France Bans Hijab for Anyone Under 18 – Secular Tyranny Rises

Note: The ban has only passed the French Senate and has yet to be passed fully into law.

On March 31, 2021, France furthered its mission to subjugate Muslims.

After banning the wearing of the hijab in public schools in 2004, the Senate has voted to ban the hijab for anyone under 18 years-old in public.

French senator, Christian Bilhac, said on the subject:

“To what extent can a secular republic tolerate that children display religious signs in full view of everyone? It is not up to parents to impose dogma on children. It is essential that there are protective spaces for them and a pathway to emancipation.”

This political decision is part of a strategy that consists of denying any rationality to Islam. The explicit basis for the ban is the following assertion: There is no rational purpose for the veil and Muslim women are forced to wear it against their best interests.

But this is simply incorrect. Hijab is supremely rational, and it is very much in the best interests of women, men, children, and all of society because, among many things, it reduces the kind of promiscuous sexual activity that creates broken marriages, children born out of wedlock, debauchery, lascivious immorality, and a whole host of other evils that have come to characterize French society and the Western world more generally.

The French Republic – which has established itself through propaganda, social engineering, and political coups – does not impose its secular will through reason and argumentation. Rather it uses force to monopolize the discourse and bars objections to its draconian policies. Such is the nature of secularism.

Bizarrely, the journalist Gérard Leclerc claimed on public television that the reason Islam requires hijab is because women’s hair is reminiscent of hair on the female private parts. This is the kind of “strawmanning” done to discredit Islamic practices.

We also heard that the hijab was a political banner of “Islamism” and that the hijab is a sign of endogamy, i.e., that Muslim women only marry Muslim men. This angers the French libertine, of course, who fantasizes about Muslim women, as evidenced by France’s long history of orientalist paintings and novels since the 18th century.

This new ban was justified by two points:

  • Hijab signifies the inferiority of women to men
  • Parents should not impose religious practice on their children.

Concerning the first point, this has no scriptural source in Islamic texts. And this is not proven by reason either. Why should being more covered signify inferiority? Why could it not signify superiority? Are the libertine French simply projecting their own twisted obsession with female nudity onto Islam?

Regarding the second point, this even more clearly shows French hypocrisy. Haven’t they imposed their own secular religion on millions of children in the past? It was the French Republicans themselves who spoke of their Republican religion when they had to propose an alternative to Christianity during their Reign of Terror in the aftermaths of the French Revolution.

The philosophers of the Enlightenment after the French Revolution saw the need to build a secular religion. This is exactly why the Republican School educational program was made compulsory for all children by Jules Ferry in order to impose republican values on the population of the time, which was Catholic.

This is found clearly mentioned:

“No, certainly, the State is not a doctor of mathematics, a doctor of letters nor of chemistry. […] If it is appropriate for it to pay teachers, it is not to create or spread scientific truths; it is not for that reason that it is involved in education: it is involved in it to maintain a certain state morality, a certain state doctrine, indispensable to its preservation.” [Jules Ferry to the House, June 26, 1879]

France is still advancing in its plan to eradicate Islam, and its program may soon serve as a guide for other Western countries to follow suit.

Boycott France, again and again.

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May Allah help the French Muslims and make them steadfast on the deen.




Hanif Huch

That’s very typical of the French hypocrisy, or should I say, La Liberté. Hypocrisy is so normalized that they don’t even consider it as hypocrisy anymore.


I have boycotted French products since maybe 10 years now. I will keep doing so till the day I die inshallah and I’ll teach my future children to do the same.

As you said these French liberalists care not about the rights and dignity of women. But they do care about their destructive short-term hedonistic pleasures at the expense of the woman (and in reality the man as well). They are predators and of little difference from rapists or pedophiles (and in facts that’s what they engage in when they go to war in Central Africa[1]). These animals have no right to talk about women’s rights.

At a time when we are incapacitated, the only thing we can do is to vote with our pockets. May Allah increase us in strength and power and put fear into the hearts of God’s enemies and our enemies!



If the muslim man or woman or child can not practise there faith in the land of the kufar. They sould make hijra to a islamic country. Why sould the stay there?

My advise to the muslims live in France, fear ALLAH and make hijra to a islamic country.

May ALLAH give us al this big bounty.
Asalaam alaikom


If the muslim man or woman or child can not practise there faith in the land of the kufar. They sould make hijra to a islamic country. Why sould the stay there?

My advise to the muslims live in France, fear ALLAH and make hijra to a islamic country. The best boycot is to leave France

May ALLAH give us al this big bounty.
Asalaam alaikom

France is evil

France is evil. By doing stuff like this they are proving they are wrong and Muslims are right

France is turning into China and the Spanish inquisition.

Next thing you know, they will ban Islam like these other kuffar countries that have done so in the past.

They piece of filth garbage cowardly people always target women. These same animals subhumans used to rape women in Algeria. They are doing the same garbage, they are going to start raping women like the Chinese has done to the Uyghurs and as they have done in the past.

May Allah destroy France.

And if they do stuff like this, they are just inviting and breeding ISIS extremists to put their country in danger. Extremism breeds extremism. Stuff like this is why Muslim extremists like ISIS formed in the first place. They suffered terrorist attacks, do they want more in their country? Even from their point of view this is bad for their country. These stupid kuffar have no brains.

On the other hand, isn’t it a sign that when the kuffar curse the prophet, that their end is coming soon? Considering how the west is regressing with all of the LGBT garbage and rise of sexual immorality, it looks like the time of their supremacy going away is coming.


You need to clarify something – France HAVE NOT MADE THIS A LAW. This was a Senate vote which would need to be approved by Parliament in order to become law. The Senate is filled with a lot of Opposition and radical secularist parties and Macron’s party are mostly against this amendment. For the sake of honest reporting, please change the title to say “SENATE VOTES” instead of “MAKES LAW” – this is innaccurate and as journalists you should be looking at the facts.


Stuff like this shows how flawed these Western Liberal democracies are. They don’t have any grounding, it is all subjective, according to them, making it a law to exterminate the Muslim minority in France is no different than eating a different flavour of ice cream. They don’t believe that morality is objective.


Thanks for clearing that up Owen. I thought it was a law now

Julia Carrigan

Hey! Could I get the source article for France’s vote on this bill inshaAllah? Jazakkk!!!


You are doing great work Daniel, may Allah reward you significantly for researching these problems


Daniel, go look up the Coup d’etat attempt in Jordan on Wikipedia. You will see that Saudi Arabia was behind it. What happened to obey the ruler? Madkhalis???? Please delve more into this topic Daniel.

Ola Tola

What about Uighurs and China ?


 There is no rational purpose for the veil and Muslim women are forced to wear it against their best interests.”

No, they understand its rational purpose…they simply oppose it. They disagree with concepts like chastity, honour and shame. They like zina and other kinds of sexual depravity, and promote it constantly.