Debunking the Modernist Myth: “Everyone Is Biased”

How can you be sure that your understanding of Islam is not biased by your culture, your upbringing, your environment?

First of all, recognize that it is possible to be unbiased. The modernist academic assumption that “Everyone is biased,” is not true and the very notion is incoherent and clearly contrary to Islam.

To be biased means to not be able to accurately see the truth or reality at large because of some cognitive hindrance that distorts what we can know. To make the claim that “Everyone suffers from bias,” is self-contradictory because the one making the claim itself would, by his own admission, be biased and therefore the claim would not be a reflection of truth and reality, i.e., would be false. The claim is not dissimilar to the self-contradictory nature of the statement, “All statements are lies.”

Furthermore, Allah says repeatedly in the Quran that the truth is clear from falsehood and guidance is clear from misguidance. The defining attribute of revelation is that it is clear (mubin) and it clarifies (yubayyin) reality. The words of Allah are guidance that can be understood clearly such that the truth can be made known to humanity. The Quran and Sunna are lights that illuminate the straight path and reveal the nature of the world. To say that “Everyone is biased,” however, means that truth and falsehood can never be truly distinguished and separated by anyone. Furthermore, no one can ever knowingly follow the guidance of the Quran and Sunna since everyone’s vision of the truth is obstructed by bias that is inherently inescapable.

That being said, Islam recognizes that some people can be affected by bias. Desire is one big source of bias. Egoistic nafs is another. The mirage of dunya is another. A stubbornness to follow the crowd or follow one’s ancestors blindly is another big one. The influence of shaytan is yet another source that can distort our understanding of the truth. But for all these distortions, Islam provides a solution and claims that we can purify our hearts from the rust that, if left unchecked, would eventually seal our hearts and prevent us from seeing the manifest truth. It requires constant work and effort, but this is something we must all strive for.

The first step to avoiding bias is ikhlas. We have to be sincere in seeking Allah. Easier said than done. You cannot be unbiased in your understanding of Islam if you suffer from hidden shirk. Have you really purified your intentions? Have you really recognized that Islam is the highest truth, the exclusive truth above all else?

I know what you’re thinking. How can we be sure we have purified our intentions? Honestly, you can never know for sure. All the greatest Sahaba like Umar -r- were deathly afraid that they might in reality be hypocrites and not know it. So only Allah can know the reality of our hearts. We just have to pray for sincerity and acceptance.

That being said, there is a practical criterion to know if we suffer from a hidden hypocrisy. It is called the Sunna. And how do we know what the Sunna is? We turn to the inheritors of the Prophet ﷺ, i.e., the ulama, both those who have passed and those senior scholars that are with us still. To understand the Sunna, we look at what positions and views they overall gravitate towards and tend to. Obviously, there is diversity in the Islamic scholarly tradition, but there are many points of consensus and even if there isn’t a formal `ijma, there are tendencies and areas of convergence.

So ridding ourselves of bias means aligning ourselves with the Quran and Sunna through the ulama. And if we find that we are disagreeing with them or, worse, we find that their positions are repulsive to us or we want to refute them or we want to cherry pick isolated statements from them to derive rulings that are contrary to the overall thrust of scholarly precedent, then these are bad signs. They indicate that we suffer from bias that is obstructing our understanding of the truth.

May Allah guide us to the straight path and let our hearts not falter.

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At least get the foundation right, your first objection alone indicate you are not a proper Muslim (someone who worships only one God).

1) Prophet Muhammad s.a.w is the model of humankind but he was a human being just like everyone else and was used as Allah’s messenger and directly guided by Allah like all the other prophets. I don’t see how this attributing divinity to him as all Muslims only see him as the messenger and creation of Allah

2) it is perfect because it came from Allah not from “biased intellects”. Just look into the source and preservation of Quran and then you will find out just how much authentic it is since you can trace back to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W who was an illiterate so he couldn’t write it himself.
(Look up Sheikh Abdur Rahman Green as he has a YouTube series that talked about how the Quran was preserved)

Unlike the bible where they have anonymous authors and have no way knowing how even Jesus lived.

We all have biases yes, but the best way to judge or lived is in according to the Quran it came from the Creator. If we were to guess which of our judgement is the objective truth, then we have no choice but to refer to the Quran since it comes from the One that created us. And to look to the Sunna as the Prophet was the walking Quran

Whether or not you accept it, it does not change the fact it still came from Allah and we’re all His creations.

I’m surprised something as basic as this could not be understood by someone who claims to be Muslim.

Turkish Murtad

All the bullshit you posted here is PURE GARBAGE as you, a disgusting Murtad, believe that “EVERYONE IS BIASED”.
So, your disgusting Murtad ” DAD” Ibn Warraq’s bullshit is also nullified as EVERYONE IS BIASED…

Academic Critique

Here’s what the Academic Scholars say about Ibn Warraq’s garbage

In reviewing Ibn Warraq’s compilation The Origins of the Koran, religious studies professor Herbert Berg has labelled him as “polemical and inconsistent” in his writing. Berg lauded the inclusion of the essay by Theodor Nöldeke, but panned the inclusion of William St. Clair Tisdall’s as “not a particularly scholarly essay”. He concluded “[i]t seems that Ibn Warraq has included some of the essays not on the basis of their scholarly value or their status as ‘classics’, but rather on the basis of their hostility to Islam. This does not necessarily diminish the value of the collection, but the reader should be aware that this collection does not fully represent classic scholarship on the Quran.”

In reviewing Ibn Warraq’s essay in his Quest for the Historical Muhammad (2001) Fred Donner, a professor in Near Eastern studies, notes his lack of specialist training in Arabic studies, citing “inconsistent handling of Arabic materials,” and unoriginal arguments, and “heavy-handed favoritism” towards revisionist theories and “the compiler’s [i.e. Ibn Warraq’s] agenda, which is not scholarship, but anti-Islamic polemic.”Anthropologist and historian Daniel Martin Varisco has criticized Ibn Warraq’s book Defending the West: A Critique of Edward Said’s Orientalism, writing that “This modern son of a bookseller imprints a polemical farce not worth the 500-plus pages of paper it wastes.”

His work, “The Origins of the Koran”, is itself based on a polemic by St. Clair Tisdall “The original sources of the Qur’an” which was described by François de Blois as a “decidedly shoddy piece of missionary propaganda”.

François de Blois in reviewing The origins of the Koran, states that “it is surprising that the editor, who in his Why I am not a Muslim took a very high posture as a critical rationalist and opponent of all forms of obscurantism, now relies so heavily on writings by Christian polemicists from the nineteenth century”. Asma Afsaruddin states that “Ibn Warraq is not interested in debate; he wants nothing less than wholesale conversion to his point of view within the community of scholars of Islam” and added that his work, The Origins of The Koran, “needlessly poisons the atmosphere and stymies efforts to engage in honest scholarly discussion”.

Turkish Murtad

Daniel, block and delete this abhorrent Murtad “Turkish Muslim”. He’s spamming bullshitt.