Even Young Children Understand the Coherence of Islam

Conversation between me and 8-year-old last night:

8-year-old: “Mama, is dinner ready now? I heard the pressure cooker beeping! I think it’s done now.”

Me: “Not yet, but almost. We have to wait a little longer for the steam to dissipate. If we open the lid now, it’s not safe. Steam will be everywhere, shooting out of the top with force.”

8-year-old: “How do you know that will happen?”

Me: “It says so in the user’s manual. You read the manual to learn how to use the pressure cooker safely and correctly.”

8-year-old: “Who wrote the user’s manual?”

Me: “The people who made the pressure cooker. They designed it to work a certain way, and they put all those rules in the manual. Rules like waiting for steam to dissipate naturally after the cooking time is up, and not submerging the electrical wire or outlet in water, etc.”

8-year-old: “Oh. That makes sense. They made it so they know how to best use it. And they know what will break it.”

Me: “We have a manual too, you know. What is it?”

8-year-old: “Quran!”

Me: “Yep.”

8-year-old: “Allah is the One who created us and designed us to work a certain way. He wrote the manual for us, how we work best, and what will break us. Our manual is the Quran, and it has the rules for our usage. Kufr is like putting the electrical cord in the water! It’s dangerous for us and goes against what we were made for.”

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Alhamdulillah, this sort of thing is so simple and logical that all ages know about.

Would love to hear more mother tips from Sister Umm Khalid from an aspiring mother to be