How France Weaponizes Speech Against Muslims – The Mila Case

In January 2020, the French media and political sphere once again found a pretext to display their hypocrisy.

The story begins after a cultural Muslim flirted with a 16 year-old girl named Mila on social media. Outraged, Mila made a video publicly insulting Islam by saying “Islam is sh**.” She also made even more derogatory statements against Allah, using terms with sexual connotations.

French Muslims responded angrily on Twitter.

Since insulting Islam is encouraged and celebrated in France, TV channels offered a sympathetic platform for the young Mila to defend her case.

“RT for #Mila. Like for this pair of shoes”

Then in March, following an argument on Twitter, Mila once again wrote insults against Allah, using very dirty and explicit terms. The Muslim community of Twitter reacted and succeeded in having her Twitter account closed. But this was unacceptable to the French politicians, i.e., these great knights of “freedom of expression.”

Marlene Schiappa, the French Minister of Citizenship, came to Mila’s defense, blasting Twitter and claiming that such censorship cannot be tolerated.

“The young #Mila is again a target of harassment, death threats, morbid photomontages… This is no longer controversy, it is persecution, against a minor moreover. I am sending a report to the Prosecutor on Monday morning (article 40)”

Other politicians from both the left and the right cried in unison over the closure of her account, eventually pushing Twitter to reopen her account while apologizing for the “mistake.”

“By closing the account of a young woman threatened and harassed by Islamists, #Twitter has chosen the camp of the enemies of democracy. It is time to protect freedom of expression against the exorbitant power of these private platforms and their repeated abuse!”

It is important to take lessons from France’s political strategy against Islam, as it is one of the Western countries where the Muslim presence is the oldest. As a result, its anti-Muslim strategy is among the most developed.

French news over the last 10 years has been a series of polemics about Islam in order to change the perception of non-Muslim citizens about Islam. This has also resulted in making Muslims more inclined towards reformism and “watering down” Islam.

Week after week, French media centers the news around Islam, going so far as to blame Muslims for Covid due to “Muslims who spit on the ground in the middle of Ramadan.”

During the “Yellow Vest” crisis, media bizarrely claimed that the demonstrations had been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood, seeking to turn the protest into a bloody revolution.

“We avoid spitting but there are stories related to religious rituals like Ramadan for example”

This same year, Imane Boun, 21 year-old Muslim Instagram “influencer” who presents recipes on her channel, was harassed by anti-Muslim trolls. After a public media outlet decided on September 11, 2020 to promote her channel, the journalist Judith Waintraub made a link between the veil of young Imane and the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

After French Twitter was unleashed, both against Imane and Judith Waintraub, the political sphere took the defense of the journalist, but nobody of importance defended Imane, forcing her to leave the social networks completely.

This case is not an isolated case in France, and an exhaustive study of French news shows that the editorial strategy of French channels, all owned by a handful of rich people with aligned interest, follow the same hypocritical trajectory: Showing that Muslims are a menace and do not deserve the same treatment as others.

The next step in their plan is to continue to pass laws directed against Islam until it become impossible to practice Islam in France, or even worse.

Wa Allahu `alam.


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“and an exhaustive study of French news shows that the editorial strategy of French channels, all owned by a handful of rich people with aligned interest, follow the same hypocritical trajectory: Showing that Muslims are a menace and do not deserve the same treatment as others.”
I trust you completely, but can you cite any source for such studies ليطمئن قلبي?


You need no study, you only need to follow french media for a couple of days if you know the language and you will come to the same conclusion.


What’s even sadder is that Muslim countries do not take a stance against this nation of depraved and extremely bigoted Islam-haters . Even a slight collective display of gheerah for Islam would put them into their place. But alas…

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To sausage fest

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Hanif Huch

That’s very typical of the French hypocrisy, or should I say, La Liberté.