The Real Reason Bangladesh’s Gov Is Killing Anti-Modi Protestors

Bangladeshi prime minister Sheikh Hasina welcomed Indian prime minister Modi with a puzzling degree of warmth this past week to celebrate Bangladesh’s independent from Pakistan. For some time, Modi has worked to increase the tensions between Pakistan and Bangladesh, disparaging Pakistan and thereby making it easier for him to remain close to Bangladesh. This appears to be working. After all, it’s no coincidence that he went to celebrate the day of Bangladesh’s independence from Pakistan.

Those who protested Modi’s visit, understanding the danger of Modi to Muslims and angered by Sheikh Hasina’s willingness to work with him, were fought off by the government.

That the protests spurred violence between rival protestors as well as between protestors and the government is no secret. What deserves to be highlighted, though, is why protestors would feel compelled to take on this cause.

The Context

Modi and his bigoted BJP [Bharatiya Janata Party, or India’s People Party] have implemented policies that have harmed India’s Muslim population for some time now. They’ve also made it clear to the Rohingya that they would provide no help to them, although Burma and India share a border.

In 2019, Modi and his hindutva BJP party proposed a citizenship amendment law, which passed into their supposedly secular-based system of law. This law allows for Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Jain, and Parsi people from either Bangladesh, Pakistan, or Afghanistan to come to India and to be eligible for citizenship after only six years in the country (instead of the typical 11 required).

India under Modi also implemented a National Registry of Citizens (NRC), which required residents of the state of Assam (bordering Bangladesh) to prove that they arrived by March 24, 1971, one day before Bangladesh became independent from Pakistan. This made 1.9 million people, most of whom were Muslim, stateless.

Beyond all this, Modi’s long history of crimes against Muslims, including his role in inciting and condoning the 2002 Gujarat Riots which left hundreds of Muslims dead, is well known.

Why is Sheikh Hasina so willing to stand by Modi?

The best analysis perhaps comes from this piece in Outlook India, which explains why Sheikh Hasina is standing by Modi:

“Indo-Bangladesh relations have developed significantly under the leadership of Modi and Hasina. Bangladesh not only plays a crucial role in providing a secured eastern sector, it plays an exemplary role in India’s ‘neighborhood first’ policy. For Hasina too, Modi is the best bet as India remains her biggest backer in her fight against Islamic fundamentalists and extremists in her country. Therefore, neither side wants to jeopardise the stable, good relations they enjoy. But disparaging remarks, describing “illegal immigrants” from Bangladesh, have become an issue in Dhaka, which has often put Sheikh Hasina in an awkward position in describing her strong ties with Delhi.”

Thus far, at least ten are dead, with many more injured in the protests. The government has appeared to take quite extreme measures against ‘extremist’ protestors, making the contradictions in Sheikh Hasina’s secular approach even clearer. In working towards secularism, which she has expressed as the right for everyone to practice his or her faith, in her own Muslim-majority country, she has aligned with a Hindu nationalist, who has used religion as a point of division in his own country, all the while doing so under the supposed secular constitution of India.

Who are the extremists involved in these protests? Are they Hifazat-e-Islam, a group of teachers and students from madrasas who take issue with their country’s ties with Modi? Many of them have been involved in the protests in Chittagong. Where is the evidence of their extremism? Have they carried out violent plots against civilians? We already have the evidence of Modi’s extremism, of his fomenting of mob violence against Muslims in his own country.

One thing is for sure, it’s a dark day when the government of a Muslim-majority country chooses to stand against its own people and with Modi and his bigoted, violent agenda against Muslims.

Ultimately, the Quran gives us the reason:

“They punished them for nothing but that they believed in Allah, the All-Mighty, the Worthy of All Praise.” [85:8]

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  1. May allah relieve us of this humiliating punishment as a result of the sins of the Muslim Ummah sooner other than later. My dear muslim brother and sisters no point protesting in our thousands cause the kuffar controlled media dont listen to us. But Allah will like he says in the quran.

