How Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Promoted Himself to Prophethood

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadiyan made many preposterous claims in his lifetime.

A normal human being will stare in amazement and reel in bewilderment after going through the stockpile of false claims and postulations as detailed in this article. It shocks the common Muslim as to how any sane person could fall for such lies. Nevertheless, it is essential for all Muslims, especially the scholars, to acquaint themselves with the range of claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, as they became more laughable over time.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad first began promoting himself as a defender of the truth of Islam in order to draw the attention of the Muslims towards himself. He had a number of debates with Christians and Hindus but fervently called the Muslims to obedience of the British.

After this, he began writing the book Barāhīn Ahmadiyyah, in which he excreted his ‘inspirations’. Let us go into some of these ‘inspirations’ and claims. The reference for each claim of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – the false Prophet – from Qadiyani books is found in the footnotes.

Mujaddid (Reviver) Claim: Until 1880, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad would claim that he was inspired from Allah Ta’ala. In 1882, he promoted himself to the status of Mujaddid, i.e., a reviver of the faith. ‘At the end of the thirteenth century and upon the dawn of the fourteenth century, Allah informed me through inspiration, ‘you are the Mujaddid of this century.’[1]

Ma’mūr Claim (1882): ‘I have come as Ma’mūr (commanded) from Allah.’[2]

Claim of Risālat, i.e., being a Messenger (1884): Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claims to have received the inspiration: ‘I have given you virtue over the worlds. Say: ‘I have been sent to all of you.’[3]

Claim of Mathīl Masīh [Messiah] (1891): ‘Through divine revelation and inspiration, I claim to be Mathīl Masīh.’[4]

Claim of being ‘Isā alayhi as-salām (Jesus) (1891): ‘We have made you Masīh Ibn Maryam.’[5]

This claim of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad will raise the eyebrows of many Christians too. What makes matters worse is that the founder of the Qadiyani religion wrote a thesis in 1899 called Masih Hindustan mein in which he claims that ‘Isā alayhi as-salām escaped from death on the cross and then journeyed to India in search of the lost tribes of Israel. He made a home there and died in Srinagar, Kashmir. The Pope would be flabbergasted to hear about this! So, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad belies himself. He said that he was ‘Isā and died in Lahore, and the ‘Isā he speaks about in his thesis died in Kashmir?

Claim of Nubuwwah & Risālat, i.e., being a Messenger and full-fledged Prophet-hood (1901 onwards):

‘We sent him close to Qadiyan.’[6]

‘The true deity is the one that sent me as his Rasūl in Qadiyan.’[7]

‘Say: O people, indeed I am the Rasūl of Allah to you all.’[8]

Claim of having an independent Sharī’ah: ‘The definition of Sharī’ah is that which has commands and prohibitions and both of them are found in the revelation sent to me.’[9]

Of course, later Mirza would even claim divinity for himself! This would mean that as a manifestation of God, he sent himself as his own messenger.

What a clown!

With every lie, there was a hundred more lies to cover its stench. This is what Mirza Ghulam Ahmad did for the rest of his life. The Qadiyanis must ask themselves: for how long will they latch onto the lies and defend them?


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Bashir Shah

A few errors brother, just minor things, a good essay nevertheless.

1. MGA didn’t claim to be the Mujadid until after his claim of Messiah (1891), he did it by writing “Mujadid of the Era” on a book cover, not a formal claim, an indirect claim.

2. Jesus in India wasn’t published until after MGA died, in late October of 1908, it was an incomplete book and didn’t even mention Yuz Asaf. However, in 1896-98 era, MGA did begin to write that Esa (as) = Yuz Asaf and was was thus buried in Kashmir, MGA also claimed that Maryam had also travelled with Esa (as)(in 1902), and he quoted 23:50. However, 23:50 is about the birth of Eisa (as), not his death in Kashmir, India. MGA knew all of this and still twisted the quran and hadith.

3. In 1891, and even before that, MGA had been denying prophethood, and called it metaphoric prophethood instead, he also called muhadassiyyat. However, in 1900, he began to transition into a prophet, and by 1901, he was a prophet, and his son later explained in 1915 via “Haqiqatun Nubuwwat” in english as”Reality of Prophethood”, MGA discovered a new type of prophethood and had understood that an ummati CAN also become a nabi, whereas from 1891 to 1900, MGA viciously argued that it wasn’t possible per the Quran. In late 1901, “Eik Ghalti Ka Izala” was published and MGA made his claim. To this day, many Lahori-Ahmadi’s deny it.

Ahmad Fall

Methaphoric prophethood?

Just like he was metaphorically Maryam?

Metaphor this, Metaphor that.

What a Fasiq he was


Do Qadianis consider Muslims as Kuffar since, according to them, Mirza Ghulah Ahmad was a prophet, and denying a prophet is kufr, and according to them we slander and say bad things to someone they consider a prophet of God? I know that in Islam denying any messenger like Isa, Ibrahim, Musa, etc as a prophet is kufr that takes one out of Islam, so therefore, logically, Qadianis should consider Muslims as kuffar.

Or are they doing some type of Taqiyya?

Ahmad Fall

The weirdest things to me are:

1) He pretends to be BOTH the Mahdi and Ibn Maryam AND Maryam herself. That makes no sense. What’s that? A new trinity?

2) He cannot possibly be Isa Ibn Maryam since his mother’s name was not Maryam.

Contradictions left and right

Naved Ahmed

A lie can never stand on its own. It always requires other lies to support itself. But still it falls eventually.


Imagine Allah ‎ﷻ give him all these titles as he claimed but his prophecies failed miserably because of his filthy desires towards (Mohammadi Begum) 🤣

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

Don’t talk like that about Allah please, with “imagine.. ” and such phrases. Jazak Allah.

Ahmad (Muslim alhamdulillah)

They know full well that they’re a cult of apostate idiots. It’s just their arrogance and groupie loyalties that forbid them from accepting Islam. La’anatullahi’alaihim ajma’een.

Zachary Simpson

I hope you will write about other false prophets inshaAllah such as Joseph Smith and others. I have a lot of interest in this topic. Jazakumullahu khaira