Omar Suleiman and the Activists Who Call Themselves “Modern Prophets”

Modern Prophets??!!

Linda Sarsour once again outdoes herself by participating in a pro-LGBT conference called “Revolutionary Love.”

The marketing for the conference, happening in April 2021, calls its speakers “modern prophets.”


Dr. Traci Blackmon is the LGBT priestess anointer of note.

Some on social media have denounced this language and condemned Linda Sarsour and Zionist shill Wajahat Ali for their participation in such an event.

But imagine the level of condemnation we would see if, at this same event, the Muslim participants held hands with the LGBT priestesses and rabbis for a joint prayer before participating in a Christian holy crucifix anointment ritual, and finishing off the festivities with a ritualistic pouring of “sacred water” to “consecrate” their “prophetic” activism.

Can you imagine if a Muslim figure did that, loudly defended it, and only issued a milquetoast apology after video footage came out revealing the sordid details of the event?

Well, this is exactly what we saw from Dr. Omar Suleiman not too long ago.

And what made it worse were his friends, like Dr. Yasir Qadhi and Abu Easa coming out to defend such activities.

The interesting connection here is that this “modern prophets” event with Sarsour also includes the very same LGBT priestess that Dr. Suleiman was singing, marching, and pouring with. Her name is Dr. Traci Blackmon [pictured].

Dr. Suleiman marching with Dr. Traci Blackmon, pro-LGBT priestess, in 2018.

And Suleiman has worked literally arm in arm with other “modern prophets” as well, including Dr. William J. Barber [pictured]. This is what Suleiman has called “sacred activism” and being a “prophetic voice.”

Dr. William J. Barber with Dr. Suleiman.

I guess if the words “prophetic sacred activism” are used enough times to describe pro-LGBT activism and pagan rituals, eventually the activists will think of themselves as prophets. A`udhubillah.

In reality, had it not been for the loud promotion of and collaboration with open heretic Sarsour by figures like Dr. Yasir Qadhi and Suleiman, she would have had far less presence and influence on the Muslim community, if at all.

Dr. Suleiman and Altaf Husain, his vice president at Yaqeen Institute, continue to work with Sarsour as recently as this past February, 2021 (virtual conference).

Note also how the event description for “Revolutionary Love” says they are working for a world where all LGBTQIA+ rights are guaranteed (and “sacred”). How telling that Dr. Suleiman’s Yaqeen Institute *still* has a paper telling Muslims to “affirm and advocate” many LGBTQ rights.

Can you believe an institute that considers itself “Islamic” has been pushing Muslims to support LGBT rights since 2017?

Dr. Qadhi and Suleiman who have recently appeared with Sarsour and other extreme distorters of religion have a duty to respond in light of their previous endorsements of Sarsour.

Please tell us your view about Sarsour and this event and the use of prophetic in light of your previous endorsements.

According to Dr. Yasir, Allah has blessed Linda with the ability to strike fear in the hearts of Islamophobes…

They cannot leave this question unanswered after spending so many years promoting Sarsour and defending her from critics such as myself and others.

Please tell us, Dr. Suleiman, your opinion of the pro-LGBT mission of the Love conference in light of the pro-LGBT paper Yaqeen has on its site.

It is so easy too see these birds that flock together if we just open our eyes. It is important for the Muslim community to share the public info these people put out and comment on it.
These Unfit Imams might only stop when they realize the community sees through their façade.

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Start using freedom of speech and making irreverent cartoons about these munafiq scum.

Not memes. Cartoons! Painfully insulting ones.

Watch them crawl out of their holes.

Bint Saleh

Ya Allah, I can maybe expect this sort of behaviour by activists or politicians, but Islamic scholars and preachers???

These very people who are promoted as people with knowledge are sidelining or keeping quiet to appease their LGBT allies, rather then teach the whole authentic Islam and not just cherry pick verses suiting their agendas.

Can’t wait for their fanatics to come in and yell out “This is backbiting!” “Where’s your adab?!” “Prophet Muhammad pbuh would spit on you!”

How sad that people who are watering down the deen and aligning with the enemies are expected to get better treatment than the ones calling to the truth. Muslim Skeptic’s critique tone is appropriate when dealing with two faced bootlickers making a mockery of the ummah. Let’s stop being naive and actually stop supporting them if we want any hope for the future generation


We cannot call these people including Yasir Qadhi and Omar Suleimaan Kasfiruun, what we can openly can call them is Munaafiquun, as there is zero doubt about that. They will not openly come forth and declare themselves as apostates which would have been the honest thing they could have done, what they will do like all Munaafiquun is to try and destroy the Muslims from within.

Lil Cuh

I’ll pay Daniel’s ticket if he attends this silly circus conference just to confront them during some Q&A panel while live streaming the whole thing.


That would definitely be worth it as they haven’t barred him from entering.


“I’m proud to call her an ally and friend”

I have asked this in an earlier can a non-mahram woman be your “friend”?

Wondering what Sarsour’s husband thinks of this intimate language, would he be fine with it?

Where i’m from, talking like this about a brother’s wife, would be considerd absolutely inappropriate. It would get you in serious problems.

Ahmed Al Ansari

This is what it has come to, and that was years ago, what think you now years later when so much has changed-sadly and unfortunately only to the worse. There needs to be a beacon of light some time, some place, in the hands of someone. Insha’Allah the Muslims as an Ummah can find it and look to it.