your last sentence. Let Allah deal with that.


Although it is good to be “benevolent”, let’s call a spade a spade here. Defending this vile woman is disrespectful to all she attacked, physically and verbally, including Islam.

Lil Cuh

So if you saw a Hindu guy worshipping a phallic object, you wouldn’t consider him as a kafir because that’s passing judgment right? Do we also not pass judgment on criminals? Sort of let them do as they please because only Allah judges? Just want to make sure I understand your thought process here.


She’s a nobody; I never heard of her before.
From what I understand she was a tool of the western imperialism as well as their agents in the
Egyptian military.

Her death should be a reminder to us about the reality of this life.

Syed Faraz

Brother Daniel, Jazakallah khair for the article. One request I have is for you to please write or record video on the “don’t judge” fallacy that many Muslims have, even at times for Kafirs!


Yess this is a big problem we need a looong video for this issue.


I think he has a video about this (or a Telegram post), reacting to a post by Mufti Menk.


You have used very light language brother. I hope you are not getting infested with the madkhali or murji rat thought. That sisi and this skunk deserve each other in the hell fire along with European pagan tyrants.

Lil Cuh

Everyone complaining about the language… What language? You’re either deep down upset about her death or come from a family and society that is never harsh which I doubt.


RIP. And by RIP, of course, I mean Roast in Perdition!