  2. Their prime minister is disgusting. How can you start killing your own civilians and ally with someone who hates Islam. I suppose it makes sense actually since she herself hates Islam. Pathetic human being.

  3. Asalamu alaikum warahmatullah
    We are living In a time of deception and hardship these times will pass as prophesised by our Noble Prophet Muhammad ﷺ so All we need to do is to Stick to Our religion Islam and strive at all times for Allah’s Cause and indeed Allah (The Most High) is all knowing all powerful…

  4. JazakAllahukhair for explaining the whole matter. There are matters over which we have no control over. But there are things we can control as one strong ummah.
    1. Make a lot of istighfar and dua.
    2. Don’t allow them to influence you. Stop watching their media (movies, series, news, YouTube channels etc.) I feel Pakistanis and Bangladeshis have a lot of fascination for Indian entertainment media. That’s one powerful tool through which their minds are influenced.
    3. According to some reports, India earns huge amounts of remittance from Bangladesh. So Muslim employers should prioritise hiring Muslim talents.
    4. Instead of buying from India, Muslim importers should source products from Muslim countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia etc.
    5. Every year, a large number of Bangladeshis go to India for shopping and tourism. You have other beautiful places in the world to visit and shop from.

    If only Muslims knew, how much power they have in their own hands by the mercy of Allah.

  5. The prime minister of Bangladesh is old & has been a widow for over a decade. It is just human nature, in this case a female, who is biologically weaker than a male, to align themselves/curry favour or “obey” the strongest nearest alpha male around (which here is Narendra Modi, the Indian PM) for self-preservation & safety. Bangladesh is surrounded by a much bigger & powerful India on 3 sides.

  6. I’m from bangladesh, Here are the Main reason of the protest –

    *Every year India’s Border Security Force (BSF) kills an average of 40-60 INNOCENT Bangladeshi people inside the Bangladesh border.*

    *Indian smugglers send Drugs (Phensedyl, Yaba & Ganja) in our country to destroy the youth.*

    *Indian Army killing Muslims in Kashmir. Modi’s CAA, CNN & NRC package main objective is to REMOVE Indian Muslims National identity & make them stateless & PUSH them into Bangladesh.*

    *BJP, RSS & other Hindutva fundamentalist parties want to create Akhand Bharat (Undivided India) which includes India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan & Indochinese countries are ONE NATION.*

  7. Human Rights Violation by Indian Border Security Force (BSF) against Bangladeshi Citizens: 2000 – 2020
    Years(s) Killed Injured Abducted
    2020 51 27 7
    2019 41 40 34
    2018 11 24 16
    2017 25 39 28
    2016 29 36 22
    2015 44 60 27
    2014 35 68 99
    2013 29 79 127
    2012 38 100 74
    2011 31 62 23
    2010 74 72 43
    2009 98 77 25
    2008 61 46 81
    2007 118 82 92
    2006 155 121 160
    2005 88 53 78
    2004 72 30 73
    2003 27 41 120
    2002 94 42 118
    2001 84 29 55
    2000 31 17 106

    NOTE: *These are gov. official numbers BUT THE REAL NUMBERS IS 5 TIMES BIGGER*

  8. Those who do not rule with the Sharia are disbelievers (5/44). Keep believing “this is just minor kufr bro” (kufr duna kufr), and then act surprised when the taghut murtad ruling over you butchers you. But whyyy? Secular taghuta, that is why.

  9. There is a strong anti Mulla (islamic leaders) sentiment at Bangladesh which is one of the reasons for the support for Hasina’s action against islamic protesters. On 1971 most of the islamic leaders supported and in many cased assisted Pakistani military’s genocide against Bengali people. Many islamic scholars said that pakistani army can use hindu girls as sex slaves just like muhammad did 1400 years ago. And those islamic leaders never sincerely apolozised for their act. So, till now when any islamic leader (who are mostly from the same school of thought as their fathers) calls for protest, it is easy for Hasina to represent them as pakistani minded people. Islamic leaders have to reconsile first, otherwise it wouldnt stop


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