Perverse Sex Acts in Australia’s Parliament: A Muslim Response

The magisterial halls of power in the West are literally brothels, apparently.


“Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison says he was “shocked” and “disgusted” by leaked videos of male government staff performing lewd acts in Parliament, including one of a man masturbating on the desk of a female legislator.

“The videos and photos were leaked by a whistleblower, who told the news outlets that government staff and legislators often used a Parliament House prayer room to have sex, and alleged that sex workers had been brought into the building “for the pleasure of coalition MPs.”

Scott Morrison lashed out at the revelations coming out of the Parliament House in Canberra. Whilst he should denounce the blatant sexual misdemeanors happening literally under his nose, he ought to understand by now that a free society cannot last as morally upright because of the ingrained rotten values that it propagates and preaches.

Media houses are having another field day, scavenging off the juicy details that are slowly coming to light. This adds to the woes of the Prime Minister trying to bring about a ‘drastic change’ in the culture that has set into Australian Politics.

“He also said a group of staffers routinely swapped explicit photos of themselves and he received so many he had “become immune to it”.

“He said there was a “culture of men thinking that they can do whatever they want” and while he did not think the staffers had broken any laws, “morally, they are bankrupt.”

The Australian Prime Minister admitted that his party ‘must do better.’

According to some reports, the perpetrators were gay:

“The federal government says it is proceeding with caution, as the alleged sexual exploits of a group of gay men in Parliament House in Canberra are investigated.”

Quite frankly, as a Muslim observer, this amounts to nothing. Do better at what? When immorality of this level is the order of the day amongst leaders who like to look at themselves as upright preachers to ‘backward’ Muslim society, what hope is there of ‘better’?

Try as he may to cover up and remedy the situation, does the blame lie squarely at Morrison’s door? Whilst many feel that way, it ultimately comes down to the morally bankrupt free society that the West has created. Engaging in lewd sex acts in a Parliament House is bad enough. But when the staffers find the most convenient place to display their immorality, they cannot find a better place than the prayer room. That says a great deal about the spiritually corrupt nature of the legislators involved.

The ‘advanced’ and ‘civilized’ developed countries do not have much of a face to show, or any achievements to display regarding an effort to build morality and spirituality. The raw reality is that ‘free society’ has dispatched women to the trash bin. In order to get some gratification and feel some self-worth, a woman advertises herself, finds a spot in a queue at a pub (in this case, the Parliament House), and gets used by someone who usually feels nothing for her a mere hour later.

To add to the rot, feminists and free women will fight to legalize abortion – so that it pacifies their insides and ‘rescues’ them from the consequences of their behaviour. ‘Free society’ preaches to women that they can do with their bodies and their selves whatever pleases them, even to the displeasure of the Creator. This kind of mindset has crept into some Muslims too.

After the blame game and the court cases, the society suffers irreparable damage. The reputations of the same ones fighting for freedom and liberation are torn asunder and everyone goes berserk ‘to make things right.’

In Islam, we are taught to close the door in the face of immorality, to nip the problem from the root and to disassociate from evil and lewd company. We are taught to honour the woman at home, so that she feels cared for, loved and attached to a stable home. A Muslim man is taught in the Noble Qur’ān to build a high sense of morality and spirituality so that he focuses on his spouse and home only – not going in search of free women and gratifying himself in foolish ways.

The belief in and practice of the guidance of the Noble Qur’ān has brought and will bring the peace and contentment that a human being craves. The façade of the ‘free society’ has burst.

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Read up on the uncovering of child grooming and organized pedophile gangs among British parliamentarians.


No wonder why these tyrants and their European and American counterparts want to ban Hijab.

They want more nudity, sexual immorality, and perverse behavior.

Western Civilization is dying

This is the logical result of what happens when you normalize zina and homosexuality in society. And they are trying to spread this filth in our own countries. How much longer until Western Civilization collapses? Are they trying to take us down with them?